Monday, April 23, 2012

The Red Cross Is 101

Style Shout Out to the Red Cross and a very happy 101st birthday.

Growing up in New York and New Jersey I knew the American Red Cross existed but wasn't really as aware of them as I am now that I live in Texas.  You see North Texas is in the area of the country where Spring not only is the season where the weather starts to warm up and the flowers bloom, but it is also the season where tornado warning sirens are often heard sounding in the sky.

Recently our area was hit with tornadoes and once again the Red Cross sprung to action assisting those that so desperately needed help.  In the days that followed the tornado outbreak you couldn't turn on the television without seeing devastation and the people who were there to help.  As a Mom, I do try to shield my nine year old from as many of the harsh realities of the world as I can, but when you live with tornadoes, you have to be prepared for tornadoes.  So my husband and I sat down with our daughter to discuss what had happened in our area and how the Red Cross was mobilizing to help.

A few days later while working on a homework assignment about local government and community there was a question about a way that you could help make a difference in your community.  My daughter said, "Mom, I can make a difference with music.  Maybe at one of the shows I play we can donate the money to the Red Cross to help the people who lost so much."  To say I was proud was a huge understatement.

When a family friend asked our daughter to play a gig with him at a local coffee house,  Claire had the idea of using the show as a fundraiser for the Red Cross to raise money for those in need.

I know that children are supposed to learn lessons from their parents, but I've found that if you listen closely, as a parent, you may just learn a lesson from your child.  I learned last week that if children grow up in an environment that fosters caring for others, when they need to make decisions that require empathy they will be equipped to make those decisions.

Happy Birthday Red Cross!!!

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