Tuesday, August 23, 2011

2 Things - Y & Z

Colbie Caillat & Justin Young - Today Show
Style Shout Out to Y & Z...

Yesterday was the first day of school and as I was sitting in carpool waiting for my daughter's smiling face and listening to Colbie Caillat, I was reading email and checking out ReverbNation.

And while I was waiting to see that smile I came across a talented musician on ReverbNation and an email from Saks and 2 things for today literally popped into my thoughts. So here are my 2 treasures for Tuesday.

Justin Young from ReverbNation

1. Y...for Justin Young.  You may know him as the very talented guitarist and vocalist who adds to Colbie Caillat's sound but what you need to know is that this guy is a true talent in his own right and an amazing songwriter.  Right now on ReverbNation Young has 3 songs all of which are fabulous.  His music, like Colbie Caillat's, reminds me of being on vacation with my family and sitting on the beach in Malibu and for me that is a real treasure.

Rachel Zoe at Saks.com

2.  Z...for Rachel Zoe.  I love her approach to styling celebrities and her unique point of view.  Her new line features some fabulous pieces and I love how Saks.com is marketing the brand with 7 videos in 7 days with Zoe talking about pieces in her collection.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Music and fashion are 2 things that inspire creativity and individualism.  So today listen to some new music and look for a new Fall piece of clothing. As for me I'm sticking with "Y" and "Z" and am listening to Justin Young and have my eye on a cute jacket from Rachel Zoe. Happy Tuesday.

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