Friday, April 29, 2011

Congratulating Kate...Princess Kate

Style Shout Out to Kate Middleton and Prince William on their day!

Unlike so many people that got up at 4:00am ET to watch the Royal Wedding, I set my DVR knowing that with school lunch to make and carpool to drive I needed sleep.  So this morning as I was making my daughter's breakfast I turned on the Today Show in time to see the Prince and Princess making their way back to Buckingham Palace. As she ascended from the carriage my 8 year old said, "Stunning!"  And as I looked at Kate I thought my little one summed it up perfectly.  There isn't another word I would have chosen to describe the way she looked.

Her dress, designed by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, was absolutely amazing in its' simplicity and elegance and I can't imagine how many designers are sketching dresses this morning in the likeness of this now iconic dress.

My daughter said it was like watching a real life fairy tale and I promised her that after school we would settle in and watch the entire wedding together.  Being married to a Brit I have perfected the art of scone making so I think that today in honor of the British side of my family I will be making a batch of scones, putting on the kettle and pouring a cup of PG Tips.

Congratulations to the happy couple!  As you begin your lives together we wish you all the best.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Take a page from Kate Middleton's bridal book and keep it simple.  From the dress to the bouquet to her hair and make-up, Kate's look was stunning and elegant.  I love the fact that she wore her hair down and her make-up was so natural. She looked confident and so much like herself and it serves as a great reminder that sometimes less is more.  I believe it was Oscar Wilde that said, "Be yourself, every one else is already taken."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

7 Things & 100 Thoughts

Style Shout Out to Thursday and my list of 7 Things.

As I am watching the Today Show this morning the devastation in some of our southern states is horrific. Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel is reporting from Tuscaloosa, Alabama where he started his segment by saying, "it's almost hard to kind of wrap your hands around this..."

The outbreak of tornadoes that swept through the South is being called the worst swarm in nearly four decades.  My heart goes out to all of those people that have lost loved ones and have been affected by this tragedy.  It seems that the weather this Spring has been more turbulent than in recent years and the sound of a tornado siren even after a decade just makes me jump.  Growing up in New Jersey I loved Spring...but this Spring, not so much.

So today I am giving thanks:

To the American Red Cross for being there for the thousands of people that have been displaced by the storms that swept through the South yesterday.  As the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore was talking about how there haven't been this many people displaced since Hurricane Katrina it really put things in perspective.

To those of you who have donated or will be donating to the American Red Cross.  You can make a donation by visiting  or by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

To the American Red Cross for all of your time and commitment given to help others.  Your dedication is appreciated and applauded.

To those companies that are still raising funds to assist Japan through the American Red Cross and Global Giving.  It's so good to give back.

To those of you who follow and/or read my blog.  I realized this morning that this is my 100th post!  For me this is a pretty big deal considering I started the blog to show my 8 year old that you can do any thing at any age if you put your mind to it and you work hard.  So I appreciate all of you that pop in from time to time to read!  Thanks for giving me a forum to express my thoughts...100 so far!  I hope that besides being entertaining, this may inspire you to do something creative that you've always wanted to do...write, dance, sing, play an instrument...

To my parents who gave me my first guitar when I was ten years old.  That guitar opened the flood gates to creative expression through songwriting which led to my love of writing. Seriously there aren't enough words of gratitude.

To my daughter who is the coolest little person I know and who inspires me every day, and my hubby who encourages my creative endeavors which over the past two decades has made me a better songwriter and musician.  You both rock and I am grateful for the health, happiness and for all of the laughter and music that creates the soundtrack to our days.

So today be grateful for the people that fill your days with laughter and joy and keep those affected by yesterday's events in your thoughts.

My Style Shout Out:  In light of yesterday I have included a link to the post about Gratitude that I wrote  a few weeks ago.  For those of you who didn't get to read it here it is:
And give what you can to the American Red Cross because every little bit helps!  It's stylish to be grateful.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Congratulating Kate

Style Shout Out to Kate Hudson on her new movie, her new baby on the way...and her new engagement.

Watching the Today Show the big news of the week is the marriage of Kate Middleton to Prince William.  With the wedding this Friday this is, and has been, the big story.  But today there was also another big story about Kate...Kate Hudson who was on the Today Show to talk about her new movie Something Borrowed.

I am a big fan of Kate Hudson and I also happen to be a big fan of her Mom, Goldie Hawn. These actresses are so genuine and possess an amazing gift for comedy.

As I was watching Kate Hudson this morning being interviewed by Matt Lauer he opened by congratulating her on her pregnancy.  As always, Kate was gracious while talking about how she doesn't know if the baby is a boy or girl and how it is fun not knowing.  She talked about doing the pendulum test which Matt described as being "very scientific"and how she thinks that the baby will be a girl. With her hands resting on her belly Kate talked about how she refers to the baby as "she" and that how she feels like she is carrying differently this time.  I loved it when Kate referred to the baby as having the "Hawn gene" as a reference to her Mom Goldie who is so bubbly and exuberant.  She said she feels like the baby is dancing every day.

At that point Matt asked, "Could you place your hand in my hand for a second this new?"

"This is new," she replied,

"You're engaged!" To which Kate replied, "I'm engaged."

Kate talked about how she was just waiting for someone to notice because "the announcing thing feels so silly."

Matt wrapped up the interview by saying, "Congratulations on all your good fortune."  And I couldn't agree more.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Be yourself!  Over the years I have seen Kate Hudson in many interviews.  The common thread that weaves them all together is the fact that she is so natural and she is always herself.  You get the feeling that Kate, like her Mom Goldie, is a woman who knows who she is and has a strong sense of self.  So today if you are out doing some Spring shopping remember that while it's fun to draw inspiration from others it is always better to be yourself.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Meeting Mercier

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20
Laura Mercier at Nordstrom

Style Shout Out to Laura Mercier for creating her amazing Tinted Moisturizer.

