Friday, October 7, 2011

An Apple A Day...

Style Shout Out to innovators, like Steve Jobs, who see the possibility where others see the impossibility.

I heard the news about Steve Jobs from my hubby who was reading the news on his IPad.
Immediately I picked up my IPhone where Twitter was filled with Jobs related tweets.

That was yesterday and as I sit here today typing on my MacBook in my line of sight and charging up for the day ahead are my hubby's IPad, IPhone, and MacBook, my daughter's IPad and IPod, and my IPhone.  Later when I walk into our studio and pick up my guitar I will once again be reminded of the man who changed the way we listen to music and make music.

As my daughter and I were leaving for school this morning she saw Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos talking about Steve Jobs on Good Morning America and she said, "Oh Mom this is not such a good morning for his family and for Apple because you know he is Apple.  I hope they're all going to be okay."

I looked at my 8 year old and realized she had never known a world without Steve Jobs and realized how lucky we all are for having known the world with him.

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