Monday, February 28, 2011

Diamonds, Dresses & Dramas

Style Shout Out to all of the talented actors and actresses who brought home Oscar gold last night and all of the women who were golden on the red carpet.

Anne Hathaway in Valentino
First of all I would be remiss if I didn't take a minute to congratulate Colin Firth on his win for his amazing performance in The King's Speech.  I have an appreciation for Firth and his work and it is so nice when the person who wins is so deserving.  Brilliant!

Next I have to comment on the hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco.  I thought the opening sketch with Alec Baldwin was hilarious.  I give James Franco credit because besides co-hosting Hollywood's biggest night he was also nominated in the Best Actor category.  Talk about being nervous.  I really don't know how anyone goes about hosting duties waiting to see if they are a winner.

Anne Hathaway has been a favorite in our house since the Princess Diaries movies and she seems to be one of those rare young Hollywood stars that has made a successful transition into adult roles.  Bravo Anne, bravo.  As a co-host, I thought Hathaway did an amazing job showing her natural comic ability as well as her vocal ability.  She exudes grace and charm and her choice of dresses was amazing.

Among all of Anne Hathaway's gowns I absolutely loved the amazing deep burgundy strapless Versace, accessorized with sparkly Tiffany jewels and the striking Tom Ford that made a real statement.  Her choice for the red carpet was just perfect.  She was radiant in the red strapless Valentino gown and the entire look just said "star" as she walked with grace and elegance.

Halle Berry in Marchesa
As always Halle Berry looked flawless in the nude colored Marchesa dress with Christian Louboutin heels.  The strapless number with exquisite bead work and tulle was simply stunning.   It left me wondering where I could wear the dress.

Marchesa also hit a fashion home run with the dress that they designed for 14-year old Hailee Steinfeld based on a sketch she drew.  She looked so age appropriate in the dress with her hair accessorized with a  beautiful Fred Leighton diamond and platinum headband.

Gwyneth Paltrow looked amazing on the red carpet in the metalic golden Calvin Klein dress that fit like a glove.  The dress was simple and stunning which describes Paltrow's style.  I thought this was a perfect choice.

Nicole Kidman dazzled with the beautiful 19th Century Diamond Riviere necklace from Fred Leighton.  The vintage piece with over 150 carats of old-mine cut diamonds was radiant and a marvelous choice with her strapless yet structured Christian Dior dress!  Although I loved the diamonds, I personally think Kidman's best accessory is always hubby Keith Urban!

Nicole Kidman in Dior & Leighton Jewels
with hubby Keith Urban
And as always, Reese Witherspoon looked lovely in Armani Prive.  The dress was simple yet made such a statement.  I thought the choice of hair pulled back in a pony tail really suited the dress and Witherspoon's personality.

So as another red carpet season comes to a close I say thank you to ENews and Giuliana Rancic for your great Red Carpet coverage.  And for me the big red carpet winners were Marchesa and Calvin Klein and Fred Leighton Jewels.

While I enjoyed the Oscars last night, I must admit that I did miss Ricky Gervais and his tongue in cheek humor from the Golden Globes.

Seriously what are diamond and dresses without a little drama?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Short On Sunday

Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short!

To The Boot Campaign for helping our troops when they come home!  Follow them on twitter @TheBootGirls or check out and
their web site

To Troy Aikman, Dolly Parton, The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and Dallas DJ Kidd Kraddick for getting the boot!!/Troy_Aikman!/Dolly_Parton!/dallascowboys!/KiddKraddick

To Shaun Kearney at Cynthia Steffe for designing a fabulous military-inspired jacket that is going to look fabulous with my boots.

To Frida Giannini and Gucci for an amazing show at Milan Fashion Week and for your on-going contributions to UNICEF.

To The Dallas Stars for their awesome win on Saturday against Nashville.  It was a well-played game and a fabulous way to spend the day with the family!

To Colbie Caillat and Justin Young for creating music that my daughter and I both agree on.  This makes the drive to and from school so much more enjoyable!!/ColbieCaillat!/jusajus

And to my hubby and daughter for asking for the boot!

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Get On Your Boots!

Style Shout Out to all of you who are already wearing your boots, and those about to get the boot!

Troy Aikman & His Boots
Yesterday as I was checking twitter I was reading a tweet by Troy Aikman.  Yes I said Troy Aikman.  You see besides a love of fashion I also have a true love of sports which I get from my Dad.  My sisters and I grew up rooting for the New York Yankees and New York Giants and they are still my teams today.  Since moving to Dallas I have also become an extreme Dallas Stars hockey fan and as long as it doesn't interfere with the Giants standings I root for the Dallas Cowboys.

I am a native New Yorker with an allegiance to teams in my home state of New York and my adopted state of Texas.  But that is the great thing about living in America you have that freedom of choice whether it's about sports teams or about the shoes you wear.

Reading Aikman's tweet brought me to a web site called  The Boot Campaign was founded by five women in Texas who wanted to do something to honor our troops for all they do to protect our freedom and to help them adjust to life when they come home.  Sometimes we take for granted the sacrifices that these men and women make and I think it is amazing that these women have started a grass roots campaign to make a difference one soldier at a time.  On their web site they had pictures of celebrities who have purchased a pair of these boots and gotten on board the boot train including Troy Aikman, Dolly Parton, and The Detroit Red Wings hockey team.

