Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Better Day!

Style Shout Out to great style for a great cause...and finding a cure that will being us all a better day!

Chan Luu

Last week I wrote about how Chan Luu is offering three beautiful bracelets to help raise money for  I love supporting companies that are responsible partners in the community and give back.

Today I am so excited that LOFT is once again doing their part in the fight against breast cancer and besides three great tee shirts and three great bracelets, they are also offering the LOFT Cares Card.  This is such an easy way to help.  Simply purchase the card for $25 and through November 15th you will save 20% on your LOFT purchases.  The beauty of the card is that while you are saving on your holiday shopping, you are also helping a very worthwhile cause because 90% of the card's purchase price will be donated to BCRF.

So today check out Chan Luu and LOFT and know that your purchase is helping others.

My Style Shout Out Tip:   I always start my Christmas shopping in October!  I love the fact that while I am purchasing gifts that will bring a smile to the faces of the people I know and love, I am also helping to bring a smile to the faces of those I don't know because maybe my purchase will help someone somewhere find the cure that will make us all smile and give us all A Better Day!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short.

I have always loved the Fall.  Growing up in the North East there was something so magical about the transition from Summer to Autumn...maybe it had something to do with the way the leaves magically changed colors and the air was so crisp and fresh.  And of course it was always the best feeling when there was a chill in the air and it was time to pull out the sweaters, jeans and boots.

Even though I live in a city now where we don't see the cooler temperatures until almost November I still enjoy Fall because I love football.  I grew up in a house with three sisters and in our house Sunday was always football Sunday.

So today it may be 93 degrees outside, but inside it is all about my family and the game!

Happy Football Sunday! And congrats to the New York Giants on their big win today!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Looking Good & Feeling Good

Style Shout Out to Chan Luu for creating fabulous and helping others.

My sister came home to visit recently and she had a surprise for my daughter and nieces...she bought them their first Chan Luu bracelets.

The bracelets are made of a cotton cord that is the most beautiful shade of sea foam green with soft pink crystals.  Opening their Chan Luu bags the girls were so excited.  And I was excited to find that not only are the bracelets amazing, but 50 percent of the sales proceeds are donated to which is am amazing organization.

Chan Luu has three bracelets that are benefitting so if you are looking for a new on-trend bracelet check out one of these pieces and you will look good while helping others to feel good.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  October is breast cancer awareness month and there are so many companies that get involved which makes it a great time to do a bit of early Christmas shopping.  I love how Estee Lauder usually sells pink ribbon pins...I wear mine on my favorite denim jacket, and I love how every year Saks partners with a designer to offer a fabulous and fun tee shirt.  The one I have that was designed by Karl Lagerfeld always gets the most compliments and I feel good knowing that my purchase is helping someone else to feel good!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Atwood For All

Brian Atwood
Style Shout Out to Brian Atwood for designing fabulous!

Brain Atwood knows style.  This Chicago-born designer has quite an impressive resume which includes graduating from F.I.T. in New York and being the first American to be hired by the legendary Versace where after proving himself at Versus, he was quickly promoted to head designer of Versace accessories.

Brian Atwood launched his first shoe collection in 2001. The collection was well received by fashionistas and Hollywood celebrities and a decade later his shoes still surprise and delight!

Recently Atwood launched B Brian Atwood.  This line is such a treasure offering that signature Atwood style and quality at a more affordable price.  Having had a career in marketing I think this was a brilliant move by Atwood and two of my favorites are:

B Brian Atwood at Nordstrom

1.  The Frederique pump is such a classic.  I love this neutral color and the versatility of these shoes.  Wear them with dresses, skirts and jeans...this just may become my go to shoe for fall.

B Brian Atwood at Neiman Marcus

2.  If you are looking for a fun and flirty sandal look no further than this fringe t-strap.  Again I think the neutral color is fabulous and I love shoes that make a statement...seriously, check out that heel.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  B Brian Atwood is currently available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks.  With so many styles to choose from and such a good price point there is truly a B Brian Atwood shoe for everyone.  Happy Shopping.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Value & Valentino

Valentino at Gilt
Style Shout Out to Gilt for bringing us Valentino.

Today started off as a typical Monday...making breakfast, packing my daughter's lunchbox and driving her to school.

After I got home, I made some coffee, grabbed my laptop and turned on Good Morning America.  As I was watching Demi Lovato sing Skyscaper on GMA I hit the record button so my daughter could see her performance when she gets home from school.

While catching up on emails and the Emmys I came across an email from Gilt and this wasn't just any email.  Today's sale is featuring none other than fashion legend Valentino.

