Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Summer

Style Shout Out to Summer...

I seriously cannot believe how quickly this school year has flown by which means my nine year old is that much closer to becoming a fourth grader.  It's been a busy third grade year for her with family, friends, school, activities and music.  I am still a bit amazed by some of the incredible opportunities she has had, like playing at the House Of Blues, at such a young age.

As a Mom the hope is that your child will be healthy, confident and happy.  I am so proud of my daughter for having the confidence in herself to say yes to the opportunities that have come her way.  And, I am so proud that she not only has the confidence to use her voice to sing, but that she also uses it to stand up for herself and others and now understands the true power of having a voice!

This has been a year of ups and downs like any other.  Navigating the choppy waters of elementary school is a lot different from when I was in third grade.  But I am fortunate that my daughter has the confidence to stand up for what she believes is right even when it's the unpopular thing to do and that she has become a very good communicator.  Positivity always makes for a better day.

So for all of you that are not sure if one little voice can make a difference...I am here to tell you that it definitely can.  Because one voice has the ability to inspire other voices and that is how change happens.

Dr. Michele Borba has some very valuable information on her web site and some great books about helping your children become self-confident and self-assured kids.  Summer is a great time to catch up on reading and of course the best thing about Summer is that you get to spend time with your children.

Happy Summer!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

House Of Blues - Girls Rule

Style Shout Out to the House Of Blues for giving girls the opportunity to rock!

As I sat down this morning to write this blog I realized that it's been a week since I wrote anything.  Now it's not that I didn't have any ideas for stories. In fact it's been a pretty good week and I found some pretty good deals on LNA tees and J Brand Jeans from Gilt Groupe, and Oliver Peoples sunglasses at Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio.  And yes I did use the words good deal and Oliver Peoples in the same sentence.  It's rare to find a pair of their fabulous sunnies on sale!

The reason for my lapse in writing has more to do with the fact that my 9 year old was busy getting ready for her first one hour set at the House Of Blues.  So more of my time was spent promoting the show (with a little help from Ron Corning on WFAA's Daybreak - thank you so much!) than writing...which is fine by a Mom there is no greater feeling than when you see your child find something that they love to do, and then are given the opportunity to do it.  So for me, watching my daughter take the stage Sunday with a big smile on her face, a twinkle in her eye and her Taylor Guitar in hand made Sunday a simply amazing day.

Claire w/ her Taylor Guitar
There were two girls scheduled to sing at the House Of Blues for their Girls Rule show.  Claire opened and Mikayla closed the show.  From my own experience, I fully understand the challenges of performing for an hour. Commanding the attention of the audience for that long requires some excellent music and some entertaining stories in between the songs. Both girls were outstanding, playing to a packed house with confidence.

So, thank you Tim and your amazing House Of Blues Dallas crew for giving these young musicians the opportunity to do what they love to do and an opportunity to play in front of such a large audience.  You rock and so do the girls!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Summer is a great time to introduce your children or yourself to music so sign up for some lessons today.  I personally think that music is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your kids.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Taylor Guitars...Like Mother, Like Daughter

Taylor Guitars From Guitar Center
Style Shout Out to Taylor Guitars for making a mini guitar with all of the quality that you find in their standard size guitars.

I hope that all of you Mom's had a wonderful Mother's Day.  For me it was a great day because I celebrated at brunch with my family and afterwards my husband, daughter and I stopped at Guitar Center to pick up a graduation present for a friend.

We barely made it through the doors of the store and my daughter was headed to the acoustic guitar room.   I have to admit that I didn't mind because this is my favorite area of any Guitar Center.  I got my first acoustic guitar when I was ten and even though I have a beautiful Fender Telecaster, I reach for my Taylor everyday!

It wasn't like we were there to buy a new acoustic that day, and my daughter didn't ask us to buy her a new guitar, but as we were looking around she stopped in her tracks and there it was...a Taylor GS Mini.  "It looks kind of like yours, Mom!" The Guitar Center sales associate asked if she'd like to play it and from the first strum of the strings and the look on her face as she happily played Cobie Caillat's "Brighter Than The Sun"... I knew we may have come into Guitar Center for one present, but we would be leaving Guitar Center with two.

My daughter did say that it was Mother's Day and so she shouldn't be the one getting a present.  But this was a wonderful teachable moment as I explained to my nine year old that as a Mom, the joy really is in the giving of a gift, and as much as I loved my Mother's Day gifts, the best gift was the smile on her face when we told her we were buying her that Taylor.

That GS Mini has been played so much this week!  I am amazed that Taylor has found a way to make a smaller size guitar with all of the quality and tone of their standard guitars.  It was funny because my daughter looked at me and said, "I'm not surprised about the's a Taylor!"

She'll be playing that Taylor at the House Of Blues this week and I'll be watching and smiling.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Summer is rapidly approaching and this is a great time to give your children the gift of music.  My nine year old started piano lessons two Summers ago and I have to say that I am still a little bit amazed that two summers later she's playing at the House Of Blues.  Get your kids into a music program and you may be amazed too.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

C's Daisy Rock
Style Shout Out to Moms every where!

