Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank You!

Style Shout Out to our Veterans!

Yesterday after school it was homework time. As we do everyday, I made a cup of tea for myself (being married to a Brit has influenced my choice of afternoon beverage), poured my daughter a glass of water and got her a snack.

My daughter usually does her math homework first and I think this is because math comes to her very easily. So, yesterday when she said she was going to do Language Arts first I was a bit surprised.  She said the assignment was to write a letter to the troops.  As a Mom I have so many moments that have made me feel proud and watching her thoughtfully write a letter of thanks to our troops was one of those moments.

As she was writing we talked about the troops, our country, and freedom.  My daughter said that the American flag and the 4th of July fireworks always reminds her of freedom and how our troops work so hard to protect it.

So today on Veterans Day I would like to take a line from my daughter's letter..."Thank you for serving our country and doing so much for other people and for all of the sacrifices you make everyday."

I couldn't have said it better myself.

Happy Veterans Day.

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