Dolly Parton & Her Boots
When I lived in California I worked for a property management company that owned communities in San Clemente which is a beautiful sleepy beach town on the north end of Camp Pendleton and Oceanside which is a city situated on the Pacific to the south of Camp Pendleton.   Growing up in New York and New Jersey I didn't come into contact with our military troops on a daily basis but working in an environment where many of them lived put a real face on our troops.  I experienced first hand what it was like when a soldier was deployed and his wife would come to my office because she needed a tissue and a good cry and a friendly face to talk to.  I felt my job was more therapist than manager sometimes but I value those experiences because I learned the meaning of sacrifice and appreciation.

So today while I am waiting for my authentic on-trend military "BOOTS" I am pulling on my new Stuart Weitzman boots.  I am admiring their beauty and how they make me feel but I am also comforted in the knowledge that I am lucky that I have a choice of boots...a choice of clothes...a choice of cars...a choice of location...a choice of schools for my daughter...thank you Boot Campaign...thank you TROOPS!  I may never know exactly how it feels to walk in your boots but with every step I take I will always be reminded of how the steps you take every day in your boots benefit the steps I take in mine.

I may have to order a pair for my hubby for Father's Day so he can get the boot too!

Now everyone else...get on your boots!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday Thanks

Style Shout Out for so many things to be thankful for this Thursday.  First and foremost I am thankful for my family and friends and health and happiness.

Thanks to Frida Giannini and Gucci for their efforts with Unicef.   It is so easy to be loyal to a brand when I know the company has a heart and gives back.

Thanks to Laura at Neiman Marcus Willowbend for helping me find the most fabulous pair of Gucci shoes.  This is my first pair and I never knew shoes that had so much style could also be so comfy!

Thanks to Marlo Thomas and her tireless work on behalf of St Judes Children's Hospital and to all of the celebrities, including Jennifer Aniston, that give of their time to continually bring attention to this worthwhile cause.!/MarloThomas

Thanks to Christopher Bailey at Burberry for a truly inspired show at London Fashion Week...snow and all.  Bailey never ceases to amaze me with his creativity.!/Burberry

Thanks to Dr. Michele Borba for arming parents with phenomenal information to help us in raising confident and well-adjusted children.!/micheleborba

Thanks to @Bergdorfs!/Bergdorfs for wearing pink yesterday in celebration of NO BULLYING!  It is so important to bring awareness to this issue!

Thanks to all of you who read this blog!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No Ordinary Wednesday! Gucci Day!

Style Shout Out to Gucci for well... being Gucci!

This morning started out like most Wednesday mornings...I got my daughter to school, came home, made a cup of coffee and sat down to check my email, and twitter, and read The New York Post, Fashion Wrap Up and Style Republic Magazine online.  As I checked my IPod calendar I realized that today was not any ordinary Wednesday, it was the day that Gucci was having their much anticipated Fashion Show on the runways during Milan Fashion Week.

Gucci Show
Milan Feb 2011
Frida Giannini in Gucci
 at the Grammys
Now those of you who have read my blog know that I do have a love for all things Gucci.  I know it has something to do with growing up in New York and New Jersey, and my Mom's love of this iconic brand.  My first designer bag was a college graduation gift from my parents and it was a Gucci.  So today there is something about the brand that brings me right back to my youth.  Every time I walk through a Neiman Marcus or Saks I still find myself being drawn to the beautifully displayed Gucci bags the way I did when I was a teenager shopping with my Mom.

Thanks to technology, today I had a front row seat at Gucci's show, and this collection of clothes, bags and shoes far exceeded my expectations.  The beautiful deep teals and jewel-tone greens evoked feelings of happiness.  The structured bags were fabulous and I see an updated Jackie bag in my future.

Frida Giannini who is the sole creative director for Gucci had big shoes to fill when Tom Ford left the brand.  I remember thinking so goes Tom Ford, so goes Gucci.  But there was never anything to worry about because as Gucci celebrates its 90th Anniversary the helm of this iconic fashion house is being steered by a woman who is a creative dynamo and has clearly made her mark on Gucci, and the fashion industry.

Jennifer Lopez
in Gucci
Gucci Medium Sukey Bag
Not only has Giannini made her mark on the fashion world but she is also making her mark on the world itself by collecting the first annual Women of Compassion award from Unicef for Gucci's ongoing contributions to the organization.  The award was presented to her by Jennifer Lopez in Los Angeles on Grammy weekend.  Giannini who is a huge fan of music and has been quoted as saying, "I'm a person who can't live without music," had her own red-carpet experience while attending the Grammy Awards for the first time.  Do we even need to ask, "Who are you wearing?"  She, of course, was wearing Gucci!

So today as I head out to do my errands and pick my daughter up from school I am grabbing a jewel-tone cardigan to go with my 7 Jeans and Ann Taylor top.  My handbag today is my Gucci Sukey.

After all this is no ordinary's Gucci day!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

Style Shout Out to Nordstrom Rack for making each shopping trip a treasure hunt.

Burberry Sunglasses w/ Case
As we all know President's Day weekend is synonymous with great sales online and in stores.  But the great thing about Nordstrom Rack is that is doesn't have to be a holiday weekend to get a great deal. Nordstrom is smart when it comes to how they conveniently place their Rack stores in areas where you go to do other errands.  Visiting the Rack does not require a special trip and therefore is a constant invitation to stop in and say hi and shop a bit.