This sale begins at noon ET and these handbags will sell out quickly.  So set your alarm and get ready for guilt-free Valentino at Gilt.

Demi Lovato on GMA
And if your kids are Demi Lovato fans her new CD "Unbroken" drops tonight at midnight. Based on the year she's had it is good that she seems to have come through it stronger and healthier and unbroken!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  It's no secret that I am a huge fan of Gilt and it's hard to find anyone that isn't a huge fan of Valentino.  So if you are looking for a quality handbag that makes a statement check out Gilt today.  Happy Shopping!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Giuliana Rancic via Zimbio
Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short.

When I think of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York it reminds me that awards season is right around the corner.  So after a day of watching football I am anxiously awaiting the Emmy Awards.  I love seeing all of the fabulous fashion on the red carpet and always look forward to watching E's coverage with Ryan Seacrest and Guiliana Rancic.

Tonight I will be keeping an eye out for Kristen Wiig, Christine Baranski, Gretchen Mol, Edie Falco and Amanda Peet and not just for the dresses but for the jewelry.  I've been told they'll be wearing jewelry by Fred Leighton so of course it will be spectacular.

Happy Emmy watching!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

7 Things

Style Shout Out to 7 Things...

A Rendering From The September 11th Memorial
In light of this being the week of the 10th Anniversary of September 11th I have found myself in quite a reflective mood.  So today in addition to my family and friends,  I am grateful for the following 7 things...

1.  That my 8 year old is confident enough to stand up for herself and others in all situations.

2.  For those who have worked and continue to work tirelessly at the Septemer 11th Memorial and Museum and to those of you who have donated to this great cause.

3.  For Adam Braun and his work with Pencils Of Promise.  It is amazing to see how much this organization has accomplished in such a short amount of time and I cannot imagine the future possibilities.

4.  To the schools in our country that have adopted Rachel's Challenge as a way to empower children toward positive behavior and respect for self and others, and to put a stop to bullying. 

5.  To TOMS for making a difference everyday in the lives of people with the gift of shoes and the gift of sight.

6.  And on a stylish note to Horchow Finale for having the most amazing prices on sunglasses.  Seriously today they had Oliver Peoples and Prada for fifty percent off the retail price.  Such a find!

7.  To my daughter and husband and all of the music and laughter that fills our house everyday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Treasure On Tuesday

Tribute In Light by Joe Woolhead via 9/11
Style Shout Out to treasures on Tuesday.

This weekend was an emotional one with the 10th anniversary of September 11th.  As I sat down to write today I began reflecting on the things that are truly important and for me those things are family and friends.

Recently my family and I spent some time in the studio working on music.  My daughter was writing a song and it was a great experience being the sounding board for her concept and her lyrics.  Watching as my 8 year old's words on a piece of paper became a full song will always be a treasured memory for me.  So today I thought I would share this treasured song with you because in thinking about what happened in our country a decade ago I am reminded that there is always a better day on the horizon.

Happy Listening!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Find your own treasure today and make a memory.  Also keep in mind that the September 11th Memorial is accepting donations.  Check out their web site to see how you can make a difference.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Shorts - Hope & Remembrance

Via the 9/11
Style Shout Out to September 11th and those who will always be remembered.

As I was driving home from the market this afternoon I passed our local fire department. Sitting out front by the curb there was a single pair of firefighter's boots with an American flag.  It is a picture that will stay in my memory just like the pictures of what happened on the morning of September 11th 2001.

I will always remember the heroes on that day and their acts of bravery and kindness.

I will always remember that as a country we are strong.

As a native New Yorker I will always remember that although the landscape of my city may have changed, the hearts of those who have ever called New York home only grew stronger and more resilient on that day.

And I will always remember that even when it seems darkest there is always a better day right around the corner.

My Style Shout Out Tip:   An 8 year old wrote and recorded this song recently and as it reminds me about standing up and having hope I thought I would share it with you today.     A Better Day

Thursday, September 8, 2011

7 Things From Barneys

Style Shout Out to Barneys New York because being stylish and charitable go hand in hand.

Today is the day that all fashionistas look forward's Fashion's Night Out which means that Mercedes Benz Fashion week is about to begin.

Today, in celebration of Fashion's Night Out Barneys is donating 10 percent of all proceeds from the Madison Avenue store in New York and from to the national 9/11 Memorial and Museum

So today here are my 7 things from Barneys...

