Saturday, December 22, 2012

Turning 10

Claire on WFAA Channel 8 Good Morning Texas
Style Shout Out to turning 10...

I love this time of year...the decorations...the smell of cookies baking...the shopping...the general mood...the reminder to all about the importance of giving back...and most of all I love this time of year because it's my daughter's birthday.

This has been a busy year for Claire with school and with music and this morning, coffee in hand, I am taking a few minutes to reflect.  It still amazes me that just a year ago Claire had a gig in a small local coffee shop and now she is a featured artist at House Of Blues and is playing at House Of Blues in Hollywood again in the new year.

This year Claire attained a big goal at school by continuing to bring home straight A's on her report cards...and, another big goal in music when she released her first EP on iTunes! She had a fun party at House Of Blues to celebrate the CD and her 10th birthday where she used the party to collect toys for Santa's Helpers Toy Drive.

Watching Claire this year has been a real lesson and a reminder for my husband and I that, regardless of age, you can set goals and attain them if you work hard, play hard, have fun and be true to yourself.'s never to early to start thinking about others and giving back.

So today I say Happy Birthday to my daughter who turned 10 this week and has taught me so much about achieving goals while having fun!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Iron Sharpens Iron...Leading With Pride

Style Shout Out to Claire and Plano West Football...And Leading With Pride...

It's been another extremely busy month with Claire's 10th birthday and Christmas on the horizon and the release of Claire's 1st EP...but that is a story for another day.  This morning as I was making some coffee I realized that my daughter at the age of nine is having experiences that some people don't have until they are older, and some people, quite frankly, never have.  We tell Claire that sometimes opportunity knocks when you least expect it, so it's good to always be prepared!

Last year Claire's elementary school gym teacher asked her if she would like to sing the National Anthem at a high school soccer game.  She, of course, said yes.  I knew she would say yes because when it comes to music Claire takes every opportunity.  She practiced quite a bit because this would be her first time singing this song and she wanted to do a good job because it's, "Our song!"

Claire had a lot of fun at the game and was invited back to sing again.  The high school football coach happened to be at that game which turned into Claire being invited to sing the National Anthem at the senior night game...yes under the big Friday night lights.  And, this turned into Claire being invited by the coach to sing for the team last night after their team meeting.

We really didn't know what to expect last night as my husband, Claire and I pulled into the high school parking lot. We chatted with the coach and something he said will always stay with me...He explained to Claire that the reason he invited her to play for the team was that he talks to the guys about how "Iron sharpens iron!"  It's funny because we have always talked to Claire about surrounding yourself with positive people that are going in the same direction as you. We've explained that even though music is a competitive business, the artists that truly have success are the ones that understand how to help one another and give back to others.  To be a winner at anything you have to surround yourself with winners and I knew that Claire understood exactly what the coach was talking about because she had an enormous smile on her face...such a proud moment!

As we walked into the very crowded team room, which was a sea of blue, I looked around and realized just how small a nine year old looks in relation to high school linebackers.  But Claire just smiled, listened to the kind words of introduction form the coach, picked up her Taylor guitar and started playing Brighter Than The Sun by Colbie Caillat.  The players and coaches were all smiles while she was playing and when she was done with her set shouted, "Encore!"

As Claire knows the importance of being prepared, she played, as an encore, Settle Down by No Doubt to big applause and cheers.  As she thanked the team she reminded them that her EP was on iTunes and to visit her web site...I think she gets her marketing skills from me.  And she wished the team luck at the big game.  Claire signed one of her CD's for the coach and as we left the room the team was giving her high fives and chanting, "Claire, Claire, Claire..."

As a Mom there is no greater joy than seeing your child truly happy and doing what they love to do.  Claire has been saying that she was going to do music since the age of four and I have no doubt that she will accomplish any goals that she sets...and she'll do it with a smile on her face!

We have always told Claire that no opportunity in music is too big or too small...they are all equal opportunities to have some fun and hopefully make some people smile.

Thanks Coach for an amazing opportunity last night!  Go Plano West Wolves!