I have friends that don't shop stores like Nordstrom Rack because they find it too crowded.  Personally, I look at each trip like a chance to find some treasure and I go in knowing that this is not a quick expedition but requires at least an hour and  some patience.

Hudson Jeans
I stopped in at our local store yesterday when I was on my way to go food shopping, you see the strategic placement of their stores does work.  And I am happy to say that it was a successful jaunt.  I found a great pair of Burberry sunglasses and Hudson jeans for me and an adorable Harajuku Lovers tee shirt for my daughter.  The prices, as you would expect, were fantastic.  Burberry sunglasses for under $80 is a rare but wonderful find.

So on this Tuesday try to find a treasure of your own.  If you don't have a Nordstrom Rack near you there is always Loehmanns (if you're really lucky), Saks Off 5th and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Happy Tuesday!  Happy treasure hunting.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mix It Up - Yes We Can!

StyleShoutOut to President's Day and all of the First Ladies that have influenced American style.

Oliver Peoples Isobel
I was sitting this morning watching the Today Show and their segment on President's who have appeared on the show.  It reminded me of the contributions and sacrifices our Presidents and all pubic officials make for us and the sacrifices their families also make.  I personally don't know if I would want to share my hubby with the country and all of the scrutiny that comes along with it. Scrutiny that sometimes stretches as far as to what the First Lady is wearing.

Hudson Jeans, Burberry & Gap
So on President's Day I am reminded that behind every great President, there is a great First Lady with an agenda and a style all her own.  When I think about our First Ladies and style I immediately go to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  She carried herself with a quiet elegance and her style was classic - think pearls and black turtlenecks.

I recently picked up a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses at Nordstrom.   As I tried them on the sales associate said, "Oh they are so Jackie O.  So chic."  It made me smile to think that it's been almost 50 years since Jackie O graced the steps of the White House and yet her style influence lives on.

The first time I slipped on a pair of Jack Rogers sandals I could almost feel the sand between my toes from the beaches at Hyannis Port.  It was like walking for a few minutes in Camelot.  I also love how Jackie Kennedy embraced denim before it was totally fashionable and would sometimes pair a simple white tee shirt with designer pants.  While she loved designers like Armani, Carolina Herrera and Chanel, and enjoyed shopping at stores like Bergdorfs and Saks, she could also be found at stores like the Gap.

Other first ladies have also left their mark on fashion, notably Nancy Reagan and her love of the color red which always reminds me of Valentino and his love of the same rich color.

7 Jeans, Polo, Converse
While most people don't think of Hillary Clinton as a style icon I think at a time when our country was experiencing prosperity she could have gone big and bold with style but chose simple business-like outfits as if to say let's focus on the business at hand.  Her focus on health care and children ("It Takes A Village")  was never overshadowed by "Who are you wearing?" and I think this was a well-suited choice for the current Secretary of State.
J Crew Michelle & Jackie Cardigans
J Crew Pearls

I watch Michelle Obama and am reminded that it is okay to have fun with fashion even if you are the First Lady.  I love how Mrs. Obama mixes it up with high end couture to clothes from companies like  J Crew.  I love how she recently chose to wear a polka dot dress from H & M for her appearance on the Today Show.  I love how last year I purchased two classic cardigans from J Crew and one of them was named Michelle and the other Jackie.  Coincidence or fabulous marketing? I don't know but I'm sure they sold a lot of them.

So thank you to all of the First Ladies who have in their own way influenced our country's style.  And to our current First Lady, Michelle Obama, for reminding us that fashion can be fun and stylish at any price point.  Can we wear Marc Jacobs with J Crew?  Can we wear Gucci with H & M?  Can we wear Armani with Ann Taylor Loft?  Can we wear 7 Jeans with a Ralph Lauren Polo and Converse, or Hudson Jeans with a white Gap tee shirt, and a Burberry scarf?  I say, "Yes We Can!"

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday's Shorts

Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short.

To Dr. Michele Borba for working so hard to bring timely and important information to parents.  Your segments on the Today Show are always interesting.  Sometimes it's difficult navigating the choppy waters of parenthood and I believe the more information we have, the better parents we can be for our children.  So thank you!

To Isaac Mizrahi and Gwen Stefani for bringing so much creativity to New York Fashion Week on it's closing day of 2011.  I love the fun you have with fashion and it makes me want to go have some fun with fashion too.

To The Heart Truth for the continued efforts to make all women more aware of their heart health.  You truly have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.

To Bobbie Thomas for her segment "Bobbie's Buzz" on the Today Show.  Thanks for always having some great fashion tips!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink Poodles, Cake & L.A.M.B.? Fashion is Fun!

Style Shout Out to Isaac Mizrahi and Gwen Stefani for always having fun with fashion!

Yesterday was a big day at New York Fashion Week.  While so many wonderful designers like Shaun Kearney for Cynthia Steffe, Marchesa, Donna Karan, Michael Kors and of course Marc Jacobs had finished their shows, the week was wrapping up with the much anticipated collections of Gwen Stefani and her  L.A.M.B. Fashion and Isaac Mizrahi.

