Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Loft And Laughter

Style Shout Out to birthdays and laughter and Loft...
Twist Neck Shell
Pure Crimson Shell at Loft

Yesterday I wrote about my daughter and how she feels like birthdays should be celebrated for a few days and not just on one day. I think she is having so much fun with my birthday this year because although she always goes with my hubby to shop for Mother's Day, my birthday and Christmas, this is the first year she has chosen the presents all by herself.

My hubby said they had a lot of laughs, and it was really fun shopping with her because now that she is growing up it is interesting to see her perspective and get her commentary on fashion and what she feels is stylish.  My 8 year old has had a strong opinion about fashion since she was 3 holding my hand in Nordstrom and showing me all of the things that were "so pretty" and the things that were "so not!"  And as a Mom I encourage her to have opinions and want her to always feel confident in expressing her opinions no matter what the subject or the circumstance.

Last night she watched in delight as I opened a box from Loft that contained pieces that were "so pretty"...the most beautiful shell in this on-trend for fall deep crimson color, a cute white tank, and a navy blue wrap style cardigan.

I am so amazed that an 8 year old has the ability to pick out gifts that are so perfect in style, color and size.  And I am so fortunate to call that 8 year old my daughter.  I can't lie...the presents are fabulous...but truly the greatest gift for me is knowing that she had so much fun shopping with my hubby, and that she put so much thought into the things she picked out. As far as gifts can't get any better than the gift of thoughtfulness...

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Even though it's 110 degrees here today and too hot to think about fall, Loft has some really great pieces that can transition easily between the seasons. I'm going to wear my crimson top with my 7 For All Mankind white cropped jeans now and my J Brand skinny jeans when the weather finally cools off.

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