Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure

Style Shout Out to Valentine's Day and my Tuesday Treasure.

I got to thinking this morning as the house was quiet about the things I treasure most.  While I love all things style and fashion and truly appreciate the beauty in things...I appreciate the beauty in relationships and treasure my family above all else.

My Treasure Treat
Now don't get me wrong,  I love love love that my hubby surprised me with Keith Urban concert tickets for Valentine's Day and that apparently there is an Ippolita shiny surprise coming from Neiman Marcus. But when push comes to shove my best Valentine's Day surprise (sorry hun) came from my daughter.

As I was volunteering in her classroom yesterday for the 2nd grade party all of the kids were decorating and eating their heart-shaped cookies.  I was talking to another Mom when there was a tap on my arm.  It was my 8 year old holding a cookie, "Happy Valentine's Day Mom, thanks for being here.  Not all Moms come to help you know.  I love you."

And with that she handed me a beautifully decorated cookie that said,  "Mom."  I gave her the biggest hug knowing this was the best Valentine's Day present I could have hoped to get.  It's not just the cookie itself but the gesture.  You spend so much time teaching your kids about kindness, and hoping that you are modeling good behavior so they become confident and compassionate little people who turn into confident and compassionate big people.

As I watched the other kids happily eating their cookies I asked my daughter if she wanted to eat the one she made.  And she replied, "No Mom I chose to make it for you.  It's yours.  I have pretzels."

So today on this Tuesday I give a Style Shout Out to my daughter for making Valentine's Day extra special for me this year. And it just so happens my little Treasure was born on a Tuesday! I love this day!

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