Monday, April 30, 2012

Music, Monday & The Red Cross

Style Shout Out to Music, Monday and The Red Cross...

Sometimes it's hard to get into the swing of things on Monday mornings after a busy and fun-filled weekend with my family. This weekend was no exception.  It started and finished with music and in between there was a quick trip to Saks for their Friends and Family sale.  Well, if you ask my hubby he would probably say it wasn't exactly a quick trip but for me if I am in and out of the mall in 60 to 90 minutes including trying on clothes, that's quick.

Of course as much as the shopping was fun, because I found some great things from J Brand, Splendid and Ella Moss for my daughter, and a few things for myself including some J Brand jeans and a cute Current/Elliott jacket, the most fun was with music.  The weekend kicked off with my nine year old and a family friend playing a show to benefit the Red Cross.  As a parent it's a great feeling when your child finds something that they love to do and right now that thing for my daughter is music...whether it's playing piano or guitar, or sitting behind our drum kit, singing or writing a song...when she's playing, she's smiling!

And she was smiling a lot on Friday knowing that she was raising money for the Red Cross to help storm victims.  If you would like to help the Red Cross you can visit their web site for ways to donate!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Make it a new music Monday and check out Claire's music.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Savings At Saks

Style Shout Out to Saks and their fabulous Friends and Family sale.

It's no secret that I enjoy shopping at Saks.  It probably has something to do with memories of growing up in New York and New Jersey and shopping there with my Mom and sisters.  If you live in the New York area then you have most likely visited the Manhattan store and the amazing shoe department that literally has its' own zip code.  If you haven't been there, it's definitely worth a look the next time you're in the city.

For me, Saks has great customer service and a great selection of merchandise including some of my favorite, yet not always easy to find, brands like LNA and Repetto.  LNA makes some of the most amazingly soft and comfortable tee shirts and tops, and Repetto makes that simple yet classic ballet flat that is a staple in my wardrobe.

Repetto @
I always look forward to the Saks Friends and Family sale because it's a wonderful time to pick up some fabulous designer pieces at fabulous prices. This time I found some adorable Ella Moss and DKNY tops and dresses for my daughter and some LNA tees, Repetto flats and J Brand and AG Jeans for myself.

The sale ends today and since it looks like rain here, I'm heading to Saks with my hubby and daughter so we can do a little Mother's Day shopping for my Mom...and maybe my hubby and daughter will find a little something gold and shiny for me...I've had my eye on this very beautiful and very classic Ippolita bracelet. The bracelet may not qualify for the Friends and Family discount but you can't really put a price on such a timeless piece.

Happy Shopping!

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Red Cross Is 101

Style Shout Out to the Red Cross and a very happy 101st birthday.

Growing up in New York and New Jersey I knew the American Red Cross existed but wasn't really as aware of them as I am now that I live in Texas.  You see North Texas is in the area of the country where Spring not only is the season where the weather starts to warm up and the flowers bloom, but it is also the season where tornado warning sirens are often heard sounding in the sky.

Recently our area was hit with tornadoes and once again the Red Cross sprung to action assisting those that so desperately needed help.  In the days that followed the tornado outbreak you couldn't turn on the television without seeing devastation and the people who were there to help.  As a Mom, I do try to shield my nine year old from as many of the harsh realities of the world as I can, but when you live with tornadoes, you have to be prepared for tornadoes.  So my husband and I sat down with our daughter to discuss what had happened in our area and how the Red Cross was mobilizing to help.

A few days later while working on a homework assignment about local government and community there was a question about a way that you could help make a difference in your community.  My daughter said, "Mom, I can make a difference with music.  Maybe at one of the shows I play we can donate the money to the Red Cross to help the people who lost so much."  To say I was proud was a huge understatement.

When a family friend asked our daughter to play a gig with him at a local coffee house,  Claire had the idea of using the show as a fundraiser for the Red Cross to raise money for those in need.

I know that children are supposed to learn lessons from their parents, but I've found that if you listen closely, as a parent, you may just learn a lesson from your child.  I learned last week that if children grow up in an environment that fosters caring for others, when they need to make decisions that require empathy they will be equipped to make those decisions.

Happy Birthday Red Cross!!!

My Style Shout Out Tip:   Make it a new music Monday and check out Claire's music today!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gilt-free Shopping - Current/Elliott & Chan Luu

Style Shout Out to Gilt and their fabulous sale today.

I've talked about Gilt before because I like to write about things I know and experiences I've had.  When I worked in sales and marketing and gave sales training seminars for new team members,  I opened with this...

"If you work in sales and marketing you should really love and believe in the product that you are selling and if you don't love it and don't believe in it, then you shouldn't sell it." I believe those words and I think it's also what makes me fiercely loyal to certain brands and certain companies.  When I find a brand or a company I love, I stick with them.  And part of the reason I'll stick with a brand or company is not only for the quality of the merchandise but also for the customer service.

