Monday, February 6, 2012

A Giant Super Bowl Win

Eli Manning & Tom Coughlin via
Style Shout Out to the New York Giants on their Super Bowl victory.

Let me start by saying that when the alarm went off at 6:00 this morning I really did not want to get up.  Yesterday was a fabulous but a long day...The Super Bowl...The Voice...Jimmy Fallon's Late Night show live from Indy! And seriously I could not miss Fallon's show.

But, it's a school day and there's a lot to do. While we were having breakfast my nine year old suggested that maybe the NFL could make the Super Bowl a little earlier in the day or move it to Saturday night.  Her other thought was that the Monday after Super Bowl Sunday be named a national holiday which of course would mean that schools would be closed. Honestly I thought her suggestions were pretty good but this year it's business as usual. 

As we drove to school this morning we talked about the Giants season and their win.  It was a great opportunity for a teachable moment because while the Giants did not have a perfect season, this team is a shining example of how if you remain positive and work hard, you can overcome obstacles and achieve goals.

So as I sit here this morning, coffee in hand, watching the Today Show, and looking at the "Go Giants" sign that my daughter made for the big game I can't help but smile as I think of how much fun I had watching the Super Bowl with her and my hubby.  Sitting on the edge of our seats for most of the game, every time the Giants scored or made a great play my nine year old would jump off the couch and start doing her victory salsa dancing or as she calls it "Victor Cruz-ing!"

Thanks Giants for a season filled with some great football memories and a phenomenal Super Bowl win.  I have always looked at Eli Manning as a talented quarterback and a confident leader and I think it's very fitting that Manning took home the MVP award yesterday.  Congratulations!

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