Friday, March 9, 2012

A Point Of View At Saks

Style Shout Out to Saks, their fabulous shoe department and seeing things from a different point of view ...

My nine year old and I recently met my sister at Saks to do a little Spring shopping.  After lunch and a quick look at the sunglasses, where my sister picked up some stylish Tory Burch sunnies, we headed to the shoe department. I love how even though we don't live in New York any more, Saks has that awesome know, the sign that reminds you that this fashion icon's shoe department has something that is unique, their own zip code in New York City.

While I was trying on some adorable Jimmy Choo ballet flats, that I ultimately bought because they were just too comfortable and yes they were cute too, my daughter asked if she could use my phone.

So I handed my iPhone over to her thinking that she wanted to play some games while we shoe shopped but she had another idea in mind.  I watched as she happily walked around the department taking pictures of the shoes she loved and commenting on why she loved them.

I had so much fun that day, not only because I walked away with some extremely fabulous shoes, but because I really enjoyed the time with my daughter and sister.

Rather than keep her choices all to myself I decided to share a few of them with you.  So if you let a nine year loose in Saks with a camera this is what you get...

Stuart Weitzman
I have to say that I would wear these sandals and may have to get back to Saks this week to pick up a pair before they sell out.  Lets face it, they are Stuart Weitzman and I adore that purple box because you know that the shoes inside are going to be stylish and very good quality.  My daughter says they would look great with shorts, cropped jeans, and summer dresses so they are versatile.  Isn't it great when you talk and your children listen...I am all about pieces that are versatile.

Jimmy Choo

This sandal is a Jimmy Choo and I can see why my daughter zeroed in on this shoe.  The color is an amazing shade of pink.  I've seen this shoe on Kate Middleton in a different color, and I've tried this shoe on in a neutral shade.  For a high heel it is amazingly comfortable.  My daughter's reasons for choosing this's pink and it looks like Summer. She is lobbying for me to buy this shoe and I have a feeling that she is hoping that someday she too will wear a size 38.

Vera Wang
This Vera Wang ballet flat is adorable and again, a great color for Spring and Summer.  My nine year old said there are two things she likes about this's an awesome color and it's a classic style.  I agree with her.  I love pieces that are classic with a bit of a twist.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  The next time you are shopping with your children give them a camera and see what catches their eye.  For me I really enjoy getting the opportunity to see things from my daughter's point of view.

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