Let me just say...I absolutely love Mother's Day because I absolutely love being a Mom.  I learned about the kind of Mom I wanted to be from watching my Mom...who was always there for us with a hug and a smile!

I've had a lot of great jobs but there is none more rewarding for me than being a parent.  And I actually don't even refer to parenting as a job because it is truly the most fun I've ever had.

Watching my daughter as she navigates the sometimes choppy waters of childhood I am in awe of her confidence, grace and her awareness of the world around her!  Recently I wrote about her desire to use music as a way to raise money for the American Red Cross.  And, yes I was extremely proud...but as a Mom I am proud of her everyday and yesterday when she picked up her Daisy Rock and played me a song that she wrote for me for Mother's Day she said, "Mom, I'm so lucky!"  I gave her a hug and replied, "And, I am even luckier!" Because, I am...I'm her Mom!

So today I hope you all enjoy Mother's Day!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Justin Young...Just In Time

@ House Of Blues
Style Shout Out to Justin Young...and if you don't know him yet, then this story comes to you just in time!

My daughter has had a busy few weeks.  There's been a lot going on with the school year winding down and, for nine, she's actually played quite a few gigs recently.  Yesterday she was writing out her set list for an upcoming show at the House Of Blues.  This will be her first 45 minute set so we were talking about the best way to put a set list together.  

As she was writing she said, "I'm definitely closing my set with Brighter Than The Sun!" I had absolutely no doubt that she would choose that to close the show as it has become her signature cover.  And even though piano is what I would call her first instrument, ever since seeing Colbie Caillat and Justin Young in concert the guitar is inching it's way closer to that number one position.  

You see, last October I wrote about our experience meeting Colbie Caillat and seeing her and Justin Young play at the House Of Blues.  And, yes, this is the same House Of Blues where my daughter will soon be playing, although she'll tell you that while Colbie and Justin played the "big" stage, she's playing the restaurant this time.  Meeting Colbie was a great experience because she actually took the time to ask my daughter about her music. 

This meeting coupled with one of the best concerts I've seen, left a lasting impression on my daughter.  You see, she is one of those people, regardless of age, that still believes it's all about the music and not the melodyne.  She understands that to be able to stand on a stage with an acoustic guitar and sing like the album should be a prerequisite for having a career in music.  I admire my daughter for that because honestly my hubby and I feel the same way.

With Colbie Caillat @ House Of Blues
So today while on Twitter I came across a link to a Justin Young video on You Tube that brought me to another video of him covering "Set Fire To The Rain" by Adele.  While I think Adele has an amazing voice I must admit that I really enjoyed Justin's cover.  I have such respect and admiration for any musician that can sit in front of a mic, take an extremely popular song, and somehow make it their own in a very authentic way.  If I were Adele I'd be extremely flattered.  

This song is so good I've listened to it about 7 times today and just played it for my daughter who said, "Now that's music!" I guess it's true that the apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree, even where music is concerned.

Happy Listening!  And, if you get the chance to see Colbie Caillat and Justin Young in concert...get tickets and you seriously will not be disappointed! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday & The Palladium

@ The Palladium
Style Shout Out to Music Mondays!

We had another music filled weekend.  I love days spent with my family that are filled with fun, laughter and music. My daughter had her year-end showcase with her music school at The Palladium Ballroom.  It was a great venue for the kids and the day kicked off with each performer being interviewed about how they got involved with music. This is a memory that will last for each and every child that graced the stage and for every parent that sat watching in awe.

I give so much credit to anyone who can walk onto a stage in front of over 150 people and perform.  I know from experience that it is not easy and certainly not something that many nine year olds can do.  

Music is so important and I think when children get involved with music and learn to play at an early age it helps to build their confidence.  It's also a great way for them to learn to express their emotions and of course studies have shown that music and math go hand in hand.

I hope all of you have a happy Music Monday.  If you have children, maybe this Monday is a good day to start researching music programs.  Summer is a great time to learn something new.  Or if you've always wanted to play an instrument, like guitar, take that first step for yourself today. 

Happy Music Monday! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

J Brand Has Moxie

J Brand @
Style Shout Out to J Brand and their very stylish and easy to wear 7/8 jean in the Moxie wash.

Ok I have to admit that besides the J Brand name on these jeans, the thing that caught my eye was the name of the wash...Moxie! According to Webster's the word moxie means: energy, pep, determination, courage and know-how.  The day before I spotted these jeans at Saks my nine year old and I were having a conversation about how I was proud of her for having moxie.

So, while I may have tried these jeans on because of the brand and the name of the wash, I bought them because of the fit. These jeans are very flattering and hit me right at the ankle.  They are named 7/8 because to get the perfect crop you can hem them so that they will hit three inches above your ankle. And to make it easy, J Brand has attached the cutest little ruler with directions included.

Personally, I am leaving my jeans just the way they are because I can roll them up to make them shorter.  And you know how I love versatility.  These jeans look just as good with ballet flats as they do tucked in boots.

These 7/8 jeans are available at so you can get a little moxie today! Happy shopping!