Before Laura Mercier became a household name and her products found their way into the InStyle Best Of Beauty issue, I found her products at Neiman Marcus.  There was something so sleek and simple about the brown packaging that made the colors of the cosmetics pop.  

While talking to the Laura Mercier representative I explained that I liked a very natural make up look which is probably a result of living in Southern California for nearly a decade. You can take the girl out of LA but you can't take LA out of the girl.  So after asking me a few questions she recommended Tinted Moisturizer, and I am so thankful that she did because several tubes and several years later this is still my go to foundation.  In fact I just picked up another tube at Nordstrom the other day.

This product is really amazing.  First of all I love that it is an SPF20 moisturizer and a foundation all in one.  This makes it so easy when I am rushing out the door with my little one.  I also love that while this product truly evens out my skin tone it lets my skin shine through.  This is very important to me especially now that my daughter is eight and I am trying to be a good role model for her when it comes to confidence and self image. 

I was fortunate enough to meet Laura Mercier at an appearance at Neiman Marcus when my daughter was about two years old.  There is the cutest picture of the three of us that sits on my daughter's desk.  Meeting Mercier I was immediately struck by her natural beauty and warmth.  She was stylish in an understated French.  So every time I apply my Tinted Moisturizer I am reminded of that day and the fun we had and how Laura Mercier took the time to chat about her make-up philosophy.  I will always treasure the experience especially because I got to share it with my daughter.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you're looking for a light foundation look no further than Laura Mercier.  Add this treasure to your make-up bag and you will not be disappointed.  

Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Of Beauty With A Hudson & A Song

Kate Hudson
Style Shout Out to InStyle Magazine and the much anticipated May issue.

Every March when my April issue of InStyle magazine arrives I start counting the days until my May issue will make its way to my mailbox. If you read InStyle then you know that May is the issue that features the Best of Beauty.  Like most of the women I know I love make-up even though I don't wear a ton of it.  There is something so alluring about an LBC (little black Chanel compact). Make-up is one of those things that just makes you feel good every day.   It doesn't matter if it's one hundred degrees and sunny outside or forty degrees and raining, my Chanel Soho highlighting powder and blush can be worn every day in any situation.  Good investment...YES!

So when I pulled my magazine out of the mailbox the other day it came at the perfect time. You see it was another gray day and my daughter was home sick for the second time in a week.  Apparently besides the stomach virus that is going around her school, strep throat is also making it's way through the classrooms.

Best Of Beauty - Lips
So in the midst of a rainy Spring day, the InStyle Best of Beauty issue was like a ray of sunshine.  My little one and I sat on the couch watching Disney's The Suite Life On Deck featuring Brenda Song and pouring through the pages.  I love this issue because it's always fun to see what items make it onto this most prestigious list.  I like to see the products I already have in my bathroom cabinet and in my make up bag, like Chanel Glossimer lip gloss which is fabulous and not sticky, and Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick which is the most beautiful shade of natural pink and what products should be added to my shopping list like Essie nail polish in Chinchilly and Mademoiselle.  My daughter likes it for all the beautiful colors of the nail polishes and the lipsticks.

Now that my daughter is eight she is so much more aware of advertising and the things she sees on magazine covers.  So I take every opportunity to emphasize the beauty that comes from the inside and how it is more important than the beauty that comes from the outside.  We had a great conversation about beauty while reading InStyle and I explained it to my daughter in this way, "I love make up because it is fun but I really love a natural look and I am just as comfortable without wearing any make up as I am with it."   I'm not just saying this because she is my daughter but she is a smart girl as she replied,  "I know Mom.  Make up doesn't make you a beautiful person.  I think being a good person makes you a beautiful person.  And I think it's gross when make up is caked on."  Then she pointed to the InStyle cover and said, "That's why I like Kate Hudson. She does the Almay ads and she always looks like herself.  So does Brenda know she always looks like herself."

Brenda Song 
So there you have it from the mouth of babes...have fun with make up but remember that you should always look like yourself because you are the "best" in the Best of Beauty.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  The best make up for me creates a natural look and for that I thank the woman who put the natural look on the map, Bobbi Brown.  And while Bobbi Brown's Honeysuckle Creamy lip color may not be on the InStyle Best Of Beauty list it is now on mine.  This is a beautiful natural lip color that was recommended to me via Twitter by Michelle Champagne who is Kelly Ripa's make up artist on Live With Regis and Kelly.   Thanks Bobbi Brown for creating the fabulous natural look, and Michelle for the suggestion!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Style Shout Out to Easter Sunday and keeping it short!

I'm getting to this a little late so I hope you enjoyed spending time with family and friends today!   My day was spent with family, which is the best kind of day for me.
I love Easter as it is a time of renewal, gratitude, and happiness.  There is something so wonderful about watching little ones hunt for their eggs with big smiles on their faces and colorful baskets in their hands.

So to everyone that reads my blog and follows on Twitter, a big thank you.

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Easy Being Green

AG Stilt at Nordstrom
Style Shout Out to Denim Going Green!  

I've always been one of those people that recycles but until my daughter was born I have to admit that I didn't really give it one hundred percent.  Now I find myself being more conscience about taking care of the planet.  So on Earth Day I feel like it's a good time to say thanks to two of my favorite companies that are doing their part to make the world a little greener.

AG Jeans is a premier denim company that pioneered the use of Ozone Technology in their denim making process.  By using Ozone Technology the company significantly reduces water consumption, reduces the use of chemicals and reduces the use of energy.  So when I purchase AG Jeans I feel good about spending my money with a company that is doing its' part to help our planet.