And based on my personal experiences, Gilt is one of those companies that has my loyalty.  I find their customer service to be on a par with Nordstrom and Saks and I can honestly say that all of my shopping experiences have been positive.

So what a nice Tuesday surprise to find that one of my favorite sites to shop has brought together two of my favorite brands. Yes, today at you will find exceptional denim from Current/Elliott and fun and fabulous jewelry from Chan Luu.

Check out Gilt today! As for me, I placed an order already but as I was searching their site for some pictures for my blog something else just caught my eye.  Enjoy the guilt-free shopping at Gilt.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Vince Says Service

Style Shout Out to Vince for great style and service.

I looked at the calendar a minute ago and realized it's been a month since we were in Los Angeles visiting family. Things have been so busy since we got back with the end of school approaching and the number of gigs my daughter has been playing lately, but busy is good.

When we were in LA we packed quite a bit into our visit and one of the days we took the opportunity to drive down to Fashion Island in Orange County to meet some friends for dinner.  Of course we got there a bit early so we could do a little shopping.  I wanted to pick up something for my sister as a "thank you" for inviting us to stay with her and I knew we would find the perfect gift at Fashion Island.   We parked and immediately headed for the nearest map so we could get our bearings and my nine year old said, "I found Vince, let's go!"

I knew that we would find an awesome gift at Vince, but I didn't know we would find such phenomenal customer service.  The team was attentive and asked all the right questions in assisting us with our purchase.

And we did walk away feeling great about our purchase, not only because we found a beautiful Spring-time sweater, but also because the service was so good.  For me the service is as important as the product.  I am big on companies and brands that know how to build customer loyalty which is why you will find me shopping at places like Nordstrom, Saks and Gilt for brands like J Brand, Paige, Current/Elliott, Stuart Weitzman, LNA, Ippolita, and of course Vince.

So thanks Vince for the fabulous fashion and fabulous service.  Recently I was at Highland Park Village with my family for brunch but the Vince store was closed.  I'll have to stop by soon as I have a little Spring shopping to do.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

It's All About The Choo's

Jimmy Choo @
Style Shout Out to Jimmy Choo for continuing to create fabulous!

On a recent shopping trip to Saks I picked up an adorable pair of Jimmy Choo ballet flats. I have to say that while I normally don't gravitate toward shoes that my nine year old would describe as "bling-y" this shoe really caught my eye.

First of all the picture does not do this shoe justice as it is the most beautiful shade of dusty pink and is one of those versatile colors that will flatter most skin tones.  The rose-colored studs add an element of fun to an extremely classic style.

These shoes are available in Saks stores and at and I have to say that besides being the statement piece when I wear my favorite J Brand or Current/Elliott jeans and LNA tee, they are as comfortable as my favorite pair of Converse.  I am hoping that Jimmy Choo will make them unadorned in some basic colors like black and a neutral taupe for Fall.

Jimmy Choo @
My Dad always says, "Carry a great bag and wear great shoes and that makes the outfit." I thought of his words when I bought these shoes and when I met him and my Mom for brunch a few Sundays ago the first thing he said, after hello, was, "Great shoes!" And I smiled because I know it's all about the bag and the shoes, or in this case the Choo's.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  While these shoes are on the expensive side I believe in investing in quality pieces that are versatile. These flats can be dressed up or down and will take you from season to season in style...and comfort!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Today Is A Better Day

Style Shout Out to the American Red Cross for all they do everyday to help those in need.

First of all let me say that it is a beautiful day here today.  The sun is shining and it's currently about 65 degrees.  You would never know that yesterday afternoon was filled with tornados and horrible storms.  As of a few minutes ago there still isn't an official tornado count but the images on the news tell a story of devastation and loss.  It is truly amazing that the force of these storms left only loss of material possessions.

After the storms had passed through our city my husband and I were watching the news and my nine year old was in the studio playing her keyboard and singing.  The lyrics of her song filled me with a sense of hope as the pictures on the television told a story of heartache..."It's shining on you, it's shining on me, it's shining for everyone to see...that today is a better day."

So today in several neighborhoods and towns the clean-up has already begun and of course the American Red Cross is there ready and willing to help.  As my daughter got out of the car this morning she gave me a big smile and said, "See you at noon when you're volunteering Mom and don't forget to send some money to the Red Cross. They really need it."  As I looked at her face I saw hope and positivity and it reminded me that yes, today is a better day.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Thanks to the American Red Cross for all you are doing to help people in the DFW area today in the aftermath of yesterday's storms.  If you'd like to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross you can text REDCROSS to 90999.  Here's a link to my daughter's song and I hope you all have A Better Day!