Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One More Giant Step

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Style Shout Out to being blue...Big Blue!

Congratulations to the New York Giants on a fabulous season. Being born in New York and growing up in New Jersey when it comes to football, for me, it'a all about the Giants.  I have some great childhood memories of being at the Meadowlands in the freezing cold, Giants hat on my head, hot chocolate in my hand cheering on our favorite team with my family.

Sunday the Giants beat the San Francisco 49-er's on the road to win another NFC Championship.  My family and I spent most of the game on the edge of our seats but I never had any doubt that Eli Manning would lead his team to victory. The game showcased this team's ability to win on the road in the tough situations.  I have always liked Manning as a quarterback and have found him to be calm, cool and collected especially when the pressure is on and Sunday's game was no exception.

So now Eli Manning has one more game to win with his team to bring another championship to the Giants' organization.  And I think it is so amazing that he'll be playing in his older brother's stadium.

Thanks Giants for a great season of football.  See you at the Super Bowl.

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