Levis with GAP Tee & DVF Flats
Another denim company doing its' part to help the Earth is Levis.  A few months ago Levis unveiled it's new technique for using less water in their jean making process.  Thank you Levis for your "Water<Less" Jeans.  I applaud one of the oldest makers of jeans for embracing some of the newest technology and for partnering with Water.Org to donate the water saved to people and places that need it the most.  When you visit the home page shows the amount of water available to donate and when I put on my Levis, just like when I wear my AG's, I am reminded of the good being done which reminds me to do my part.

So today try to do your part to help the planet.  Recycle, buy a travel mug for your coffee and a BPA free water bottle for your water, and bring your own fabric bags when you go grocery shopping!  I believe it was Kermit the Frog that sang, "It's Not Easy Being Green" but with more companies focusing on going green I think it's easy being green.  

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Today Starbucks is giving away a free coffee if you bring in your own travel mug.   So, grab your mug and stop at Starbucks on the way to buy some new Green Jeans!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

One Thing On Thursday

Style Shout Out to Thursday and giving thanks...If you've been reading my blog then you know today is the day I give a shout out to being thankful.  Today instead of 7 Things I really only have one thing, but it is an important thing: GRATITUDE!

7FAM Roxanne - Nordstrom
Sometimes things happen that just make you stop and think about the things that are truly important.

Today is one of those days for me so I am giving a big Style Shout Out to gratitude and I am thanking my hubby and daughter for all of the laughter and music that fills our house every day!  And I am thanking my parents and sisters for the laughter and music that filled our house when I was growing up!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Today while you are trying on those fabulous new Sam Edelman sandals you've had an eye on or those fab white 7 For All Mankind jeans that are so on trend, take a minute to try on some gratitude and say thanks to your family and friends!   Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get To Know Gigi

Style Shout Out to Sam Edelman for creating the iconic "Gigi" T-strap sandal!

Monday was a good day.  After my daughter came down with the stomach virus on Saturday that has been making it's way around her school, she was feeling better.  Tucked in a snuggie on our couch she rested and we spent the day sketching and writing and playing Words With Friends on our IPads.  The first time I heard about this game was when I was sitting in carpool listening to the Ticket.  You see as much as I love all things music and style, I also love sports!  So if I am not listening to Pete Yorn, my IPhone playlist, KISS FM or The Edge in carpool, then you will find me listening to the Ticket.

A few months ago the Captain of the Dallas Stars, Brenden Morrow, was being interviewed on the Ticket and the conversation turned to Words With Friends.   When I asked my hubby about the game he said he had heard of forward a few months and we're hooked.  Although you can play this game with "friends" outside of your own house, being that we have an 8 year old we play against family members.  I love Scrabble and this is like the high tech version.

So like I said it was shaping up to be a good day.  My daughter was feeling better, puppy was sleeping, and hubby was on a conference call. The house was quiet but our pup heard something undetectable to my ears, woke up and made a bee-line for the door barking uncontrollably.  Even though the doorbell didn't ring our dog instinctively knew there was someone at the door.  I looked through the peep hole and could see the UPS truck driving away and the package on the door step.

As I opened the front door my daughter asked, "What is it Mom?" "It's Gigi!" I replied.  My response prompted her to ask why Gigi from Neiman Marcus was at our house.  I had a good laugh and told her it was the Gigi sandals that I had ordered from Nordstrom and not Gigi the person.

I was excited to open the fabulously stylish green and black box as this is the first pair of T-strap sandals I have ever purchased.  My sister buys a pair every Spring because she has worn them since she was 7 or 8 years old.  I was with her at Nordstrom last May when she picked up a pair of Gigi's and I remember her telling me how they were so comfy.  But I have always been more of a flip flop girl and have a strong allegiance to my Trove Tkees which are super cute and super comfy.  They can also be super hard to find so the best place to get them is Singer 22!

Well, my sister was right.  When I pulled my leopard print Gigi's out of the box and slipped them on they were, just like my Tkees, cute and comfy!  I'm glad I read the ever so helpful reviews on because I ordered the sandal a half size up and they fit perfectly.

I guess I should have listened to my sister a year ago when she suggested Gigi,  but as the expression goes, better late than never.  After I put my new sandals away, next to my Tkees, we got back to our game of Words With Friends where my daughter ironically added the word "shoes"!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are in the market for a cute T-Strap sandal look no further than Sam Edelman and order the Gigi today!  They look great with shorts, cropped jeans, and dresses!  Gigi will be your new warm weather go-to shoe.  It's ironic that after I ordered mine I received an email from Singer22 featuring the "iconic" Gigi!  So get them at Singer22 or get them at Nordstrom...but get them before they sell out and get to know Gigi!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Music & Memory Lane

Oprah With Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks
Style Shout Out to all of the women who rock and to those that paved the way.

I was surfing the guide on our TV last week and came across an Oprah show featuring women of rock.  Of course I had to set the DVR as we were busy after school that day and I didn't want to miss this show.  With Oprah's long time run on daytime television winding down her shows have been outstanding and I knew this one would not disappoint.

So after my daughter's music lesson we settled in on the sofa to watch a bit of TV.  I suggested the Oprah show and at first she wasn't so enthusiastic saying it was going to be all "old" music.  Then I dropped the two words that so many kids growing up in the era of Disney and Hannah Montana cannot some of you may be saying, "Oh no she didn't!"  But oh yes I did...I said, "Miley Cyrus."  So all of a sudden the show seemed a bit more appealing.

Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow sang first.  I sat in amazement of Nick's voice which sounds as good now as it did when my parents bought me my first Fleetwood Mac album.  The harmonies on "Landslide" created by the duo were just beautiful.  Even my 8 year old sat awestruck as she said, "Wow that is some really awesome singing."  I was so happy that she recognized the vocal quality of these two women as they are two of my favorites and she has heard me playing many a Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow song on my guitar and my IPhone.

Avril Lavigne & Pat Benatar
When Pat Benatar opened her mouth and the words to "Love Is A Battlefield" floated into the air my daughter said she totally understood why I have been listening to her since her first album.  It led to a great discussion about how in all the times I have seen Benatar in concert I have never seen her give a poor performance and how she was the first women to have a video on MTV when MTV was only about the music.  Avril Lavigne joined Benatar on stage and after singing with her said to Oprah, "'s the biggest honor ever...this is such a moment for me to remember!"

Joan Jett & Miley Cyrus
The show also featured a performance by Joan Jett, who personifies rock and roll, and Miley Cyrus who has totally shed her blonde Hannah Montana wig although she'll always be Hannah to my daughter.  After the duet my little one who loves all of her Hannah CD's and Miley's Breakout CD asked why Miley is changing.  It was a great time to discuss how she, just like everyone else, is growing up and as an artist she is exploring and growing and that while we may not agree with a musical path she is taking you have to respect that it is her choice to take that path.  I guess my daughter got it because she responded,  "Makes sense Mom, after all we live in America."

The show also featured performances by Salt-N-Pepa and closed with Sister Sledge performing their hit "We Are Family." I can't tell you how many times I have danced to that song at a wedding.

All in all this show brought back a lot of great memories for me and I got to make some new ones with my daughter.  I love when something as simple as a TV show can open up a great dialogue and become a teachable moment.  The power of music is amazing!

Thanks Oprah for a show that gave my daughter a little more insight into some of the legends of music who just happen to be women and gave me a great trip down memory lane!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Music For The Monday Morning After

Style Shout Out to Pete Yorn who put on a fabulous show at the Granada Theater.

Saturday night my hubby and I headed to the Granada Theater in Dallas with my sister and brother-in-law to see Pete Yorn.   Over the past few years I have been to several concerts.  My sisters and I always see BonJovi when they come to town.  It has become a tradition and my one sister who lives in LA flies in for the event.  I also saw U2 for the first time and they lived up to every expectation.

As I began writing today, I realized that our eight year old has had a major impact on our concert and event choices in recent years.   I kid you not we have been to: the High School Musical concert with Ashley Tisdale, the HSM ice show,  The Cheetah Girls, The Jonas Brothers (2 times), The American Idol Season 9 tour, The Camp Rock tour featuring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez.  She has been to a meet & greet with Jennifer Stone, a CD signing with Mitchel Musso, and a taping of Disney's Wizards of Waverly Place.  Now I must admit the Jonas Brothers were fun for me because in a round about way we're related to their drummer Jack Lawless but that is a story for another day.

So when I saw that Pete Yorn was going to be in town I suggested to my hubby that we go and he was in total agreement.

musicforthemorningafter 10th Anniversary Edition (2 CD)Recently I wrote about Pete Yorn's 10th Anniversary CD Music For The Morning After and I honestly can't believe it's been that long since the CD was released.  My daughter has grown up listening to Pete by my choice and recently on the way to school when she chose to listen to "Life On A Chain" instead of Justin Bieber I asked, "Why Pete?"  To which she replied, "You always talk about expanding my musical horizons so that I can become a better musician, so I am...and his voice is really cool!"

My daughter really wanted to go to the concert with us so I had to explain that although the Granada Theater is an amazing place to see a concert, it's not a place for an eight year old to see a concert.  She understood and said that she would have fun with her cousins and Mimi and Poppy but she had some very important questions to ask Pete about music.   There is something so magical about this age and I didn't want to burst her bubble so I told her that if we got to see him I would try to get her some answers.  As she sat down with her pen and paper I couldn't believe some of her questions:

"How old were you when you wrote your first song?"
"When you write a song do you write the music or the lyrics first, or at the same time?"
"Did you take singing lessons?"
"Did you take guitar lessons and do you play any other instruments?"
"What's the best thing about being a famous musician?"
"What's the worst thing?"

Her list went on and I'm not saying this just because she's my daughter but I thought her questions were thoughtful and interesting especially for an 8 year old.  And I knew that there was no way I would get all of them answered but as a Mom you can't promise everything. What you can promise is that you'll do your best.

So Saturday we got to the theater and while our hubbies went to get a table at Blue Fish we headed to the Granada to pick up her tickets. My sister told the guy that she had been Pete's friend since elementary school and asked if he was around.  He was very nice after we assured him we were not groupies and said to check the tour bus in the back.  My sister laughed and said she never pictured me as the type to be walking in an alley behind the Granada Theater looking for a tour bus.  And she was right...this for me was a new experience.

As we made our way to the back of the theater, and thank goodness it was still daylight, we ran into a guy who was with the tour.  After telling her story, he told us to go ahead and knock on the door of the bus.  This was like something you would see in a sitcom.  We knocked and my sister had to yet again tell her story of elementary school.  To which the guy replied, "Hang on."

I've heard it said that the third time's a charm and it was because when the tour bus door opened up it was Pete.  After big hugs and catching up it was like no time had passed.  It was just like being back at my Mom and Dad's house in New Jersey when they were in 8th grade.  Being that he had a show to do there was no way I could ask him every question for my little one, but I did find out that he wrote his first song at about the age of twelve.