1.  This striped dress from Joie is simply fabulous.  It's a classic dress that will become a staple in your wardrobe.  So cute with flats, heels or boots.  I would pair it with a Current/Elliott denim jacket for a casual look.

2.  Christian Louboutin shoes.  These pumps are a classic shoe and everyone needs that one go-to pair of pumps.  I love the contrast of the black patent leather with the Louboutin red sole.

3.  It's no secret that I am a fan of Vince.  This sweater is great for the cooler weather. Paired with skinny jeans and boots or boyfriend jeans and flats, this is another must-have for fall and winter.

4.  Speaking of denim I love the Roller by Current/Elliott.  They are kind of like skinny meets boyfriend and are such a versatile pair of jeans.  The quality is fabulous and I just don't think you can go wrong with Current/Elliott.

5.  This necklace by Me & Ro is simple in design and reminds me of the beach.  Things that remind me of California usually have a way of finding their way into this blog.

6.  I wrote about Chloe's Marcie hobo bag the other day.  Usually I am not into matching my wallet to my handbag but Chloe's Marcie continental is such a stylish wallet that doubles as a clutch so this time I will make an exception.

7.  No list would be complete without Oliver Peoples.  You hear the name, you think quality. These O'Malley sunglasses are so stylish but if you're not into the round frames Barneys has an amazing selection of Oliver Peoples and there is definitely a frame for every face.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Barneys New York has a fabulous selection of merchandise so if you are planning on shopping today shop at Barneys and know that you are shopping for a good cause!  Me, I am taking the opportunity to purchase a few Christmas gifts. Thanks Barneys!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Get The Boot

Style Shout Out to getting the boot...

It's still hot here but nowhere near the triple digits we experienced all summer.  So today I can actually bear the thought of trying on fall clothes and re-organizng my closet.

Stuart Weitzman Nulinear

Besides jeans like my favorite Sevens, Hudsons and J Brand, nothing says fall like a great pair of boots.  My favorites are my Linear black suede wedge boots that I picked up at Stuart Weitzman last year.  This year's version is the Nulinear and this is such a great boot with jeans, dresses, and skirts.  I also like the fact that this boot makes the transition from day to night so easily.

5050 Stuart Weitzman

Another favorite is the 5050 boot also from Stuart Weitzman.  Again I love the versatility of this boot and besides looking great, this boot is super comfy.

Corso Como Riding Boots at Gilt

If you're in the market for some great boots check out Stuart Weitzman and check out Gilt. They have a fabulous sale starting today on the season's must have riding boots.

So if there is only one thing you are going to add to your wardrobe this fall...just get the boot!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  My favorite look for fall has to be a fabulous pair of skinny jeans paired with great boots, a soft tee (think LNA, Joie, Vince and Ann Taylor) and a fabulous leather jacket (again, I'm partial to Vince).  No fall outfit is complete without a Burberry scarf and some great sunglasses and when I think about great sunglasses, I think Oliver Peoples!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

BarneysNY - 2 Things From A Treasure

Style Shout Out to Barneys NY for giving back.

Fashion's Night Out is Thursday, September 8th and to celebrate the occasion and to help give back to the city for which Barneys is famous, this New York treasure is donating 10 percent of proceeds from the Madison Avenue store and from to the National 9/11 Memorial & Museum.

I applaud Barneys for taking this opportunity to turn a fun night into a day of giving. Personally, the best way to shop is when you are shopping to give back.

So, if you are lucky enough to be in Manhattan on Thursday then head to Barneys and enjoy some shopping.  And, if you're not in the city you can shop on-line and still feel good that your purchase is helping a very worthwhile cause.

Me, I've already put a few things in my basket and am waiting to make my purchase on Thursday.

If you need some inspiration here are two things from Barneys that I absolutely love.

1.  Chloe's Marcie Hobo bag is just such a classic.  I have a soft spot for quality bags that are timeless and versatile and this bag fits the bill perfectly.  The rich color of this bag and the attention to detail makes this bag a must-have! 

2.  Christian Louboutin shoes are amazing.  There really is something so alluring about that red sole.  To me the name Louboutin is synonymous with quality, and like a good handbag a good quality shoe can make an outfit.  These Ballerina flats, like the Chloe bag, are timeless and versatile and therefore worth every penny.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Check out today and remember to shop on September 8th for a good cause.

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Fabulous Theory At Saks

FNO Tee at Saks
Style Shout Out to Saks and Theory for Fashion's Night Out fabulous.

