Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Years of Music For The Morning After

MusicforthemorningafterStyle Shout Out to Pete Yorn for ten years of music not only for the morning after, but for every morning.

I was sitting in carpool the other day reading twitter and came across a tweet from Pete Yorn asking for a photo memory from the year his debut CD "Music For The Morning After" was released.  I applaud you Pete Yorn for asking a thought provoking question in under 144 characters.

It actually made me stop and think. Was it really 10 years since my little sister called to say Pete's debut CD was in stores? Seriously, how many CD's on your current playlist are ones you have been listening to for a decade? For me it is a short list that includes Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen and Pete Yorn and it is such a coincidence that all three of these musical greats are from New Jersey where I grew up too.

So as I was pondering the question put forth by Pete Yorn and collecting my thoughts for today's blog post, "Life On A Chain" was the song that came streaming out of my IPhone as it shuffled through my over 200+ favorite songs.  I took this as a sign and it inspired this post.

When I started thinking about March of 2001 it reminded me of how much things have changed in my life, in our county, and in the life of my fashion as well.  I remember wearing a lot of Levis, Khakis and Loafers in 2001.  The skyline of New York was very different in 2001. And in 2001, while established as a company, 7 For All Mankind had not yet taken over the world of denim and my feet had not yet known the joy of walking in a Jimmy Choo.  But the biggest change for me is that in 2001 I was thinking about being a Mom and today I am one.

Break Up
Break Up with Scarlett Johansson
My daughter shares my love of music and that makes me feel good because music plays such an important role in our lives.  I remember the first time my little one heard Pete Yorn.  She was barely three and from the back seat of the car she said, "Cool voice" as she was tapping her foot along to the beat.  I smile every time I hear Bon Jovi's "Have A Nice Day" because I am reminded of my daughter singing along at the top of her lungs while we were out doing errands in Jersey and her little voice asking, "Do you think we'll see Jon at the A & P?"  Well, even though we lived relatively close we never did see Jon food shopping but the memories are priceless.

musicforthemorningafter 10th Anniversary Edition (2 CD)Now I have to admit that I have been a fan of Pete Yorn long before he became a household name and made his first appearances on The Ellen Show and Jay Leno.  You see I grew up in the same town as Pete Yorn and he was friends with my little sister.  So I remember Pete as a nice kid, from a nice family with a big dream.

There is something so reassuring when you see a nice kid work so hard to achieve a dream.  Pete Yorn has established himself as a reputable singer and songwriter with the amazing gift to tell a story through song.  I haven't seen Pete Yorn since he was on stage at the old Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas promoting "Music For The Morning After" and before that the last time was probably sitting at my Mom's kitchen table in 8th grade and he probably doesn't remember me.  But none of that matters...what matters is that he is creating music that has woven itself into the fabric that makes the soundtrack to so many lives not just on the morning after but every morning.  Thanks for a decade of fabulous!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are not familiar with Pete Yorn's music pick up the 10th Anniversary "Music For The Morning After"...this is an amazing CD by an amazing musician.

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