Pete Yorn put on a fabulous show that night, and if you are fortunate enough to get tickets when he comes to your town don't miss out.  He truly is a singer and songwriter who knows how to tell a story and evoke emotions in his audience.  I admire Pete because despite his fame, he is still the gracious and genuine guy that I remember.

Thanks Pete for the music, for taking the time to say hi, for answering my daughter's question, for her autograph which is already on her wall, and for being a great example of what I always tell my daughter..."In order to know where you're going, you have to remember where you come from and where you've been."

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Seriously, go out today and buy the 10th Anniversary CD of "Music For The Morning After."  This is an amazing work by an amazing talent that will not disappoint.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Fisherman's at the San Clemente Pier
Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short!

There is something so great about Sunday.  I have the best memories of Sundays in California going to church with my hubby, grabbing the LA Times and heading to the beach for brunch at the Pier. So many things have changed over the years but we do still try to take it slow on Sundays and just enjoy the day.

Today we took it extra slow as our daughter woke up with a nasty stomach virus.  Apparently the virus that is making it's way around her school has finally found it's way to our house.  So today it was all about rest, relaxation and Stanley Cup playoffs!

I hope you enjoy your Sundays too and that you had a chance to spend time with family and friends!  And if you happen to be in San Clemente on a Sunday I highly recommend Fisherman's for brunch.  The view, as well as the food, is amazing!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoes Magical Shoes

Style Shout Out to shoes and all of their magic.

My love for shoes probably started with Cinderella.  I remember as a young girl how that glass slipper was so magical and I remember how when my daughter was three she wanted a pair of "glass" slippers from Target to go with her Cinderella costume.  She would put those little shoes on and dance around our house smiling and singing!  Even though she has outgrown them when I see them in the closet I can't help but smile.  There are just so many happy memories attached to those shoes.

Maybe that's why shoes for me are still magical.  There is something about the way a shoe can transform an outfit from drab to fab.  My Dad always says, "Wear great shoes and carry a great bag!"  This is advice I have taken to heart and I do keep that in mind when I am out shopping.

I love how every once in a while you find a shoe that holds a bit of magic.  This year under our Christmas tree, via Neiman Marcus, there were two pair of shoes with my name on them.  My hubby and daughter have very good taste and every time I wear those shoes I am reminded of Christmas and how much fun we always have at that time of year.

My Diane von Furstenberg suede flats are the most amazing shade of purple and surprisingly neutral.  They just go with so much and really pop when I am wearing skinny jeans or ankle length black pants.

The other pair of shoes are a Christian Louboutin classic peep toe.  The reason I like this Mater Claude shoe is because it is on trend, but not trendy.  The heel height is perfect for me as  I can totally walk in them.  After all there aren't many things that are worse than seeing a woman teeter in her heels.

The other day I was shoe shopping with my daughter and as I watched her trying on shoes, spinning around and smiling it took me right back to when she was three...magical then and magical now.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Create your own magical moments and have some fun shoe shopping for Spring.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 Things

Style Shout Out to Thursday and giving thanks...Today, as every day, I am thankful for my family, friends, health and happiness.

I am also thankful for:

Oprah's awesome show featuring fabulous women of rock...Stevie Nicks, Pat Benatar, and Sheryl Crow!

My daughter's love of music and fashion that I share with her.

My Carly straight leg jeans by Hudson Jeans.

Laura at Neiman Marcus for making shoe shopping fun.

Paul Reiser on NBC in a new sitcom.  I am Mad About Paul Reiser!

Our Pete Yorn concert tickets that came in the mail yesterday!


My Style Shout Out Tip:  Be grateful every day!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Jennifer Lopez - Bronx Beauty

Style Shout Out to Jennifer Lopez on her People Magazine cover dubbing her the World's Most Beautiful Woman, or as my 8 year old refers to her "Jenny From The Block" who is the most stylish American Idol judge, ever!

I am one of those people that has always been a fan of Jennifer Lopez and think American Idol made a smart move with the addition of Steven Tyler and Lopez to the judges panel this season.  They each bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the show.

What Lopez brings is knowledge and understanding.  Her story is one of perseverance and I admire her determination to make her dream a reality. This is something my hubby and I talk to our daughter about all the time.  We really want her to understand that if you want something you have to work hard to make it happen.  My hubby always says that there is no such thing as pure luck, "Luck is nothing more than when timing meets opportunity and preparation."  Lopez defines this in "living color"...

When my daughter started taking keyboard lessons it came relatively easy for her.  She says it's because she was born into a musical family.  After only two months of keys she asked if she could take guitar.  We told her the guitar was a more difficult instrument and that we were fine adding a few lessons to see how things went.  After a few weeks she said she was going to continue keyboard lessons but was done with guitar for a while because it hurt her fingers.

My hubby and I didn't want her to give up the guitar totally because she said she liked being able to play it was just the finger thing.  As a Mom I used this as a teachable moment.  My daughter is a big Jennifer Lopez fan since her debut on American Idol. So, we talked about J Lo's story and how she worked really hard to achieve the success she has today.  I told her that nobody walked up to her in the Bronx and said, "Here's a recording contract."  To which my daughter replied, "She must have worked hard because they don't just give you a chair on Idol."

At eight, my daughter is learning about dedication and follow through.  But, from experience I know the toll guitar strings can take on your fingers.  So we agreed to stop the formal guitar lessons for a bit until her hands were stronger and she agreed to continue playing with us at home.  Compromise is a wonderful thing and because she had a voice in how to handle the situation she picks up the guitar more frequently than when she had formal lessons and with time her hands are becoming stronger.

The Today Show
Jennifer Lopez has also become stronger with time building an amazing career and looking better and more stylish today than she did when she started out heading from the Bronx "on the 6" to get to the city where her dreams took shape.  Lopez resonates with people because of her story.  Even Kourtney and Kim Kardashian on their E reality show took the 6 train on their first Manhattan subway ride like J Lo.

