Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Friends & Family At Saks

LNA @ Saks
It happens twice a year and I have to admit that even though I know it's coming I still get excited when I open the email...it's the Saks Friends & Family sale!

This is such a great time to do a bit of early Christmas shopping for my hubby and family, and of course it's also a great time to pick up a few things for my daughter and myself.  So what's in my shopping bag today?  

J Brand Jeans...it seems that my daughter is following in my footsteps when it comes to denim and she absolutely loves all things J Brand.  So today, during the sale, is the best time to pick up some great jeans and twill pants for her!  The quality is outstanding and for me I will always take quality over quantity.

And to go with her J Brand I picked up a few Splendid tops!  They make a great line for girls and again I love their quality. My daughter loves that they are really soft and that they have a wide variety of styles and colors.  In addition to their tops she also loves their wraps and dresses.

J Brand @ Saks
For me...yes I did find a great pair of J Brand jeans in their Tulum wash.  I love that these jeans are a lighter wash and that they can be dressed up or down.  My closet is filled with versatile pieces and these fit the bill perfectly.  I think they will look just as good with ballet flats as they will with riding boots or pumps.

And what better tee to pair with a fabulous pair of jeans than a tee from LNA.  These tees are super soft, super cute, and super comfortable...and again they are excellent quality.  I always stock up on these tees when I find them on sale but have also paid full price for them because, for me, they are really worth it.

The other thing I love about J Brand, LNA and Splendid is that these brands are made in the USA.  

So today have some fun shopping the Friends & Family sale!  

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