Isaac Mizrahi Show
I was especially looking forward to both of these shows because these two designers are the ones that have had an impact on my daughter and are the reason why, at the age of 8, she is always sketching.  And I must admit they are amazing.

Isaac Mizrahi did not disappoint bringing his usual flair for elegant simplicity to the runway and managing to do this while combining two of my favorite things...puppies and cake!  With colors ranging from pinks to oranges his designs were in a word, stunning!  The two favorites for me were his floor length pink strapless gown and the scoop neck pink sparkling mini, both accessorized with pink poodles.

To me the name Isaac Mizrahi is synonymous with ingenuity.  Mizrahi is innovative in his design and the way he brings them to life.  He has a playfulness and zest for design that shines through whether on the runway or on QVC.  My daughter, who was home sick yesterday, was more than a little excited to watch his runway show via livestream.  As a gentleman walked down the runway carrying a beautiful pink cake she said, "Mom the color of the cake goes with the color of the dresses.  This is so awesome."  And it was both awesome and unique.  By partnering with the Cake Boss, Mizrahi was able to creatively introduce each color palette of his collection in an interesting way.

Gwen Stefani at LAMB
Gwen Stefani resonates with me because, like Mizrahi, she evokes a feeling of fun.  I lived in Orange County during the time No Doubt was making their mark on music and I have watched the evolution of this style icon from the lead singer in a local band who is now making her mark on the fashion industry, while still singing with the band.

Her collection was so representative of all things, elegance and fun!  She has established herself as a powerhouse in this industry and always surprises with her imagination and flair.  My daughter refers to her as a triple threat with her music, perfume, and fashion line and since the age of 3 has been saying, "I am going to do that someday."  I have no doubt (no pun intended) that she will achieve whatever goals she sets!

So as we say farewell to New York Fashion Week 2011, I am saying hello to fun and thank you Isaac Mizrahi and Gwen Stefani.  Your collections make me feel like dancing and singing, and for me this is the true meaning of fashion.  It's the feeling you get when you slip on a really great pair of shoes or an awesome dress or a great pair of jeans.  So today, channel your inner rock star, throw on something pink, dance and sing and have some fun with fashion!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks On Thursday

Style Shout Out to Thursdays and so many things that deserve thanks!  As always I am thankful for my family and friends and health and happiness.

In addition to those very important things I am thankful to:

Jimmy Fallon for reminding us every week on Late Night about the importance of writing "thank you" notes!!/jimmyfallon

Hudson Jeans for their "Have A Heart Campaign".  Visit their Facebook Wall and "Like" them and a $1 donation will be made to the American Heart Association.

The Heart Truth for promoting heart health awareness and for their Red Dress Collection fashion show that kicked off New York Fashion Week.  Thanks to the celebrities and designers that contributed their time to this worthwhile cause.!/TheHeartTruth

All of the fashion designers who use their creativity and imagination every day to bring their beautiful designs to life on the runways during New York Fashion Week, especially Isaac Mizrahi, Shaun Kearney at Cynthia Steffe, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, Donna Karan, and Marchesa!

Sephora for donating a $1 to St Jude Children Research Hospital for every "Like" they receive on the Jennifer Aniston perfume page at

My Daughter's Brenden Morrow Jersey
Toms Shoes for their  "a shoe for a shoe" philosophy.  TOMS will give a new pair of shoes to a child in need with every pair of shoes you purchase.  One for One.  Who can't get behind a company like this that is doing so much to help kids!

The Dallas Stars and The Dallas Stars Foundation for the great work they do in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.  And to Trevor Daley, Stephane Robidas, Steve Ott, Brad Richards, & Captain Brenden Morrow for giving their time at a recent "meet n greet" with fans.  It was a great experience. Stars & Style!!/DallasStars

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stars & Style

Style Shout Out to the Dallas Stars hockey team and the Dallas Stars Foundation for all of the great contributions they make to Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Stephane Robidas
Now I know that normally you wouldn't put hockey and style together, but this particular organization truly does everything with style!  

The Dallas Stars Foundation was established officially in 1998 to serve as a positive force in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  The Foundation's focus is to provide support to the children of the community so that they may lead quality lives and develop into contributing members of society.  

This Winter the Dallas Stars Foundation held a "golden puck" fundraiser.  During select home games player-signed pucks, beautifully wrapped in red, green or gold decorative foil were on display.  For a $30 donation to the Stars Foundation, fans picked a puck hoping that as they removed the decorative foil the signature would be "gold" because a "gold" signature meant an invitation to a Stars practice and a meet n greet with the player.  

Brenden Morrow & Goalie Kari Lehtonen
Now, my daughter has a few hobbies she is really passionate about and they include piano, singing, sketching fashion, tennis and hockey...not playing it, but watching it.  And not watching any hockey, it can only be Stars hockey.  So when the puck promotion launched this season she was determined to pick a "golden" puck even volunteering some of her birthday money to pick extra pucks!

My husband and I did sit down with her to explain that the probability of picking a "golden" puck was slim but that since all of the money goes to a worthwhile cause it is a win-win situation. We wanted to set a realistic expectation as we have heard stories of long-time season ticket holders never picking one of the sought after "golden" pucks.  She said that there was more than one "golden" and she was going to get one!

Trevor Daley signing Stars Jersey
Maybe kids have a sixth sense about things because on the one occasion that we only had two tickets for a game I got a call from my hubby and it was my daughter screaming, "I picked a golden puck Mommy, we're meeting Trevor Daley."

