Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Better Day On Valentine's Day

My Taylor
Style Shout Out to Valentine's Day...

It's raining again today.  But I'm not complaining because it's a great day to pick up my guitar and write before I head to my daughter's school to help out at the Valentine's class party.  Also, we have such hot and dry Summers that I know we need the rain and honestly it's impossible for me to complain about anything on Valentine's Day.  As my nine year old says, "Who doesn't love a day where it's all about chocolate?"

So today I am thankful for my family and all of the love and laughter and music that fills our home.  I know I write a lot about my favorite things like finding a great pair of Current/Elliott or J Brand Jeans at a great price at Gilt and companies like TOMS that give back.  I also find myself writing about things that make great gifts like Ippolita jewelry because she not only designs beautiful jewelry, she is a genuinely nice person, and fabulous bags and shoes because as my Dad says they really do make an outfit.  But for me the greatest gift is the gift of family.

Yesterday I was listening to my daughter practice piano and as she was singing away in the studio I realized I was smiling.  To me, her songs are the best gift because they are hopeful and inspiring and so today I'm sharing the first song she wrote with you.  It's called A Better Day and I hope today you all have a Happy Valentine's Day.  Happy Listening.

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