It's no secret that Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York City is quickly approaching.  The anticipation of what designers have created for the Spring reminds me of the anticipation my 8 year old feels in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

This year Theory has designed the official tee shirt for Fashion's Night Out.  The tee is available at Saks and is a stylish way to celebrate Fashion Week and also support a great cause.  Forty percent of the proceeds raised from the sale of these chic tees will go to benefit the New York City AIDS Fund in the New York Community Trust.

Wearing this tee will make you look good and feel good and for me that's what fashion is all about.  So, thanks Theory for designing fabulous and Saks for being fabulous and helping others.

FNO Tee at Saks
The tees are available on-line at Saks for $25 and are also available for men.  A great tee at a great price doing great things!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  One of the things I love most about Saks is the way they take pride in being a good partner within the community.  Whether it's the FNO tee shirt or the tee they offer every October to raise awareness for breast cancer, I admire a corporation that does their part to give back.  This combined with the fact that they have a fabulous selection of merchandise makes Saks a great place to shop.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Shorts - Hot & Cold

Daisy Rock
Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short.

I think today may be the first day in a while where we are actually not going to see triple digit temperatures.  Don't get me wrong, it's still incredibly hot which means it's a good day to be inside.  And, I am actually thankful for that because my daughter came down with a nasty cold yesterday.  Like clockwork kids go back to school and it is inevitable that in the first few weeks they are sick.

So right now I am listening to her play her pink Daisy Rock guitar while I am writing and today we will play some music, watch some movies, and have some laughs.  Our Labor Day plans have changed since we don't want to spread the cold germs around to all of her cousins but that's okay.  I'm going to wear my LNA white tee, my Vince shorts and my TKEES anyway.

Happy Labor Day!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Take advantage of all of the great Labor Day sales this weekend. Some of my favorites include LNA, Last Call, and Ann Taylor.  Happy weekend.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

7 Things - Sunnies & Skinnies

Style Shout Out to 7 things on Thursday...

It's still triple digits here and even though I probably won't be wearing my skinny jeans for a few more weeks, I will be wearing my sunglasses today. So for those of you who are fortunate enough to already be wearing your skinnies, here are my 7 favorite sunnies and skinnies.

Isobel at Oliver Peoples

1.  Oliver Peoples Isobel.  These are my go-to glasses for several reasons.  They offer excellent eye protection, are fabulous quality, are so lightweight and look amazing!  I can't say enough about these glasses.  You seriously can't go wrong with Oliver Peoples. The name is synonymous with quality!

J Brand at Nordstrom

2.  J Brand Jeans.  These skinny cords remind me of cool weather.  The fit is fabulous and they can easily be dressed up or down.  I picked up an amazing black ribbed turtleneck by Vince at Saks and think these cords will look amazing with that top and black ballet flats.  I love pieces that are versatile.

Tom Ford at Nordstrom

3.  Tom Ford.  Like the Oliver Peoples Isobel, I have written about Jennifer before but they are such a stylish shade that I felt like they just had to make today's list.  They come in a variety of colors and again, like Isobel, they are lightweight and fabulous.

Hudson Jeans at Nordstrom

4.  Hudson Jeans.  The Collin skinny jean by Hudson looks good with flats, heels, and boots and the dark wash is great for the Fall.  Pairing these Hudson skinnies with a striped tee and Tory Burch Reva flats you have a relaxed but polished look!  I found a great tee by Joie at Saks that will be perfect with these jeans.

Oliver Peoples Aero 57 at Saks

5.  Oliver Peoples.  This company makes such phenomenal sunglasses that they make today's list twice.  The Aero 57 is the most amazing aviator.  It is lightweight, stylish and a bit smaller than most aviators.  I recently tried these on at the Oliver Peoples store at the Malibu Country Mart and I am hoping that somehow this year these glasses will find their way to my house and end up in a box with a big red bow under our Christmas tree.

7 For All Mankind at Nordstrom

6.  7 For All Mankind.  No list of denim is complete without a pair of Sevens.  This pair of cropped skinnies is so versatile.  Wear them now with sandals and wear them later tucked in boots.  To complete the look pair these skinnies with a V Neck tee from LNA Clothing.  For the cooler weather, add a leather jacket from Vince and Stuart Weitzman boots.  Simply fabulous.

Gucci at Saks

7.  Gucci.  I am a big fan of all things Gucci and these square frame glasses are on-trend and fun.  If you are looking for a wayfarer inspired frame then look no further than this new style by Gucci.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  For me, good sunglasses are like a good handbag.  I would rather pay a little more to have something that is excellent quality and is going to last.  So today make your own list and have some fun.