Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - Dallas Stars & Style

Style Shout Out to the Dallas Stars Ice Girls who are Dallas treasures doing everything with style!

Growing up in a family with three sisters there was a lot of pink in our house.  But despite our love of  pink I come from a long line of NY Yankees fans and so there was also a love of "pinstripes" in our house.

There is still something about opening day that is so exciting.  This year I was following the first game of the season on Twitter.  It's amazing how things have changed since I was a kid.

My daughter & Laura
I am fortunate that even though I married a Brit he too is a NY Yankees fan who also shares my love of football.  So, my daughter is growing up in a house filled with pink and sports just like I did.  The only differences are that she doesn't have three sisters and after relocating to Texas in 1996 we became major hockey fans!

This is my hubby's favorite sport and during the season you can find us at home games cheering on our favorite team, the Dallas Stars.  I am a fan of this team not only for the enjoyment they bring to their fans on the ice, but for all the joy they bring to the Dallas metroplex through the Dallas Stars Foundation as well.

My daughter takes great pride in this team and at a recent game a Flyers fan had something not so nice to say about our Stars.  My 8 year old turned around and said, "Show a little respect please.  You're in our house now!" What can I say?  She loves the Stars and she did say, "Please".

At that same game we saw an ad on the big screen for a skating and dancing Junior Ice Girls mini camp.  Even though my daughter has only been on skates once when she was two, she has been dancing since she was three so when she asked if she could go we agreed this would be a great experience.

This past weekend I spent the afternoon watching my daughter have what she described as one of the best Saturdays ever!   And if you're a Mom you know that I had one of the best Saturdays as well.

The mini camp was hosted by the Dallas Stars Ice Girls and their Coordinator, Wendy Dutton.  This was a fabulous event and was run with such professionalism.  Everything from the check in process to teaching the dances to helping kids on the ice was as smooth as the ice itself.

What impressed me was the character of this group of "Ice Girls"...they were friendly and genuine.   They really knew how to relate to the "campers" and they looked like they really wanted to be there.  You can tell that this is a group that takes pride in themselves as much as they take pride in their team and this is something that I talk to my daughter about all the time...confidence and pride.

When my daughter first got on the ice she was a little hesitant but Laura took her hand and reassured her that everyone feels shaky saying that she had only started skating a year ago and if she could do it anyone could do it.  I could see in my little one's eyes that her confidence was building, and soon she was slowly skating on her own.

Dallas Stars Ice Girls
When she took one nasty fall Andrea helped her off the ice. Checking her knee I could tell the fall shook her up a bit.  I gave her a big hug and told her how proud I was that she was trying so hard. Andrea told her how she and the other Ice Girls fall all the time.  Instead of hanging up her skates, my daughter took Andrea's hand, flashed me a big smile, and got back on the ice.

When we got home my hubby asked how it went and our daughter replied, "Awesome, I'm taking all of my pictures to school for show and tell."  Then she grabbed her pom poms and showed us the "Glitter" dance.

So thank you Ice Girls for giving my daughter, and the other girls who were fortunate enough to attend the event, a great experience.  And thank you for being a living example of what my hubby and I preach everyday, "Never give up, keep trying...and when you fall down get back up!"

You are truly Dallas treasures not just on Tuesday but everyday.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Confidence is a key accessory.  Sometimes you have to step outside of your comfort zone.  So today whether it is a new sport or a new lipstick color try something new to give yourself a confidence boost!

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