Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Music & Memory Lane

Oprah With Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks
Style Shout Out to all of the women who rock and to those that paved the way.

I was surfing the guide on our TV last week and came across an Oprah show featuring women of rock.  Of course I had to set the DVR as we were busy after school that day and I didn't want to miss this show.  With Oprah's long time run on daytime television winding down her shows have been outstanding and I knew this one would not disappoint.

So after my daughter's music lesson we settled in on the sofa to watch a bit of TV.  I suggested the Oprah show and at first she wasn't so enthusiastic saying it was going to be all "old" music.  Then I dropped the two words that so many kids growing up in the era of Disney and Hannah Montana cannot resist...now some of you may be saying, "Oh no she didn't!"  But oh yes I did...I said, "Miley Cyrus."  So all of a sudden the show seemed a bit more appealing.

Sheryl Crow & Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow sang first.  I sat in amazement of Nick's voice which sounds as good now as it did when my parents bought me my first Fleetwood Mac album.  The harmonies on "Landslide" created by the duo were just beautiful.  Even my 8 year old sat awestruck as she said, "Wow that is some really awesome singing."  I was so happy that she recognized the vocal quality of these two women as they are two of my favorites and she has heard me playing many a Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow song on my guitar and my IPhone.

Avril Lavigne & Pat Benatar
When Pat Benatar opened her mouth and the words to "Love Is A Battlefield" floated into the air my daughter said she totally understood why I have been listening to her since her first album.  It led to a great discussion about how in all the times I have seen Benatar in concert I have never seen her give a poor performance and how she was the first women to have a video on MTV when MTV was only about the music.  Avril Lavigne joined Benatar on stage and after singing with her said to Oprah, "...it's the biggest honor ever...this is such a moment for me to remember!"

Joan Jett & Miley Cyrus
The show also featured a performance by Joan Jett, who personifies rock and roll, and Miley Cyrus who has totally shed her blonde Hannah Montana wig although she'll always be Hannah to my daughter.  After the duet my little one who loves all of her Hannah CD's and Miley's Breakout CD asked why Miley is changing.  It was a great time to discuss how she, just like everyone else, is growing up and as an artist she is exploring and growing and that while we may not agree with a musical path she is taking you have to respect that it is her choice to take that path.  I guess my daughter got it because she responded,  "Makes sense Mom, after all we live in America."

The show also featured performances by Salt-N-Pepa and closed with Sister Sledge performing their hit "We Are Family." I can't tell you how many times I have danced to that song at a wedding.

All in all this show brought back a lot of great memories for me and I got to make some new ones with my daughter.  I love when something as simple as a TV show can open up a great dialogue and become a teachable moment.  The power of music is amazing!

Thanks Oprah for a show that gave my daughter a little more insight into some of the legends of music who just happen to be women and gave me a great trip down memory lane!

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