Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Want Candy...Prada Candy

Prada Candy @ Nordstrom
Style Shout Out to Candy...Prada Candy...

It's funny but for as long as my daughter has been walking she has always found her way to the cosmetics department and perfume counters in our favorite stores.  Maybe it has something to do with the sweet smells and the colorful bottles. Let's face it, the cosmetics area knows how to attract a crowd.  I look at this area of any store as the place where almost everyone can afford a little luxury.  When I had my first job after college I couldn't afford designer clothes but I could afford a Chanel lipstick and compact and Ralph Lauren perfume.

So I guess it's no surprise that my nine year old shares my love of the cosmetics department, even though the only thing in her backpack is a Nivea SPF 15 Lip Balm.  Ever since she saw her first bottle of Gwen Stefani's LAMB perfume at Nordstrom when she was four she has been very in tune with the sights and scents that fill the air.  For Christmas when she was eight she asked for a bottle of Marc Jacobs, Lola.  It may seem like a very grown up gift but she said it was the most beautiful bottle she had ever seen, would look so pretty on her shelf like artwork, and her puppy's name is Lola.  Now how could Santa argue with that?  And, it really was a win-win because I love the fragrance! That bottle is still on the shelf in my daughter's room even though I have used almost every drop of the fragrance and every time I see it, I smile.

Marc Jacobs Lola
I have a feeling my daughter may find a bottle of Prada's new fragrance, Candy, wrapped up in red for Valentine's Day.  As we were walking through Neiman Marcus last week we stopped short as we both noticed the bright orange and hot pink Prada display and she said, "Awesome ...for Valentine's Day I want candy and not the chocolate kind."  Luckily, like Lola, it's a colorful bottle and a sweet scent.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you're in the market for something sweet for Valentine's Day try a little Candy by Prada!  And if you're looking for a scent that is as sweet as the bottle then you'll probably like Lola.

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