Monday, January 16, 2012

Fashion & Football

Jessica Alba in Gucci
@ The Golden Globes
via Just Jared
Style Shout Out to a few of my favorite things.

It's not often that you find sports and style together in the same article but as much as I love fashion I have always loved sports just as much.  And while I do enjoy the occasional game of tennis and round of golf, my love of sports is more about watching than playing.

Growing up in a sports-loving family Sundays in the fall were all about the Giants, and baseball season was all about the Yankees.  Even though I don't live in New York or New Jersey anymore for me and my family it's still about the Giants and the Yankees.  Although I must admit that my hubby has been known to root for the Cowboys because he says it has something to do with supporting your local team.  While I support the Stars and the Mavericks, the last time I rooted for the Cowboys was when Troy Aikman was their quarterback and the games had no impact on the Giants.

But yesterday was all about the Giants as my favorite team beat the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers to advance in the play-offs.  I think Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback but the Giants and Eli Manning didn't just come to play, they came to win.  Eli may be Peyton's younger brother off the field, but on the field he has proven to be every bit as competent as his older brother.

And as if the Giants winning wasn't enough to make the day great, the Golden Globes was on last night and Ricky Gervais was back to host.  For me this award show kicks off red carpet season.  I love the dresses, the jewelry, and the Golden Globes just wouldn't be the Golden Globes without Ricky Gervais and his unique brand of humor.

I hope all of you had a great Sunday too.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  For me watching sports is a fun way to spend some time with my family.  My daughter and I usually end up playing some board games while we are watching so there is always a lot of laughter.  So this week find something fun to do with your family...the Giants could always use a few more fans on their quest for the Super Bowl.

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