As we were driving to school this morning my daughter asked if she could have my IPhone because she wanted to listen to Jenny From The Block.  American Idol has introduced a whole new audience to Jennifer Lopez and I for one am very happy about that.

Congratulations for being named People's Most Beautiful Woman.  You're beautiful not only on the outside but on the inside too and are living proof that if you work hard, you can make anything happen!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Take a page from the style book of Jennifer Lopez and choose clothes that suit you.  Avoid buying into every trend and make your style your own.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Nordstrom Rack

Style Shout Out to Nordstrom Rack and their bounty of Spring time treasures!

The other day I ran to Nordstrom Rack with my daughter and hubby. I have been looking for a pair of ballet flats for my daughter to wear with her Communion dress and I can't tell you how many shoes we have tried on in the past two weeks trying to find that perfect shoe.

We have seriously tried shoes from Nordstrom, Stride Rite, Naturino and Saks.  Countless brands and countless shoe boxes later, I started feeling like the guy from Cinderella who had the shoe but couldn't find the foot that fit the shoe.  Only, I had the foot but not the right shoe to fit the foot.

What makes shopping at Nordstrom Rack fun is that you never know what you will find.   As we navigated our way to the girl's shoe section of the store we passed handbags and I could not believe some of the bags and bargains. What a pleasant surprise! You don't find Kate Spade at the Rack every day.  Well, not Kate Spade herself, but this beautiful orange bag.  So on trend for Spring, so amazing, and such a great price.

My daughter gave my arm a brief tug, "Shoes are that way, Mom" she reminded me of our mission.  So off we went, but before we could make it to children's shoes we happened upon the women's shoe section.  I looked at my daughter as she picked up a greenish snakeskin sandal and said, "Jimmy Choo, I love that name." Amazing!  Jimmy Choo for almost half off the retail price.  "Some lucky size 9 is going to be very happy," I thought to myself.

The perfect Steve Madden flat
As we were looking at the Jimmy Choo my daughter said, "What about these?"  And she was holding the most adorable and age appropriate Steve Madden creamy white ballet flat called, and I kid you not "Heaven"...I took it as sign and we purchased the shoes.

Thanks Nordstrom Rack for a fabulous selection of merchandise and my daughter's heavenly Communion shoes.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Again...Ann Taylor

Style Shout Out to Ann Taylor for reinventing yourself while still staying true to your classic roots!

This morning was an exceptionally busy one for a Monday.  So busy in fact that I started writing this blog while I was waiting in the carpool line for my daughter.  I find carpool pick up is a good place to write because it's 30 - 40 minutes of quiet.  You see, my internet does not work in the school parking lot so there is no distraction from email or twitter.

My hubby and I ran to the Galleria Dallas this morning.  He had a free hour and I had a pair of shoes to return to Nordstrom.  I have learned my lesson that it is better to shoe shop with my daughter than to order her shoes online even though Nordstrom makes returns so easy and is currently running a free shipping promotion with any shoe purchase.  I must admit that I did take advantage of the promo and ordered a cool pair of leopard print Sam Edelman Gigi T-Strap sandals that will be awesome for those hot summer days.  I ordered the shoes because I needed a sash for my daughter's communion dress so the free shipping promo worked...Nordstrom's marketing department is brilliant.  And speaking of brilliant marketing while at the Galleria we stopped at Ann Taylor who recently has undergone an image update.

Before I had my daughter I shopped at Ann Taylor for nearly all of my work wardrobe.  It was so easy because the quality was outstanding, everything coordinated and in a pinch I could find shoes also.   So when I stopped working in an office after my little one was born I didn't shop Ann Taylor as much as I really associated the brand with work.

But with the introduction of Katie Holmes as the brand's spokesperson, Ann Taylor is reinventing itself and establishing itself as a brand for a lifestyle not just a "career" style.  Today when I entered the store I was greeted with beautiful clothes in beautiful colors for spring.  The store was bright and the clothes were displayed in an uncluttered way that made shopping easy.   It was like a breath of fresh of air and I couldn't wait to start trying things on.  Ann Taylor your marketing mission was successfully accomplished.

And my mission to find an outfit for my daughter's communion was also accomplished.  Seriously, I found an adorable shift dress, lavender cardigan, and great neutral pumps in under 10 minutes.  My hubby said it was the best shopping trip ever!  And it is such irony that when we checked the mail after our little shopping trip today there was a marketing piece from Ann Taylor reintroducing the brand.  It included a $25 gift card that is going to come in handy as I saw a gorgeous pair of gladiator sandals in the store today that will be in my closet tomorrow.

Ann Taylor is not just for work anymore and is a living example of the saying..."All work and no play..."  Thanks Ann Taylor for brining the "play"!

  • My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you haven't been to Ann Taylor recently you should definitely check out their fab clothes for Spring!  The selection of dresses today was amazing and they were running a 30% special on regular priced dresses so take advantage while the great prices last!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short.

To my hubby for surprising me with Pete Yorn tickets!

To my daughter who makes me smile.

To the music that fills our house.

To the Dallas Stars Ice Girls for taking time at Thursday's game to chat with my daughter.

To the Dallas Stars hockey team.  Good luck today against Minnesota!

To all of you who follow and read this blog...a very big thank you!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Years of Music For The Morning After

MusicforthemorningafterStyle Shout Out to Pete Yorn for ten years of music not only for the morning after, but for every morning.

