Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hello Hollywood!

Style Shout Out to J Crew for bringing Hollywood to my doorstep!

The Hollywood Issue
Another snow day just like yesterday so no school.  It is too cold outside for building snowmen and even too icy for a snowball fight.  So in our house there will be more baking, more board games, and more playing with Barbie dolls.  It’s also a great day to catch up on organizing photos and reading magazines.

When we got the mail yesterday afternoon it was like a breath of fresh Spring-time air to see the J Crew catalogue.  At first glance I realized this was not one of those catalogues that you thumb through quickly and toss in the recycle bin.  No this one, entitled The Hollywood Issue, was to be read when time rushing!
So last night after my little one was tucked in and my hubby was watching the news I made a cup of PG Tips English tea and sat down to 
savor my tea and my catalogue.

Ankle stretch toothpick jean in white denim
Ankle Length Jeans vis
And this “Hollywood Issue” did not disappoint.  The black and white cover with the couple in the convertible, her head back, big smile, wayfarer-inspired sunglasses and sweater on her shoulders just screams casual glamour.  Now I know those two words are not used a lot together but having lived in Southern California and being a loyal J Crew shopper I think they work in total harmony. 

Silk Blythe blouse
J Crew Blythe Blouse via
One of the reasons I love J Crew is that as the company evolves they never lose sight of their customer.  While they find ways to reinvent themselves they never compromise the J Crew quality and continue to offer clothes that are chic and classic.  Take for example the Blythe Blouse and the Minnie Pant.  These are items that will become a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.  Another classic is the Toothpick ankle stretch jeans in white.  Nothing says California cool on a warm Spring day more than the right pair of white jeans.

I hope you enjoy your J Crew catalogue as much as I did and if you didn’t get one in your mailbox stop by your local J Crew and pick one up.  I’m glad I took the time to peruse the catalogue last night because today I have lost it to my daughter who is circling the items she loves with her trusty hot pink Sharpie. 

Thanks J Crew for a truly chic catalogue...Hello Spring...Hello Hollywood.

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