Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Colbie Caillat Shines Brighter Than The Sun

Colbie Caillat & Justin Young at House of Blues
Style Shout Out to Colbie Caillat who was absolutely fabulous in concert last week at the House Of Blues in Dallas.

I have been a fan of Colbie Caillat since her first CD hit store shelves.  There is something about her music with its beautiful melodies that reminds me of sitting on the beach in Southern California listening to Fleetwood Mac, who just happens to be one of my favorite bands.  So, when my eight year old daughter heard Colbie Caillat's "Fallin For You" on Radio Disney Jams 12 and asked for more of her music it made carpool a much more harmonious time.

It also makes practicing piano and guitar a more harmonious time as I love to listen to my daughter singing happy songs like "I Do" by Caillat.  And, watching her record a cover of "Brighter Than The Sun"  recently is a small moment that is a big memory.

And speaking of memories, when my daughter said for an early birthday present she would like to see Colbie Caillat in concert my husband and I thought that was a great idea.  We love presents that are an experience and agreed this would be a good show for her to see.

Colbie Caillat & Her Band
Once the tickets were in hand we told our daughter who was so excited and began counting the days...which I believe was somewhere around seventy-five.

Sometime during those seventy-five days I found some adorable friendship bracelets on Kara Ackerman's web site.  As I was ordering one for my daughter she asked if I could possibly order two extra bracelets, "If they aren't too expensive."  When the bracelets arrived she was really excited and as she opened the tiny orange bags she handed one to me, she slipped one on her tiny wrist, and said, "The third one is for Colbie Caillat because people must ask her for stuff all the time and I want to give her a friendship bracelet.  You know, to thank her for being my inspiration."  I would be lying if I said I didn't have a tear in my eye at that point.

The day of the concert finally came and off we went to the House Of Blues, friendship bracelets in hand and on wrists.  We were fortunate enough to attend a meet n greet prior to the show and yes my daughter was the first one in the line.

Justin Young
When you meet someone who is famous it's hard to know what to expect but Colbie Caillat far exceeded any expectations.  She was warm, genuine and kind and made a lasting impression and when my daughter told her that she played her songs in a coffee house Colbie asked how old she was.  When she replied, "I'm 8 and a half," Colbie told her that she had a ten year head start.  That put a big smile on my daughter's face which was priceless.  And when she gave her the friendship bracelet and pointed to the one on her own wrist there was another big smile as Colbie slipped the bracelet onto her wrist and told her that she loved turquoise.

The show, just like meeting Colbie Caillat, did not disappoint.  Justin Young was the first performer and he was amazing.  He is a fabulous songwriter with a very distinct voice and fabulous stage presence.  He also plays guitar with Colbie Caillat and the blending of their voices creates some of the best harmonies I've heard in a long time.

Jason Reeves, who writes with Caillat, also performed and, like Young, gave a stellar performance and was another perfect choice for an opening act.

Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves & Justin Young
I have been to a lot of concerts in venues big and small but this show for me topped the list.  Colbie Caillat's voice was just as amazing live as it is on her albums.  The stories she told in between songs were heartfelt and when she sings it comes from the heart which is the place where music should come from.

The House Of Blues was packed that night and I think my daughter was the youngest one in the place but I have to give a big style shout out to Colbie Caillat's light and sound guys who were nice enough to give my eight year old a copy of the set list and a big comfy office chair to sit in which gave her a fabulous view of the stage.  Watching her sing along, clapping her hands, and smiling made it a great night and as we were driving home she said, "I'm so glad we don't have school tomorrow...and thanks Mom and Dad...this is the best birthday present ever!"

Heartfelt Performance at House Of Blues
My Style Shout Out Tip:  Colbie Caillat is a talented singer and songwriter who seems so at home on the stage.  If you have the chance to catch this show don't miss it because you will leave feeling happy and for me that is what the concert experience is all about! When I asked my daughter if she wanted to see Colbie in concert again she smiled and simply said, "I Do!"

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TOMS - One For One!

Style Shout Out to TOMS for making it stylish to give back.

My daughter had a four day weekend which is a very big deal when you are in elementary school because it means you have two extra days without the annoying buzz of the alarm clock a 6:00am. Okay, this is a very big deal for the Mom of the elementary school student also.

We had a fun weekend which included a trip to Nordstrom where I bought my daughter her first pair of TOMS.  I have an adorable pair of espadrilles from TOMS which are just so classic which makes them just so perfect.  The other thing that makes them so perfect is the fact that TOMS really gives back in a big way.  I absolutely love their "One for One" philosophy.

My 8 year old wasn't too keen on TOMS at first because she has a strong allegiance to Converse but she does have an open mind when it comes to fashion.  So after she and I talked about social responsibility and what TOMS is doing to help kids who are less fortunate she tried on the shoes and loved them.

