Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Team Of LadyBugs

Style Shout Out to LadyBugs!

If you read this blog then you probably know that before Claire started piano lessons at the age of seven we had her try several other activities.  It was important for my husband and I as parents to make sure that Claire had the opportunity to find the things that would make her happy.  We didn't want her to be involved in music because of our love of music...we wanted her to make her own choices!

So along the road which ultimately lead to piano lessons there was kindermusic, ballet, tap, basketball, jazz dance, tennis and golf! Sometimes things just click and that happened for Claire with music but one of the best memories for me has nothing to do with music...surprisingly, it has everything to do with basketball.

You see Claire was fortunate enough to be part of the LadyBug Nation!  She played with this team in Kindergarten and while they didn't win a championship they did win in the fact that they learned about teamwork...friendship...loyalty...

Last night Claire was invited to the farewell LadyBug dinner.  Now that the girls are entering 5th grade they will play in a different league.  I didn't know what to expect from yesterday's dinner because Claire hasn't really seen these girls since Kindergarten.  But it was as if no time had passed as I watched them sitting around a big table eating pizza, telling stories and laughing.

Thank you Coach see it was you as a coach who instilled in this group the importance of team.   You reinforced what we, as parents, model everyday...treating each other how you want to be treated...respect for yourself and others....the importance of teamwork and collaboration...confidence!

And, thanks for inviting all of the LadyBugs to be part of last night's festivities!  Every time I see Claire wearing red I will always be reminded of the LadyBugs and what this team stood for...and that will always bring a smile to my face!

Good luck in your play-off games this weekend!  Go LadyBugs...Go TEAM!

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