I was sitting in carpool the other day reading twitter and came across a tweet from Pete Yorn asking for a photo memory from the year his debut CD "Music For The Morning After" was released.  I applaud you Pete Yorn for asking a thought provoking question in under 144 characters.

It actually made me stop and think. Was it really 10 years since my little sister called to say Pete's debut CD was in stores? Seriously, how many CD's on your current playlist are ones you have been listening to for a decade? For me it is a short list that includes Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Yorn and it is such a coincidence that all three of these musical greats are from New Jersey where I grew up too.

So as I was pondering the question put forth by Pete Yorn and collecting my thoughts for today's blog post, "Life On A Chain" was the song that came streaming out of my IPhone as it shuffled through my over 200+ favorite songs.  I took this as a sign and it inspired this post.

When I started thinking about March of 2001 it reminded me of how much things have changed in my life, in our county, and in the life of my fashion as well.  I remember wearing a lot of Levis, Khakis and Loafers in 2001.  The skyline of New York was very different in 2001. And in 2001, while established as a company, 7 For All Mankind had not yet taken over the world of denim and my feet had not yet known the joy of walking in a Jimmy Choo.  But the biggest change for me is that in 2001 I was thinking about being a Mom and today I am one.

Break Up
Break Up with Scarlett Johansson
My daughter shares my love of music and that makes me feel good because music plays such an important role in our lives.  I remember the first time my little one heard Pete Yorn.  She was barely three and from the back seat of the car she said, "Cool voice" as she was tapping her foot along to the beat.  I smile every time I hear Bon Jovi's "Have A Nice Day" because I am reminded of my daughter singing along at the top of her lungs while we were out doing errands in Jersey and her little voice asking, "Do you think we'll see Jon at the A & P?"  Well, even though we lived relatively close we never did see Jon food shopping but the memories are priceless.

musicforthemorningafter 10th Anniversary Edition (2 CD)Now I have to admit that I have been a fan of Pete Yorn long before he became a household name and made his first appearances on The Ellen Show and Jay Leno.  You see I grew up in the same town as Pete Yorn and he was friends with my little sister.  So I remember Pete as a nice kid, from a nice family with a big dream.

There is something so reassuring when you see a nice kid work so hard to achieve a dream.  Pete Yorn has established himself as a reputable singer and songwriter with the amazing gift to tell a story through song.  I haven't seen Pete Yorn since he was on stage at the old Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas promoting "Music For The Morning After" and before that the last time was probably sitting at my Mom's kitchen table in 8th grade and he probably doesn't remember me.  But none of that matters...what matters is that he is creating music that has woven itself into the fabric that makes the soundtrack to so many lives not just on the morning after but every morning.  Thanks for a decade of fabulous!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are not familiar with Pete Yorn's music pick up the 10th Anniversary "Music For The Morning After"...this is an amazing CD by an amazing musician.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

7 Things On Thursday

Style Shout Out to giving thanks on Thursday and every day.

Today I am thankful for:

My family, friends, health and happiness.

All of the music that fills our house.  From my daughter sitting at her keyboard to BonJovi, Keith Urban, Colbie Caillat, and Pete Yorn currently on my IPhone playlist.  And for my little one's playlist which includes Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Lopez.

The Dallas Stars Ice Girls for giving their time and hosting the Junior Ice Girls event last weekend.  It was a great afternoon for so many girls in the metroplex.

Comfortable shoes that are so very stylish.  Thank you Jimmy Choo for Gilbert!

The fabulous sunglasses created by Oliver Peoples and Paul Smith.

Shaun Kearney at Cynthia Steffe for designing fun and fabulous for Spring and for Saks for carrying the line on their web site.

The continued support for the American Red Cross who is doing so much to help others especially in Japan.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Today find your own 7 things.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pledge To Play With NAMM

Style Shout Out to NAMM (the National Association of Music Merchants) for promoting music and encouraging people of all ages to pick up an instrument and pledge to play.

NAMM - Believe in Music

When I was 10 years old all I wanted for Christmas was a bicycle.  Seriously, a red shiny bike!  On Christmas morning it was tradition that my younger sisters and I would sit at the top of the stairs with our Mom while Dad went downstairs to make sure Santa had left the building.  The excitement was always so great as we anticipated what we would find under the tree and in our stockings.

My Fender Telecaster
My Mom has always taken great pride in everything to do with our home right down to the wrapping paper on the tiniest gift and as we walked toward the tree my eyes drifted to the corner of the living room where there was a guitar with a big red bow tucked behind the chair.  I didn't see that shiny red bike anywhere but I remember thinking please let that guitar be for one of my sisters.  Now don't get me wrong I am a big fan of music but at the age of ten I didn't see a guitar, I saw lessons and practice, practice, practice!

We opened our presents and then it was time for each of us to get our big gift.  One of my sisters got a big wheel and I was thinking where are my wheels?   My Dad looked so happy as he gave me the guitar.  No one in my immediate family played any instruments so I thought, "why me?"  But it was Christmas and I smiled and said, "Awesome!"  My Mom said lessons were already scheduled. When I asked why I had to take lessons my Dad said, "Someday you'll thank us."

Well, my parents were sneaky because I also got my red bike that Christmas!  And many lessons and many years later when I got to college and was one of only two girls that could play guitar I did call my parents to say thank you.  And when I met my husband and he said, "Man you can sing and play!" I had to thank my parents again.

It's so different for my daughter because she was born into a musical family and has been sitting behind our drum kit since she was two.  My hubby has been playing guitar since he picked up his Dad's when he was five years old.  While I had to practice, practice, practice, he is one of those very fortunate few that plays the guitar (and drums and keys and bass) like he's had years of lessons when in reality he has never taken one.