She loved them so much that yesterday we visited Nordstrom again to pick up another pair. You see my 8 year old is quite a good listener and her rationale for wanting another pair of TOMS included the statement, "You know Mom, if I get another pair of TOMS somewhere in the world a little kid who really needs them will also be getting a pair of shoes." Since she needed a shoe in another color I told her if she got the TOMS the Converse would have to wait. She was fine with that so off we went to Nordstrom.

My sister was shopping with us yesterday and she was trying on a pair of sunglasses.   I picked up TOMS wayfarers and told her that if the TOMS glasses happen to find their way under her Christmas tree she will be helping to give someone the gift of sight. I am happy to say they are now on her Christmas list!

Thanks TOMS for making fashion fun and for your fabulous "One for One" philosophy.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you haven't checked out TOMS yet head to Nordstrom or where they have an amazing selection of shoes and sunglasses.  The shoes are so cute and comfy and the sunglasses are stylish but above all else you know that your purchase is truly helping someone who truly needs the help!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Saks, Style & A Cure

Jennifer Hudson - Saks
Style Shout Out to Saks...

I can't believe that it's been over a decade since Saks first introduced their "Key To The Cure" tee shirt which now makes its debut each October.  What I especially love about these tops is that 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of each shirt goes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation's (EIF) Women's Cancer Research Fund which benefits more than 50 charitable programs.  These programs are dedicated to finding new detection methods, better treatments, and eventual cures for women's cancers.

Every year the tee is the vision of one designer and a celebrity like Heidi Klum, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Hudson are selected to be the spokesperson.

This year's tee was designed by Elie Tahari and Jennifer Hudson is helping to spread the word.  Besides benefitting a great cause this tee is super cute and super comfy and is available at as well as in Saks stores.

Gwyneth Paltrow in Karl Lagerfeld (2008)
via FabSugar
My Style Shout Out Tip:   Besides buying one of these "Key To The Cure" tees for myself,  I have been known to wrap a tee or two for Christmas.  I have a few of these shirts but the Lagerfeld designed tee from 2008 is still my favorite and every time I wear it I feel good knowing my purchase is helping to make a difference.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Guilt-Free At Gilt

AG Jeans at Gilt
Style Shout Out to guilt-free shopping.

We had a storm last night that finally brought us temperatures that feel more like Fall than Summer.  It's the first day in a long time that you can actually wear jeans. So how appropriate that today when I was checking email there was one from Gilt talking about their AG Jeans sale that starts at noon today.

Two of my favorite things together...Gilt and AG Jeans.  I love Gilt because they make the shopping experience fun and easy and their prices are as phenomenal as their customer service.

And I love AG Jeans because, besides having so many fabulous styles,  I admire their commitment to quality and also to the environment in the Ozone Technology used to make their jeans.

So today take advantage of the great sales and have some fun while guilt-free shopping at Gilt!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  My favorite AG Jeans style is the Stilt.  It is a skinny cut that is not too skinny in the leg.  Today I'm wearing mine with ballet flats, a white LNA tee, and a Burberry scarf.  Hello Fall.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Classics Are Always On-Trend!

Cameron Diaz via Coolspotters
wearing Chanel Flats
Style Shout Out to the classics!

It's been a busy few weeks with celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary in Hilton Head, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, my 8 year old playing her first real gig, and planning my Mom's upcoming birthday party! But now that school has been in session for almost two months, I must say I am finally getting back into the swing of things.

Yesterday my hubby and I ran to Neiman Marcus at lunch because they are having a triple points event. Even though most people don't think of using the words "great deal" and "Neiman Marcus" in the same sentence, I find myself using those words in the same sentence quite often.  When you shop at Neiman Marcus you accumulate points that turn into gift cards. So a triple point event means your points add up a lot quicker.

Besides the "great deals" there are a lot of reasons why I like shopping at Neimans and customer service and exceptional quality tops the list.

Diana in women's shoes assisted me yesterday and she is amazingly helpful, genuine and honest which are wonderful character traits to have if you are in sales.  It's no secret that I love jeans, handbags, sunnies and shoes but must admit that while I have admired these particular Chanel ballet flats for quite a while, until yesterday I had never tried them on.  I know they are expensive and in the past have figured a flat is a flat but when I tried them on all I could say was, "Wow!"  The leather was truly like butter and with the skinny Paige jeans I was wearing they looked too cute.

My hubby loved them because he gravitates toward classic and quality which is an area where we are always in agreement.  I have a feeling that these shoes may find their way under our Christmas tree this year and that a gift card from the Triple Points event purchase may end up in my stocking.  A girl can dream!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  A classic ballet flat is a great addition to any wardrobe.  Saks has some fabulous Repetto flats and Stuart Weitzman has some great ballet flats at Neimans and Nordstrom right now.  Neiman Marcus is running their triple points event through this weekend so pick up a great pair of flats today and get a gift card in the mail later!  It seriously is a great deal.  I used my last gift card to get my daughter some UGG boots!  Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Music & Magic!