So, thanks to my daughter, we had the ultimate Stars experience. After watching practice, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting Trevor Daley whose puck she picked.  Trevor was so personable and down to earth!  He took the time to answer our daughter's questions and sign her Stars jersey, hockey stick and Daley cards with a trusted Sharpie.  He didn't have to spend as much time chatting with her as he did, so we really appreciated it!

Captain Brenden Morrow 
It was an added bonus that Stephane Robidas, Steve Ott, Brad Richards, and the Captain Brenden Morrow all took time to chat with my 8 year old.  Again, they didn't have to, but they did.  I was especially impressed by Brenden Morrow who made it a point to walk over to where we were standing to say hello.  He offered to sign my daughter's jersey which just happens to be a "Morrow" #10! She has been cheering for him since she was 2 years old and I am sure she will continue to cheer for him until the day he retires.  He was gracious, personable and humble for someone who will one day be known as a legend on the ice but is known to us as "Hal"!

Steve Ott on the Ice
I must admit that this experience not only left a huge impression on my daughter, but also on my hubby and me.  

So thank you Dallas Stars for having integrity and class...Stars and Style and hopefully this year another Stanley Cup!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure

Style Shout Out to Valentine's Day and my Tuesday Treasure.

I got to thinking this morning as the house was quiet about the things I treasure most.  While I love all things style and fashion and truly appreciate the beauty in things...I appreciate the beauty in relationships and treasure my family above all else.

My Treasure Treat
Now don't get me wrong,  I love love love that my hubby surprised me with Keith Urban concert tickets for Valentine's Day and that apparently there is an Ippolita shiny surprise coming from Neiman Marcus. But when push comes to shove my best Valentine's Day surprise (sorry hun) came from my daughter.

As I was volunteering in her classroom yesterday for the 2nd grade party all of the kids were decorating and eating their heart-shaped cookies.  I was talking to another Mom when there was a tap on my arm.  It was my 8 year old holding a cookie, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom, thanks for being here.  Not all Moms come to help you know.  I love you."

And with that she handed me a beautifully decorated cookie that said,  "Mom."  I gave her the biggest hug knowing this was the best Valentine's Day present I could have hoped to get.  It's not just the cookie itself but the gesture.  You spend so much time teaching your kids about kindness, and hoping that you are modeling good behavior so they become confident and compassionate little people who turn into confident and compassionate big people.

As I watched the other kids happily eating their cookies I asked my daughter if she wanted to eat the one she made.  And she replied, "No Mom I chose to make it for you.  It's yours.  I have pretzels."

So today on this Tuesday I give a Style Shout Out to my daughter for making Valentine's Day extra special for me this year. And it just so happens my little Treasure was born on a Tuesday! I love this day!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Red Carpet and Rock & Roll

Style Shout Out to The Grammys for 53 years of honoring artists who create such beautiful music!

Marc Jacobs Lola
And the Grammy goes to...I can't tell you how many times as a kid the "goes to" would be followed by my name.  At some point I think almost everyone has accepted a Grammy or similar award in the shape of a bottle of hairspray or perfume.  My daughter's Grammy is her coveted bottle of Marc Jacobs Lola perfume.

The Grammy Awards hold the same allure for me today as they did when I was a kid.  I love the eclectic mix of musicians that take the stage together like this year when Keith Urban, John Mayer and Norah Jones performed a version of Dolly Parton's Jolene.  And, I love the red carpet and the unique mix of personalities and outfits that grace the carpet.

Giuliana Rancic in Randi Rahm
This year the Red Carpet did not disappoint.  Watching the live coverage on E! my daughter and I were feverishly taking notes on the hits and misses.  As my daughter gets older this is a tradition in our house.  We are kind of like our own Fashion Police and we do have a lot of laughs during awards season.

I can honestly say that we agreed on every red carpet hit!  And let's start with the host herself, Giuliana Rancic.  I have to say that I absolutely loved the Randi Rahm dress that she wore in the first hour of the E! live broadcast.  The beautiful neutral shade so complimented her skin tone and the dress was fun and flirty.  It's not often I see a dress on the red carpet and really want it.  But tonight there were two, and  this is one of those dresses.  I have to admit that I had not heard of Randi Rahm before tonight but I am a huge fan now!  Giuliana that dress was a big hit!

Julianne Hough in
Catherine Malandrino
Julianne Hough looked stunning in a printed floor-length Catherine Malandrino gown with a plunging v neckline.  Her Stuart Weitzman shoes complimented the boho-chic look and the purple tones of the dress played beautifully with her blond hair.  I think this was the perfect dress for the Grammy Awards as this show to me screams playful!
Nicole Kidman in Gaultier & 
Fred Leighton Jewels
& Keith Urban

Nicole Kidman looked fabulous in Jean Paul Gaultier and Fred Leighton jewelry. The strapless dress looked like it was made for her and was elegant yet fun and fresh.  Her make-up, done by celebrity make-up artist and founder of LORAC Cosmetics Carol Shaw, was, as always, flawless.  And her grammy award-winning husband Keith Urban was her best accessory!

Another Red Carpet hit was made by Jennifer Lopez who was shining in a silver stunner by Pucci.  Her natural make-up accentuated her beauty but did not compete with the sparkle of that fabulous mini dress.