My daughter's Yamaha
So when our little one started asking for piano lessons when she was five and a half we weren't surprised as she is growing up in a house with music.  Santa brought her a keyboard for Christmas that year which gave her a chance to explore the keys prior to starting lessons last July and I am amazed at how quickly she is learning and how much fun she is having.

She loves music and says she gets her natural talent from Daddy and when I asked her what she got from me she replied, "Well you are really good with the words and the talking (she knows me so well) so for sure I get the songwriting from you."

My daughter's Daisy Rock
Music sparks creativity and ignites curiosity.  I love that my daughter's spark has led her to sit at the keyboard and figure out how to play songs she hears on ITunes.  I love how it has inspired her to start writing songs.  I love how it inspired her to want to play guitar and every time she picks up her pink Daisy Rock it reminds me of the fun we had at Guitar Center picking out her first "real"guitar as she puts it.  My parents gave her a "tiny" guitar when she was three and she played it constantly.  I love how after her first guitar lesson she said,  "I'm thanking you today Mom instead of someday...for the music!"

This spark also led her to ask for singing lessons.  My hubby and I discussed it and came to the conclusion that if she wants to sing it is good to learn to do it properly.  She is fortunate that her Aunt Joanna is a sought after and accomplished vocal coach in Los Angeles and this week they started lessons via Skype.  I am happy about this because my sister-in-law is not only an amazing teacher, but also an amazing Mom and friend and I am glad she gets to share her knowledge and love of music with my little one.

So thank you NAMM for shining a light on the importance of music.  I think one of the greatest gifts you can give your child is the gift of music.  It sparks their creativity and gives them an outlet as they are growing up to express themselves.  Music breeds happiness and brings to so much joy!

I don't know whether my daughter will choose music as a career after college and that really doesn't matter to me.  We are not giving her music lessons so she will be the next "Disney kid" just like we aren't giving her tennis lessons so that she will be the next Serena Williams.  No, we are giving her these lessons so that she grows up to become a well-rounded and confident woman.  This is what truly matters.

So, today pledge to play and if you're a Mom or a Dad pledge for your kids because today or someday they will thank you.  Just ask my daughter and my Mom and my Dad.

My Style Shout Out:   I applaud NAMM for starting their Pledge To Play and I encourage all of you to pick up an instrument and have your kids pick them up too.  Studies show that children involved in music do better in school and from my own experiences I believe this to be true.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Dallas Stars & Style

Style Shout Out to the Dallas Stars Ice Girls who are Dallas treasures doing everything with style!

Growing up in a family with three sisters there was a lot of pink in our house.  But despite our love of  pink I come from a long line of NY Yankees fans and so there was also a love of "pinstripes" in our house.

There is still something about opening day that is so exciting.  This year I was following the first game of the season on Twitter.  It's amazing how things have changed since I was a kid.

My daughter & Laura
I am fortunate that even though I married a Brit he too is a NY Yankees fan who also shares my love of football.  So, my daughter is growing up in a house filled with pink and sports just like I did.  The only differences are that she doesn't have three sisters and after relocating to Texas in 1996 we became major hockey fans!

This is my hubby's favorite sport and during the season you can find us at home games cheering on our favorite team, the Dallas Stars.  I am a fan of this team not only for the enjoyment they bring to their fans on the ice, but for all the joy they bring to the Dallas metroplex through the Dallas Stars Foundation as well.

My daughter takes great pride in this team and at a recent game a Flyers fan had something not so nice to say about our Stars.  My 8 year old turned around and said, "Show a little respect please.  You're in our house now!" What can I say?  She loves the Stars and she did say, "Please".

At that same game we saw an ad on the big screen for a skating and dancing Junior Ice Girls mini camp.  Even though my daughter has only been on skates once when she was two, she has been dancing since she was three so when she asked if she could go we agreed this would be a great experience.

This past weekend I spent the afternoon watching my daughter have what she described as one of the best Saturdays ever!   And if you're a Mom you know that I had one of the best Saturdays as well.

The mini camp was hosted by the Dallas Stars Ice Girls and their Coordinator, Wendy Dutton.  This was a fabulous event and was run with such professionalism.  Everything from the check in process to teaching the dances to helping kids on the ice was as smooth as the ice itself.

What impressed me was the character of this group of "Ice Girls"...they were friendly and genuine.   They really knew how to relate to the "campers" and they looked like they really wanted to be there.  You can tell that this is a group that takes pride in themselves as much as they take pride in their team and this is something that I talk to my daughter about all the time...confidence and pride.

When my daughter first got on the ice she was a little hesitant but Laura took her hand and reassured her that everyone feels shaky saying that she had only started skating a year ago and if she could do it anyone could do it.  I could see in my little one's eyes that her confidence was building, and soon she was slowly skating on her own.

Dallas Stars Ice Girls
When she took one nasty fall Andrea helped her off the ice. Checking her knee I could tell the fall shook her up a bit.  I gave her a big hug and told her how proud I was that she was trying so hard. Andrea told her how she and the other Ice Girls fall all the time.  Instead of hanging up her skates, my daughter took Andrea's hand, flashed me a big smile, and got back on the ice.

When we got home my hubby asked how it went and our daughter replied, "Awesome, I'm taking all of my pictures to school for show and tell."  Then she grabbed her pom poms and showed us the "Glitter" dance.

So thank you Ice Girls for giving my daughter, and the other girls who were fortunate enough to attend the event, a great experience.  And thank you for being a living example of what my hubby and I preach everyday, "Never give up, keep trying...and when you fall down get back up!"

You are truly Dallas treasures not just on Tuesday but everyday.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Confidence is a key accessory.  Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone.  So today whether it is a new sport or a new lipstick color try something new to give yourself a confidence boost!