Monday, February 21, 2011

Mix It Up - Yes We Can!

StyleShoutOut to President's Day and all of the First Ladies that have influenced American style.

Oliver Peoples Isobel
I was sitting this morning watching the Today Show and their segment on President's who have appeared on the show.  It reminded me of the contributions and sacrifices our Presidents and all pubic officials make for us and the sacrifices their families also make.  I personally don't know if I would want to share my hubby with the country and all of the scrutiny that comes along with it. Scrutiny that sometimes stretches as far as to what the First Lady is wearing.

Hudson Jeans, Burberry & Gap
So on President's Day I am reminded that behind every great President, there is a great First Lady with an agenda and a style all her own.  When I think about our First Ladies and style I immediately go to Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.  She carried herself with a quiet elegance and her style was classic - think pearls and black turtlenecks.

I recently picked up a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses at Nordstrom.   As I tried them on the sales associate said, "Oh they are so Jackie O.  So chic."  It made me smile to think that it's been almost 50 years since Jackie O graced the steps of the White House and yet her style influence lives on.

The first time I slipped on a pair of Jack Rogers sandals I could almost feel the sand between my toes from the beaches at Hyannis Port.  It was like walking for a few minutes in Camelot.  I also love how Jackie Kennedy embraced denim before it was totally fashionable and would sometimes pair a simple white tee shirt with designer pants.  While she loved designers like Armani, Carolina Herrera and Chanel, and enjoyed shopping at stores like Bergdorfs and Saks, she could also be found at stores like the Gap.

Other first ladies have also left their mark on fashion, notably Nancy Reagan and her love of the color red which always reminds me of Valentino and his love of the same rich color.

7 Jeans, Polo, Converse
While most people don't think of Hillary Clinton as a style icon I think at a time when our country was experiencing prosperity she could have gone big and bold with style but chose simple business-like outfits as if to say let's focus on the business at hand.  Her focus on health care and children ("It Takes A Village")  was never overshadowed by "Who are you wearing?" and I think this was a well-suited choice for the current Secretary of State.
J Crew Michelle & Jackie Cardigans
J Crew Pearls

I watch Michelle Obama and am reminded that it is okay to have fun with fashion even if you are the First Lady.  I love how Mrs. Obama mixes it up with high end couture to clothes from companies like  J Crew.  I love how she recently chose to wear a polka dot dress from H & M for her appearance on the Today Show.  I love how last year I purchased two classic cardigans from J Crew and one of them was named Michelle and the other Jackie.  Coincidence or fabulous marketing? I don't know but I'm sure they sold a lot of them.

So thank you to all of the First Ladies who have in their own way influenced our country's style.  And to our current First Lady, Michelle Obama, for reminding us that fashion can be fun and stylish at any price point.  Can we wear Marc Jacobs with J Crew?  Can we wear Gucci with H & M?  Can we wear Armani with Ann Taylor Loft?  Can we wear 7 Jeans with a Ralph Lauren Polo and Converse, or Hudson Jeans with a white Gap tee shirt, and a Burberry scarf?  I say, "Yes We Can!"

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