Friday, February 25, 2011

Get On Your Boots!

Style Shout Out to all of you who are already wearing your boots, and those about to get the boot!

Troy Aikman & His Boots
Yesterday as I was checking twitter I was reading a tweet by Troy Aikman.  Yes I said Troy Aikman.  You see besides a love of fashion I also have a true love of sports which I get from my Dad.  My sisters and I grew up rooting for the New York Yankees and New York Giants and they are still my teams today.  Since moving to Dallas I have also become an extreme Dallas Stars hockey fan and as long as it doesn't interfere with the Giants standings I root for the Dallas Cowboys.

I am a native New Yorker with an allegiance to teams in my home state of New York and my adopted state of Texas.  But that is the great thing about living in America you have that freedom of choice whether it's about sports teams or about the shoes you wear.

Reading Aikman's tweet brought me to a web site called  The Boot Campaign was founded by five women in Texas who wanted to do something to honor our troops for all they do to protect our freedom and to help them adjust to life when they come home.  Sometimes we take for granted the sacrifices that these men and women make and I think it is amazing that these women have started a grass roots campaign to make a difference one soldier at a time.  On their web site they had pictures of celebrities who have purchased a pair of these boots and gotten on board the boot train including Troy Aikman, Dolly Parton, and The Detroit Red Wings hockey team.

Dolly Parton & Her Boots
When I lived in California I worked for a property management company that owned communities in San Clemente which is a beautiful sleepy beach town on the north end of Camp Pendleton and Oceanside which is a city situated on the Pacific to the south of Camp Pendleton.   Growing up in New York and New Jersey I didn't come into contact with our military troops on a daily basis but working in an environment where many of them lived put a real face on our troops.  I experienced first hand what it was like when a soldier was deployed and his wife would come to my office because she needed a tissue and a good cry and a friendly face to talk to.  I felt my job was more therapist than manager sometimes but I value those experiences because I learned the meaning of sacrifice and appreciation.

So today while I am waiting for my authentic on-trend military "BOOTS" I am pulling on my new Stuart Weitzman boots.  I am admiring their beauty and how they make me feel but I am also comforted in the knowledge that I am lucky that I have a choice of boots...a choice of clothes...a choice of cars...a choice of location...a choice of schools for my daughter...thank you Boot Campaign...thank you TROOPS!  I may never know exactly how it feels to walk in your boots but with every step I take I will always be reminded of how the steps you take every day in your boots benefit the steps I take in mine.

I may have to order a pair for my hubby for Father's Day so he can get the boot too!

Now everyone else...get on your boots!

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you for blogging about us! This is Ginger, one of the Original Boot Girls, and I LOVED this post! We Boot Girls have hoped that people would hear about our journey and join us on it! Supporting our military is such a no-brainer, and what better way to do it than put on a pair of authentic combat boots?? Plus, with military inspired being all the rage right now, they are cute as heck too!! Thanks again for your blog! We love adding one more boot supporter to our team!