Selena Gomez in J Mendel
Now my daughter, as she is 8 years old, is a very big fan of Disney and all things Selena Gomez.  Tonight Selena Gomez looked very glamourous in a golden shimmery gown by J Mendel.  As a Mom I thought the dress was age appropriate for the 18 year old who seems to be on the right track in managing her career while remaining a good role model for girls.  This is no easy task, so tonight Gomez hit a big home run with the dress but an even bigger home run by continuing to consider that even though she is 18 years old, many of her fans are still in elementary school!

Chrissy Teigren &
John Legend in Gucci
A Burberry clad Ryan Seacrest also deserves a mention since his co-host Giuliana Rancic always garners so much red carpet attention.  And, it is Burberry, enough said!

And finally a big Red Carpet hit in our house was made by Grammy winner John Legend, whose album with The Roots (yes, you know them from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon) is fabulous, and his girlfriend Chrissy Teigren.  The couple were both dressed in Gucci and this is a designer of all things luxury that I have always loved.  I may be a bit sentimental when it comes to Gucci since it was the first designer bag I ever owned!  There is just something so alluring about that green and red stripe on a wallet or bag.  For me, Gucci is synonymous with style and John Legend in Gucci Heritage and Chrissy Teigren in a beautiful azure silk duchess and bright green crepe de chine short dress just exuded style.  The color of that dress so complimented her hair color and style and was like a breath of fresh Springtime air in the middle of an unusually cold winter.  And yes this is the other dress I would love to have in my closet.

So thanks E! for the great Red Carpet coverage, the designers for their creativity, the celebrities for breathing life into the designers' creations,  and, of course, to The Grammys for another great night of rock and roll!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Shorts

Style Shout Out to Sundays and keeping it short.

Dallas Stars 
To the Dallas Stars hockey team and the Dallas Stars Foundation for the charity work they do and the awesome "golden puck" fundraiser that gives winning fans an opportunity to watch the team practice.  A bonus is that you get to meet the player whose golden puck you picked. This is an organization that really has class and style!

To Hudson Jeans for their awareness campaign in conjunction with the American Heart Association.  Don't forget to "Like" them on Facebook!

To The Heart Truth for a spectacular Red Dress Collection fashion show that kicked off New York Fashion Week, and to all of the designers and celebrities that gave of their time for such a worthwhile cause.

Ippolita at Neiman Marcus

To Neiman Marcus for hosting an appearance by the Italian jewelry designer Ippolita at their North Park Center store.  The event was filled with beautiful creations, and Ippolita herself was warm and genuine and a pleasure to meet.

To comedy, and to Jennifer Aniston and AdamSandler for giving us a lot of laughs in Just Go With It.

Happy Sunday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

All That Glitters...

Style Shout Out to Ippolita and her beautiful jewelry because sometimes “all that glitters is gold!”

Ippolita at NeimanMarcus NorthPark Center
As I was checking Twitter a few days ago I came across a tweet from Ippolita regarding the chill in Houston.  As it turns out she is currently on a “trunk show tour” making appearances at select Neiman Marcus stores throughout the country.  Now I have been a big fan of Ippolita’s jewelry since she launched her line.  The pieces are unique and the way she combines metals and stones is true artwork.  Her jewelry has an interesting fluidity that makes it exciting.

So when I realized that Ippolita would be making an appearance at our Neiman Marcus store I did what any good fashion-loving Mom with a future fashionista would do.  I surprised my daughter when I picked her up from school and we headed to the trunk show.

Diamond Constellation Ring
This was my daughter’s first trunk show and she was so excited to meet Ippolita.  The event was as amazing as the woman herself.  Ippolita dressed in black with a boa in her hair looked as stunning as the pieces she creates.  She took time to talk to everyone that attended and her warmth made a big impression on my daughter who so enjoyed making funny faces with her in the Ippolita photo both.

As you would expect from Neiman Marcus, the treats they served, including their legendary popovers stuffed with chicken salad were tasty and beautifully displayed.  After all this was an event to celebrate the beauty that Ippolita creates.  And I must say my daughter and I did find a few beauties that made it onto our Valentine’s wish list with the help of Lynnea who has worked with Ippolita for years and is so knowledgeable about the pieces.

London Blue Topaz Sterling Bangle
As we were driving home my daughter said, “Thanks Mom this is an awesome day.  When I am a designer I am going to do clothes but I want to do jewelry too just like Ippolita, and then maybe Lynnea will want to come and work with me.”   So as a Mom my goal for the day was achieved.  Because the day was about more than just jewelry shopping, it was about creating a memory with my daughter that will be long-lasting!

So thank you Neiman Marcus for hosting an amazing event.  And thanks Ippolita for designing pieces that are as warm and beautiful as the person you are.  Sometimes all that glitters is gold!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Heart Truth & Nothing But The Truth - Be Young At Heart!

