Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

Style Shout Out to Nordstrom Rack for making each shopping trip a treasure hunt.

Burberry Sunglasses w/ Case
As we all know President's Day weekend is synonymous with great sales online and in stores.  But the great thing about Nordstrom Rack is that is doesn't have to be a holiday weekend to get a great deal. Nordstrom is smart when it comes to how they conveniently place their Rack stores in areas where you go to do other errands.  Visiting the Rack does not require a special trip and therefore is a constant invitation to stop in and say hi and shop a bit.

I have friends that don't shop stores like Nordstrom Rack because they find it too crowded.  Personally, I look at each trip like a chance to find some treasure and I go in knowing that this is not a quick expedition but requires at least an hour and  some patience.

Hudson Jeans
I stopped in at our local store yesterday when I was on my way to go food shopping, you see the strategic placement of their stores does work.  And I am happy to say that it was a successful jaunt.  I found a great pair of Burberry sunglasses and Hudson jeans for me and an adorable Harajuku Lovers tee shirt for my daughter.  The prices, as you would expect, were fantastic.  Burberry sunglasses for under $80 is a rare but wonderful find.

So on this Tuesday try to find a treasure of your own.  If you don't have a Nordstrom Rack near you there is always Loehmanns (if you're really lucky), Saks Off 5th and Neiman Marcus Last Call.

Happy Tuesday!  Happy treasure hunting.

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