Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello Again...Ann Taylor

Style Shout Out to Ann Taylor for reinventing yourself while still staying true to your classic roots!

This morning was an exceptionally busy one for a Monday.  So busy in fact that I started writing this blog while I was waiting in the carpool line for my daughter.  I find carpool pick up is a good place to write because it's 30 - 40 minutes of quiet.  You see, my internet does not work in the school parking lot so there is no distraction from email or twitter.

My hubby and I ran to the Galleria Dallas this morning.  He had a free hour and I had a pair of shoes to return to Nordstrom.  I have learned my lesson that it is better to shoe shop with my daughter than to order her shoes online even though Nordstrom makes returns so easy and is currently running a free shipping promotion with any shoe purchase.  I must admit that I did take advantage of the promo and ordered a cool pair of leopard print Sam Edelman Gigi T-Strap sandals that will be awesome for those hot summer days.  I ordered the shoes because I needed a sash for my daughter's communion dress so the free shipping promo worked...Nordstrom's marketing department is brilliant.  And speaking of brilliant marketing while at the Galleria we stopped at Ann Taylor who recently has undergone an image update.

Before I had my daughter I shopped at Ann Taylor for nearly all of my work wardrobe.  It was so easy because the quality was outstanding, everything coordinated and in a pinch I could find shoes also.   So when I stopped working in an office after my little one was born I didn't shop Ann Taylor as much as I really associated the brand with work.

But with the introduction of Katie Holmes as the brand's spokesperson, Ann Taylor is reinventing itself and establishing itself as a brand for a lifestyle not just a "career" style.  Today when I entered the store I was greeted with beautiful clothes in beautiful colors for spring.  The store was bright and the clothes were displayed in an uncluttered way that made shopping easy.   It was like a breath of fresh of air and I couldn't wait to start trying things on.  Ann Taylor your marketing mission was successfully accomplished.

And my mission to find an outfit for my daughter's communion was also accomplished.  Seriously, I found an adorable shift dress, lavender cardigan, and great neutral pumps in under 10 minutes.  My hubby said it was the best shopping trip ever!  And it is such irony that when we checked the mail after our little shopping trip today there was a marketing piece from Ann Taylor reintroducing the brand.  It included a $25 gift card that is going to come in handy as I saw a gorgeous pair of gladiator sandals in the store today that will be in my closet tomorrow.

Ann Taylor is not just for work anymore and is a living example of the saying..."All work and no play..."  Thanks Ann Taylor for brining the "play"!

  • My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you haven't been to Ann Taylor recently you should definitely check out their fab clothes for Spring!  The selection of dresses today was amazing and they were running a 30% special on regular priced dresses so take advantage while the great prices last!

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