Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TOMS - One For One!

Style Shout Out to TOMS for making it stylish to give back.

My daughter had a four day weekend which is a very big deal when you are in elementary school because it means you have two extra days without the annoying buzz of the alarm clock a 6:00am. Okay, this is a very big deal for the Mom of the elementary school student also.

We had a fun weekend which included a trip to Nordstrom where I bought my daughter her first pair of TOMS.  I have an adorable pair of espadrilles from TOMS which are just so classic which makes them just so perfect.  The other thing that makes them so perfect is the fact that TOMS really gives back in a big way.  I absolutely love their "One for One" philosophy.

My 8 year old wasn't too keen on TOMS at first because she has a strong allegiance to Converse but she does have an open mind when it comes to fashion.  So after she and I talked about social responsibility and what TOMS is doing to help kids who are less fortunate she tried on the shoes and loved them.

She loved them so much that yesterday we visited Nordstrom again to pick up another pair. You see my 8 year old is quite a good listener and her rationale for wanting another pair of TOMS included the statement, "You know Mom, if I get another pair of TOMS somewhere in the world a little kid who really needs them will also be getting a pair of shoes." Since she needed a shoe in another color I told her if she got the TOMS the Converse would have to wait. She was fine with that so off we went to Nordstrom.

My sister was shopping with us yesterday and she was trying on a pair of sunglasses.   I picked up TOMS wayfarers and told her that if the TOMS glasses happen to find their way under her Christmas tree she will be helping to give someone the gift of sight. I am happy to say they are now on her Christmas list!

Thanks TOMS for making fashion fun and for your fabulous "One for One" philosophy.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you haven't checked out TOMS yet head to Nordstrom or Nordstrom.com where they have an amazing selection of shoes and sunglasses.  The shoes are so cute and comfy and the sunglasses are stylish but above all else you know that your purchase is truly helping someone who truly needs the help!

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