Style Shout Out to The Heart Truth® and to the designers, celebrities and corporations that support their worthwhile cause.  To them I say, “Thank you for helping us all to be young at heart!”
Cat Deeley in Alberta Ferretti

February is a busy month for me filled with a lot of celebrating.  In all seriousness our family celebrates 8 birthdays.  That’s a lot of cake and a lot of candles!   
Now, besides very important birthdays, all of us know why February is such an important month.  It is the month filled with flowers, chocolates, cupids and hearts.  Of course, after birthdays, when we think of February we immediately think of Valentine’s Day.  But thanks to organizations like the American Heart Association and The Heart Truth® February, besides being the month for candy hearts, is now also known as the month for healthy hearts.
This one month every year serves as a reminder that in order to take care of others we must take care of ourselves and that starts with taking care of our hearts!
Julianne Hough
in Swarovski
Last Friday kicked off Heart Health month with National Wear Red Day®!  It’s so great when you are out going about your business and you see so much “red”.  It’s comforting to know that as a people we can achieve such great and positive things when we rally behind a great cause or idea!
And what a great idea was The Heart Truth®?   This is a national awareness campaign whose goal is to remind American women to be pro-active about their heart health.  They created and introduced The Red Dress as the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness in 2002.
The Red Dress should remind us of the need to protect our heart health and should inspire us to take action. Each February since its launch, The Red Dress symbol breathes life on the runway with the support of the fashion industry and celebrity models at the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show.  
This year the show kicked off Mercedes-Benz Fashion week at Lincoln Center in New York City and as the runway lights illuminated the catwalk with celebrities proudly sashaying in their gorgeous red dresses it was a night of hope and joy.
Julianne Hough, representing national sponsor Swarovski looked stunning as she glided down the catwalk with the grace of a dancer.
Dania Ramirez looked beautiful in a strapless Catherine Malandrino floor-length gown as she spoke about women’s health and how it’s not so much about eating but, “eating right”. 
Giuliana Rancic of ENews in Marchesa
Cat Deeley was a vision in Alberta Ferretti as she talked about how “you have to take care of yourself before you can take care of other people.”  For me this strapless dress with the perfect amount of sparkle was almost too beautiful for words...except the words, “I want that dress. Or at least I want to find a store where I can try it on!”
Marchesa hit another Red Carpet homerun as Giuliana Rancic danced down the runway in a fun and flirty number that had me pondering the question, “Where can I wear that dress?”
So today on this Thursday I give thanks for National Heart Month and for all of the people who have so much heart that they dedicate themselves to helping others keep their heart healthy.
Now stop reading, get moving and take a walk...go play dress up with some fabulous red dresses and be young at heart!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunshine & Stuart...Mr. & Weitzman!

Style Shout Out to Stuart Weitzman and Sunshine...Mr Sunshine That Is!

This morning I woke up to sleet, snow, icy roads and another snow day.  When we moved to this part of the country I never imagined that we would have more days off from school due to “inclement” weather here than we had in New Jersey.  Needless to say, my 8 year old is ecstatic and more brownies will be baked today.  I would like to say from scratch, like Giada DeLaurentiis, but I cannot so I will say, "Thank You Betty Crocker!"

UGG Classic Short Boots
As I grabbed a hoodie from the closet this morning, yes I said hoodie, and my UGG boots, it doesn’t matter where you live you need these boots, I noticed my new Stuart Weitzman boots now sitting alone on the shelf.  It’s like that early episode of Hannah Montana where Miley always gets picked last for teams in gym class. 

Now before you gasp in disbelief, yes I said Hannah Montana.  When you have a daughter that is a fan of all things Disney, you watch together, laugh together and use the episodes as teachable moments.  

Now getting back to the boots, you gasp in disbelief, “Oh no, how did these beautiful Weitzman's become the Miley of the closet?”

Stuart Weitzman Linear Wedge
Well, this is what happens when you live in an area that is characteristically “dry” but somehow becomes uncharacteristically “wet” around the time you bring these suede boots home.  Now I know many would say, “Buy leather, more versatile.”  But these boots in suede are gorgeous and thanks to Stuart Weitzman at North Park Center's sale they were a steal!  My hubby says just wear them, it’s just water.  To which I reply, “Never!”

So as my daughter and I are about to embark on our brownie making the weather girl is predicting sunshine for Saturday and I already know what I am wearing even if that means wearing them to my nephew’s 4th birthday party!

I check the DVR and put on Ellen.  As Matthew Perry comes walking out onto the stage, my daughter says, “Hey Mom, it’s Chandler love Chandler Bing!”  I remind my daughter that his name is actually Matthew Perry and she says, “I know, but Chandler Bing is much funnier to say!”  Who can argue with that?

So as my daughter and I are baking on this very cold, gray and snow-filled day, Ellen and “Chandler Bing” are discussing his new show, Mr. Sunshine,  that airs tonight.

Sometimes you just have a lightbulb may be snowing and cloudy outside, but as my hubby always says, “Never Say Never” (no Justin Bieber pun intended) because tonight I am getting out my Weitzman boots...

Welcome back to TV Chandler Bing!  Hello Sunshine...Mr. Sunshine that is!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Treasure Trunk Tuesday

Style Shout Out to Stella & Dot for designing excellent quality fun jewelry!

If you are not familiar with Stella & Dot don't worry, because you are not alone.  I hadn't heard of this company until recently when one of my friends from PTA invited me to a jewelry trunk show at her house.  Now those of you who know me know that "at-home trunk" shows are not really my thing.

So when I received an invite to this particular "trunk show" my initial thought was to respond with a no.  But the Moms hosting the event and the Stella & Dot stylist are women I know to be stylish and savvy.  I am always telling my daughter not to be narrow-minded.  So I listened to my own advice!