Colbie Caillat on Today w/ Hoda & Kathie Lee
Style Shout Out to a great weekend with family and friends.

My daughter had her first gig last Sunday at a local coffee shop.  This is the first time she was asked to play at an event that was not sponsored by her music school so she was very excited.  In the two weeks leading up to the gig it was fun for me to watch her carefully select her songs and prepare for this milestone occasion.  And I must say that every time I heard her practicing it brought a smile to my face.

When she found out she was opening the show and that there would be four other acts to follow, she chose three upbeat songs that she likes to listen to as much as she likes to play herself.

My daughter has many musical influences but lately she has been listening to a lot of Colbie Caillat, Justin Young, Pete Yorn, and occasionally some Selena Gomez.  So her song choices weren't really any surprise to me.  She played keyboard and sang and opened with Colbie Caillat's "I Do" and dedicated it to my hubby and I who recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.  I must say for me it was a magical moment that brought a tear to my eye.

Her second song was Selena Gomez's version of "Magic" which is just such a happy song. As I watched her playing and singing I realized that at her age I could never have gotten up in front of a packed house and performed.  It took me until I was in college to muster that kind of confidence.

Colbie Caillat & Justin Young on Today
The last song she chose to play was "Brighter Than The Sun" by Colbie Caillat and the magic for me was that it was the first time she played her guitar at any type of show, and it was the first time that she had my hubby accompany her with his guitar. To watch Daddy and Daughter play together with such smiles on their faces surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends is a moment I will always treasure.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  I so appreciate the time that one of my friends spent in organizing this gig for the kids. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon supporting young musicians and listening to some fabulous talent.  And if you have kids, give them the gift of music because it is a magical gift that will be with them always.

We posted our daughter's cover of "Brighter Than The Sun" on SoundCloud...happy listening!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Discovering Ackerman

Judie Rings at Kara Ackerman
Style Shout Out to discovering new things on Columbus Day!

I am a fan of Kara Ackerman's jewelry and am particularly partial to the Brooke Knot Leather Bracelet in tan because it is so versatile.   The other bracelet I reach for every day is the turquoise friendship bracelet, not just for the color and quality, but because when I gave my daughter two of them, she gave one back to me.

Kara Ackerman has some beautiful jewelry on her site and today she also has some amazing specials which include a Judie bracelet and an evil eye necklace that has been spotted on the cover of Lucky, but if you are looking for a great ring that is simple and classic check out Judie.

The Judie ring with the round stone is a delicate design which will work as well for tweens and teens as it does for women and comes with a variety of stones.  My favorites are the Blue Topaz and the Amethyst.  This ring has graced the pages of Lucky and InStyle Magazines and has been seen on the fingers of Minka Kelly and Chelsea Handler.

So while Columbus may have discovered a new world geographically, I think today is a great day to discover a new world in style.

Happy Shopping at Kara Ackerman!

Friday, October 7, 2011

An Apple A Day...

Style Shout Out to innovators, like Steve Jobs, who see the possibility where others see the impossibility.

I heard the news about Steve Jobs from my hubby who was reading the news on his IPad.
Immediately I picked up my IPhone where Twitter was filled with Jobs related tweets.

That was yesterday and as I sit here today typing on my MacBook in my line of sight and charging up for the day ahead are my hubby's IPad, IPhone, and MacBook, my daughter's IPad and IPod, and my IPhone.  Later when I walk into our studio and pick up my guitar I will once again be reminded of the man who changed the way we listen to music and make music.

As my daughter and I were leaving for school this morning she saw Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos talking about Steve Jobs on Good Morning America and she said, "Oh Mom this is not such a good morning for his family and for Apple because you know he is Apple.  I hope they're all going to be okay."

I looked at my 8 year old and realized she had never known a world without Steve Jobs and realized how lucky we all are for having known the world with him.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The Beach at Hilton Head Island

Style Shout Out to celebrating 20 & 50 years!

Our entire family celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary last week at Hilton Head Island.  My sisters and I chose this place because it holds special memories of great family vacations.  And it was so nice for my parents to be at their favorite place with their daughters, sons-in-law, and grandchildren.

Sitting on the beach watching my daughter boogie board for the first time and laughing with her cousins made me realize just how fortunate I am to be so close to my sisters.  Sure we have our ups and downs like everyone but when push comes to shove the lesson I learned from my parents is that you have to work at relationships.  So whether it's with your siblings, your kids, your friends or your spouses...relationships take work to keep them healthy.

So thanks Mom and Dad for all of the lessons I have learned from you and for being a shining example of love and what it takes to make a relationship work.  And to my hubby on our 20th wedding feels like we said, "I Do" overlooking the Pacific only yesterday!