Friday, October 14, 2011

Classics Are Always On-Trend!

Cameron Diaz via Coolspotters
wearing Chanel Flats
Style Shout Out to the classics!

It's been a busy few weeks with celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary in Hilton Head, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary, my 8 year old playing her first real gig, and planning my Mom's upcoming birthday party! But now that school has been in session for almost two months, I must say I am finally getting back into the swing of things.

Yesterday my hubby and I ran to Neiman Marcus at lunch because they are having a triple points event. Even though most people don't think of using the words "great deal" and "Neiman Marcus" in the same sentence, I find myself using those words in the same sentence quite often.  When you shop at Neiman Marcus you accumulate points that turn into gift cards. So a triple point event means your points add up a lot quicker.

Besides the "great deals" there are a lot of reasons why I like shopping at Neimans and customer service and exceptional quality tops the list.

Diana in women's shoes assisted me yesterday and she is amazingly helpful, genuine and honest which are wonderful character traits to have if you are in sales.  It's no secret that I love jeans, handbags, sunnies and shoes but must admit that while I have admired these particular Chanel ballet flats for quite a while, until yesterday I had never tried them on.  I know they are expensive and in the past have figured a flat is a flat but when I tried them on all I could say was, "Wow!"  The leather was truly like butter and with the skinny Paige jeans I was wearing they looked too cute.

My hubby loved them because he gravitates toward classic and quality which is an area where we are always in agreement.  I have a feeling that these shoes may find their way under our Christmas tree this year and that a gift card from the Triple Points event purchase may end up in my stocking.  A girl can dream!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  A classic ballet flat is a great addition to any wardrobe.  Saks has some fabulous Repetto flats and Stuart Weitzman has some great ballet flats at Neimans and Nordstrom right now.  Neiman Marcus is running their triple points event through this weekend so pick up a great pair of flats today and get a gift card in the mail later!  It seriously is a great deal.  I used my last gift card to get my daughter some UGG boots!  Happy Shopping!


  1. I always find the best sales are at the better stores. Higher quality for less bucks!

  2. I love when the large designer department stores like Neiman's and Saks have HUGE sales! I find so many great items and I agree higher quality for nearly half the cost is tremendous!! YAY for bonus, double and triple rewards points!

    Xo - Christy