Stella & Dot Jewelry via
And let me tell you, my friend Katherine and this amazingly stylish line of Stella & Dot jewelry did not disappoint.  This company has found a way to create a quality piece with a competitive price point.  There really is something for everyone, including some adorable pieces for tweens and teens alike.  As my 8 year old daughter was pouring through the catalog, pink Sharpie in hand ready to circle wanted items on a moment's notice she exclaimed, "Mom, Giuliana Rancic and Penelope Cruz wear this jewelry.  How cool is that?"  So I had to agree, it is pretty cool that this relatively new line is making big waves washing up in publications such as InStyle and Lucky.

So thanks to my friend Katherine for introducing me to Stella & Dot, and to Kirsten and Julie for inviting me to the party!  While Stella & Dot won't replace my love for all things Ippolita,  I think I have found a way for the two to peacefully co-exist.

Sometimes you do find a treasure in a trunk!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes You Have To Just Go With It!

Style Shout Out to Fox for bringing the Red Carpet to the Superbowl.  When my hubby said, "Red Carpet?" I said, "Just Go With It!"

Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston
on the FOX Red Carpet
Now I have to admit that while I love the Red Carpet,  I also love football.  So to have these two things together at one event, for me, was awesome.  I realize that this Red Carpet didn't give us the usual glitz and the glamourous gowns but it did make for some interesting pre-game entertainment.

Maria Menounos and Michael Strahan, while an unlikely pair, did seem to be having a fun time.  Menounos has this down-to-earth charm about her and Strahan is simply of a kind!

Keith Urban was outstanding in the pre-game concert.  But that is what you come to expect from Keith Urban.  He is unwavering in his professionalism and always gives it his all!

Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler NFL

It was great to see Michael Douglas, looking healthy, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, looking fabulous in all black!  They are a stylish couple, and she definitely brings glamour everywhere she goes.

My favorite Red Carpet moment was when Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were being interviewed by Menounos and Strahan.  Of course, Aniston looked California cool in her medium blue jeans with her Burberry scarf wrapped just right and Sandler looked like, well Sandler.  Adam Sandler isn't one of those guys who is a slave to fashion.  Whether he is on the Superbowl Red Carpet or Late Night With Jimmy Fallon he seems to be the guy who says just give me my hoodie and just go with it.

I especially enjoyed the end of the interview when Adam Sandler handed the football to Jennifer Aniston.  Michael Strahan went out for the pass but she threw long and he just couldn't get to it in time.  He was a good sport about missing the pass even when Menounos went out for a pass and caught it.

Sometimes you have to just go with it!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Sunday Shorts!

Style Shout Out to Superbowl Sunday.  Today we keep it short.

To Sephora and Jennifer Aniston for giving back.  For every "Like" made on The Jennifer Aniston brand page on in the month of February 2011 a $1 donation will be made to St Jude Children's Research Hospital.  And to Marlo Thomas for her work everyday for St. Jude!  Outstanding!

To Stuart Weitzman for designing beautiful shoes for women and to the North Park store for employing outstanding sales associates.  Your customer service is as awesome as your shoes.  Thanks Kendra!

To Fox for having a fun pre-Superbowl show, "Red Carpet" & Keith Urban included.

To Maria Menounos for having so much fun interviewing celebrities on the Superbowl Red Carpet, and for catching that pass from Adam Sandler.  And to Jennifer Aniston for throwing a long pass that Michael Strahan could not catch.

Happy Superbowl!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Walk A Mile In My Choo's!!!

Style Shout Out to Jimmy Choo for designing shoes that give back.

Jimmy Choo Dynamo at
This morning I woke up to 6 inches of snow, more than was predicted and rather unusual for this area of the country.  So when it snows this awesome snowman-making snow I am thankful because I know it means cold noses, frozen fingers, hot chocolate, warm smiles and an awesome snowman or three in our front for each of us!

Reading through my emails I immediately open the one from Jimmy Choo.  It’s a habit.  These shoes are beautiful and I must admit that they, along with some Ippolita bangles, are on my style wish list.

Today’s email caught my attention because Jimmy Choo wasn’t just selling shoes, they were selling a pair of shoes called Dynamo to benefit the Dynamo Camp Project in Italy.  Dynamo Camp is a not-for-profit organization and the first summer camp in Italy for children who have serious or chronic illnesses and are in therapy or post-hospital convalescence.

I applaud Jimmy Choo for creating a limited-edition shoe in collaboration with the children that attend this camp.  I love that the renowned Italian Illustrator Beppe Giacobbe, worked with the children to create this shoe, and I absolutely love that 100% of the profit from the sale of these shoes go to benefit Dynamo Camp.  Yes, I said it, 100%! 

Tamara Mellon OBE Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Choo was quoted as saying that the company was delighted to collaborate with such a worthy charity.  And I am delighted too!  I am delighted that a luxury brand like Jimmy Choo has taken the time to work with kids to create something so beautiful. 

I am thinking today may be the day that one of my style wishes comes true.  And as I walk a mile in my Jimmy Choo’s I will always be reminded that with each step I take it may have helped a child somewhere take a step too!!!

Thanks Jimmy Choo, not only for the stylish shoes but, for the good feelings I will have every time I wear them!