Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Nordstrom Rack

Style Shout Out to Nordstrom Rack and their bounty of Spring time treasures!

The other day I ran to Nordstrom Rack with my daughter and hubby. I have been looking for a pair of ballet flats for my daughter to wear with her Communion dress and I can't tell you how many shoes we have tried on in the past two weeks trying to find that perfect shoe.

We have seriously tried shoes from Nordstrom, Stride Rite, Naturino and Saks.  Countless brands and countless shoe boxes later, I started feeling like the guy from Cinderella who had the shoe but couldn't find the foot that fit the shoe.  Only, I had the foot but not the right shoe to fit the foot.

What makes shopping at Nordstrom Rack fun is that you never know what you will find.   As we navigated our way to the girl's shoe section of the store we passed handbags and I could not believe some of the bags and bargains. What a pleasant surprise! You don't find Kate Spade at the Rack every day.  Well, not Kate Spade herself, but this beautiful orange bag.  So on trend for Spring, so amazing, and such a great price.

My daughter gave my arm a brief tug, "Shoes are that way, Mom" she reminded me of our mission.  So off we went, but before we could make it to children's shoes we happened upon the women's shoe section.  I looked at my daughter as she picked up a greenish snakeskin sandal and said, "Jimmy Choo, I love that name." Amazing!  Jimmy Choo for almost half off the retail price.  "Some lucky size 9 is going to be very happy," I thought to myself.

The perfect Steve Madden flat
As we were looking at the Jimmy Choo my daughter said, "What about these?"  And she was holding the most adorable and age appropriate Steve Madden creamy white ballet flat called, and I kid you not "Heaven"...I took it as sign and we purchased the shoes.

Thanks Nordstrom Rack for a fabulous selection of merchandise and my daughter's heavenly Communion shoes.

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