Friday, May 4, 2012

J Brand Has Moxie

J Brand @
Style Shout Out to J Brand and their very stylish and easy to wear 7/8 jean in the Moxie wash.

Ok I have to admit that besides the J Brand name on these jeans, the thing that caught my eye was the name of the wash...Moxie! According to Webster's the word moxie means: energy, pep, determination, courage and know-how.  The day before I spotted these jeans at Saks my nine year old and I were having a conversation about how I was proud of her for having moxie.

So, while I may have tried these jeans on because of the brand and the name of the wash, I bought them because of the fit. These jeans are very flattering and hit me right at the ankle.  They are named 7/8 because to get the perfect crop you can hem them so that they will hit three inches above your ankle. And to make it easy, J Brand has attached the cutest little ruler with directions included.

Personally, I am leaving my jeans just the way they are because I can roll them up to make them shorter.  And you know how I love versatility.  These jeans look just as good with ballet flats as they do tucked in boots.

These 7/8 jeans are available at so you can get a little moxie today! Happy shopping!

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