Monday, April 25, 2011

Best Of Beauty With A Hudson & A Song

Kate Hudson
Style Shout Out to InStyle Magazine and the much anticipated May issue.

Every March when my April issue of InStyle magazine arrives I start counting the days until my May issue will make its way to my mailbox. If you read InStyle then you know that May is the issue that features the Best of Beauty.  Like most of the women I know I love make-up even though I don't wear a ton of it.  There is something so alluring about an LBC (little black Chanel compact). Make-up is one of those things that just makes you feel good every day.   It doesn't matter if it's one hundred degrees and sunny outside or forty degrees and raining, my Chanel Soho highlighting powder and blush can be worn every day in any situation.  Good investment...YES!

So when I pulled my magazine out of the mailbox the other day it came at the perfect time. You see it was another gray day and my daughter was home sick for the second time in a week.  Apparently besides the stomach virus that is going around her school, strep throat is also making it's way through the classrooms.

Best Of Beauty - Lips
So in the midst of a rainy Spring day, the InStyle Best of Beauty issue was like a ray of sunshine.  My little one and I sat on the couch watching Disney's The Suite Life On Deck featuring Brenda Song and pouring through the pages.  I love this issue because it's always fun to see what items make it onto this most prestigious list.  I like to see the products I already have in my bathroom cabinet and in my make up bag, like Chanel Glossimer lip gloss which is fabulous and not sticky, and Nars Dolce Vita Lipstick which is the most beautiful shade of natural pink and what products should be added to my shopping list like Essie nail polish in Chinchilly and Mademoiselle.  My daughter likes it for all the beautiful colors of the nail polishes and the lipsticks.

Now that my daughter is eight she is so much more aware of advertising and the things she sees on magazine covers.  So I take every opportunity to emphasize the beauty that comes from the inside and how it is more important than the beauty that comes from the outside.  We had a great conversation about beauty while reading InStyle and I explained it to my daughter in this way, "I love make up because it is fun but I really love a natural look and I am just as comfortable without wearing any make up as I am with it."   I'm not just saying this because she is my daughter but she is a smart girl as she replied,  "I know Mom.  Make up doesn't make you a beautiful person.  I think being a good person makes you a beautiful person.  And I think it's gross when make up is caked on."  Then she pointed to the InStyle cover and said, "That's why I like Kate Hudson. She does the Almay ads and she always looks like herself.  So does Brenda know she always looks like herself."

Brenda Song 
So there you have it from the mouth of babes...have fun with make up but remember that you should always look like yourself because you are the "best" in the Best of Beauty.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  The best make up for me creates a natural look and for that I thank the woman who put the natural look on the map, Bobbi Brown.  And while Bobbi Brown's Honeysuckle Creamy lip color may not be on the InStyle Best Of Beauty list it is now on mine.  This is a beautiful natural lip color that was recommended to me via Twitter by Michelle Champagne who is Kelly Ripa's make up artist on Live With Regis and Kelly.   Thanks Bobbi Brown for creating the fabulous natural look, and Michelle for the suggestion!

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