Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Gilt-free Shopping - Current/Elliott & Chan Luu

Style Shout Out to Gilt and their fabulous sale today.

I've talked about Gilt before because I like to write about things I know and experiences I've had.  When I worked in sales and marketing and gave sales training seminars for new team members,  I opened with this...

"If you work in sales and marketing you should really love and believe in the product that you are selling and if you don't love it and don't believe in it, then you shouldn't sell it." I believe those words and I think it's also what makes me fiercely loyal to certain brands and certain companies.  When I find a brand or a company I love, I stick with them.  And part of the reason I'll stick with a brand or company is not only for the quality of the merchandise but also for the customer service.

And based on my personal experiences, Gilt is one of those companies that has my loyalty.  I find their customer service to be on a par with Nordstrom and Saks and I can honestly say that all of my shopping experiences have been positive.

So what a nice Tuesday surprise to find that one of my favorite sites to shop has brought together two of my favorite brands. Yes, today at Gilt.com you will find exceptional denim from Current/Elliott and fun and fabulous jewelry from Chan Luu.

Check out Gilt today! As for me, I placed an order already but as I was searching their site for some pictures for my blog something else just caught my eye.  Enjoy the guilt-free shopping at Gilt.

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