Friday, November 2, 2012

Red Cross Always Ready To Help

As I was sitting here this morning watching the Today Show and updates about Hurricane Sandy I realized that the last blogs I wrote about the Red Cross were written to celebrate the organization's 101st birthday and about how my nine year old turned one of her shows last April into a benefit for the Red Cross to assist tornado victims in our area.

This blog comes at a time when the Red Cross is once again on the front lines helping those affected by Hurricane Sandy in the North East.  Watching the images on the screen were especially difficult because I grew up in New York and New Jersey and have so many fabulous memories.  I am especially glad that when our daughter was four we were transferred back to the area for a year and that now, as a family, we have some very happy memories of living in that area, which include picnics and kite flying at the shore!

I give this organization so much credit and they really need our assistance if you are able to make a donation please visit the Red Cross website.   And tonight tune into NBC for a concert to benefit the Red Cross and Hurricane Sandy victims.   My daughter said this concert featuring BonJovi and Bruce Springsteen will definitely raise more money than the gig she played and then happily added, "But like you always say Mom, every little bit counts!"

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