Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Colbie Caillat Shines Brighter Than The Sun

Colbie Caillat & Justin Young at House of Blues
Style Shout Out to Colbie Caillat who was absolutely fabulous in concert last week at the House Of Blues in Dallas.

I have been a fan of Colbie Caillat since her first CD hit store shelves.  There is something about her music with its beautiful melodies that reminds me of sitting on the beach in Southern California listening to Fleetwood Mac, who just happens to be one of my favorite bands.  So, when my eight year old daughter heard Colbie Caillat's "Fallin For You" on Radio Disney Jams 12 and asked for more of her music it made carpool a much more harmonious time.

It also makes practicing piano and guitar a more harmonious time as I love to listen to my daughter singing happy songs like "I Do" by Caillat.  And, watching her record a cover of "Brighter Than The Sun"  recently is a small moment that is a big memory.

And speaking of memories, when my daughter said for an early birthday present she would like to see Colbie Caillat in concert my husband and I thought that was a great idea.  We love presents that are an experience and agreed this would be a good show for her to see.

Colbie Caillat & Her Band
Once the tickets were in hand we told our daughter who was so excited and began counting the days...which I believe was somewhere around seventy-five.

Sometime during those seventy-five days I found some adorable friendship bracelets on Kara Ackerman's web site.  As I was ordering one for my daughter she asked if I could possibly order two extra bracelets, "If they aren't too expensive."  When the bracelets arrived she was really excited and as she opened the tiny orange bags she handed one to me, she slipped one on her tiny wrist, and said, "The third one is for Colbie Caillat because people must ask her for stuff all the time and I want to give her a friendship bracelet.  You know, to thank her for being my inspiration."  I would be lying if I said I didn't have a tear in my eye at that point.

The day of the concert finally came and off we went to the House Of Blues, friendship bracelets in hand and on wrists.  We were fortunate enough to attend a meet n greet prior to the show and yes my daughter was the first one in the line.

Justin Young
When you meet someone who is famous it's hard to know what to expect but Colbie Caillat far exceeded any expectations.  She was warm, genuine and kind and made a lasting impression and when my daughter told her that she played her songs in a coffee house Colbie asked how old she was.  When she replied, "I'm 8 and a half," Colbie told her that she had a ten year head start.  That put a big smile on my daughter's face which was priceless.  And when she gave her the friendship bracelet and pointed to the one on her own wrist there was another big smile as Colbie slipped the bracelet onto her wrist and told her that she loved turquoise.

The show, just like meeting Colbie Caillat, did not disappoint.  Justin Young was the first performer and he was amazing.  He is a fabulous songwriter with a very distinct voice and fabulous stage presence.  He also plays guitar with Colbie Caillat and the blending of their voices creates some of the best harmonies I've heard in a long time.

Jason Reeves, who writes with Caillat, also performed and, like Young, gave a stellar performance and was another perfect choice for an opening act.

Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves & Justin Young
I have been to a lot of concerts in venues big and small but this show for me topped the list.  Colbie Caillat's voice was just as amazing live as it is on her albums.  The stories she told in between songs were heartfelt and when she sings it comes from the heart which is the place where music should come from.

The House Of Blues was packed that night and I think my daughter was the youngest one in the place but I have to give a big style shout out to Colbie Caillat's light and sound guys who were nice enough to give my eight year old a copy of the set list and a big comfy office chair to sit in which gave her a fabulous view of the stage.  Watching her sing along, clapping her hands, and smiling made it a great night and as we were driving home she said, "I'm so glad we don't have school tomorrow...and thanks Mom and Dad...this is the best birthday present ever!"

Heartfelt Performance at House Of Blues
My Style Shout Out Tip:  Colbie Caillat is a talented singer and songwriter who seems so at home on the stage.  If you have the chance to catch this show don't miss it because you will leave feeling happy and for me that is what the concert experience is all about! When I asked my daughter if she wanted to see Colbie in concert again she smiled and simply said, "I Do!"

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