Friday, April 15, 2011

Shoes Magical Shoes

Style Shout Out to shoes and all of their magic.

My love for shoes probably started with Cinderella.  I remember as a young girl how that glass slipper was so magical and I remember how when my daughter was three she wanted a pair of "glass" slippers from Target to go with her Cinderella costume.  She would put those little shoes on and dance around our house smiling and singing!  Even though she has outgrown them when I see them in the closet I can't help but smile.  There are just so many happy memories attached to those shoes.

Maybe that's why shoes for me are still magical.  There is something about the way a shoe can transform an outfit from drab to fab.  My Dad always says, "Wear great shoes and carry a great bag!"  This is advice I have taken to heart and I do keep that in mind when I am out shopping.

I love how every once in a while you find a shoe that holds a bit of magic.  This year under our Christmas tree, via Neiman Marcus, there were two pair of shoes with my name on them.  My hubby and daughter have very good taste and every time I wear those shoes I am reminded of Christmas and how much fun we always have at that time of year.

My Diane von Furstenberg suede flats are the most amazing shade of purple and surprisingly neutral.  They just go with so much and really pop when I am wearing skinny jeans or ankle length black pants.

The other pair of shoes are a Christian Louboutin classic peep toe.  The reason I like this Mater Claude shoe is because it is on trend, but not trendy.  The heel height is perfect for me as  I can totally walk in them.  After all there aren't many things that are worse than seeing a woman teeter in her heels.

The other day I was shoe shopping with my daughter and as I watched her trying on shoes, spinning around and smiling it took me right back to when she was three...magical then and magical now.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Create your own magical moments and have some fun shoe shopping for Spring.

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