Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Get To Know Gigi

Style Shout Out to Sam Edelman for creating the iconic "Gigi" T-strap sandal!

Monday was a good day.  After my daughter came down with the stomach virus on Saturday that has been making it's way around her school, she was feeling better.  Tucked in a snuggie on our couch she rested and we spent the day sketching and writing and playing Words With Friends on our IPads.  The first time I heard about this game was when I was sitting in carpool listening to the Ticket.  You see as much as I love all things music and style, I also love sports!  So if I am not listening to Pete Yorn, my IPhone playlist, KISS FM or The Edge in carpool, then you will find me listening to the Ticket.

A few months ago the Captain of the Dallas Stars, Brenden Morrow, was being interviewed on the Ticket and the conversation turned to Words With Friends.   When I asked my hubby about the game he said he had heard of forward a few months and we're hooked.  Although you can play this game with "friends" outside of your own house, being that we have an 8 year old we play against family members.  I love Scrabble and this is like the high tech version.

So like I said it was shaping up to be a good day.  My daughter was feeling better, puppy was sleeping, and hubby was on a conference call. The house was quiet but our pup heard something undetectable to my ears, woke up and made a bee-line for the door barking uncontrollably.  Even though the doorbell didn't ring our dog instinctively knew there was someone at the door.  I looked through the peep hole and could see the UPS truck driving away and the package on the door step.

As I opened the front door my daughter asked, "What is it Mom?" "It's Gigi!" I replied.  My response prompted her to ask why Gigi from Neiman Marcus was at our house.  I had a good laugh and told her it was the Gigi sandals that I had ordered from Nordstrom and not Gigi the person.

I was excited to open the fabulously stylish green and black box as this is the first pair of T-strap sandals I have ever purchased.  My sister buys a pair every Spring because she has worn them since she was 7 or 8 years old.  I was with her at Nordstrom last May when she picked up a pair of Gigi's and I remember her telling me how they were so comfy.  But I have always been more of a flip flop girl and have a strong allegiance to my Trove Tkees which are super cute and super comfy.  They can also be super hard to find so the best place to get them is Singer 22!

Well, my sister was right.  When I pulled my leopard print Gigi's out of the box and slipped them on they were, just like my Tkees, cute and comfy!  I'm glad I read the ever so helpful reviews on because I ordered the sandal a half size up and they fit perfectly.

I guess I should have listened to my sister a year ago when she suggested Gigi,  but as the expression goes, better late than never.  After I put my new sandals away, next to my Tkees, we got back to our game of Words With Friends where my daughter ironically added the word "shoes"!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are in the market for a cute T-Strap sandal look no further than Sam Edelman and order the Gigi today!  They look great with shorts, cropped jeans, and dresses!  Gigi will be your new warm weather go-to shoe.  It's ironic that after I ordered mine I received an email from Singer22 featuring the "iconic" Gigi!  So get them at Singer22 or get them at Nordstrom...but get them before they sell out and get to know Gigi!

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