Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure Gilt-Free Stila Cosmetics

Style Shout Out to Gilt Groupe for making shopping guilt free!

This morning we had a snow day!  No school lunch to make and backpack to check so while everyone slept,  I poured a cup of coffee, turned on the Today Show, and sat down at the computer.  After my daily check in with the Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and Fashion Wrap Up, I checked my email.  There is a PTA newsletter to put together and articles are coming in today.

But before I tackle the PTA I open my email from the GiltGroupe.  "Are my eyes deceiving me?" No, they are not.  Today on Gilt there is a section "Brush With Love" and much to my delight Stila Cosmetics are featured.

Stila Girls via Stila.com

Founded by a celebrity make-up artist, I have been a huge fan of Stila since 1994. What first attracted me to the brand was the way it was marketed.  There weren't any models or celebrities touting the brand, it was simple sketches of girls with the make up and I found this a fun and innovative way to promote their products.  I remember reading that the name Stila was derived from the Italian word "Stilare" which means "to draft or draw-up".  This is very fitting considering the brand's wide assortment of products and colors allows each woman to draft their own signature look.

Now that I have a daughter I am even more aware of how so many magazine covers are plastered with photo-shopped images of unattainable beauty.  I am thankful to Stila for letting the women using the products find their own beauty without comparisons.

Besides their commitment to high quality,  the other thing I applaud Stila for is their eco-friendly packaging, and their understanding of the importance of giving back.  It makes spending money a little easier when you are doing it with a company that is socially responsible.

So today, as I enjoy the snow outside my window,  I know amidst the brownie baking and board game playing, I will find a few minutes to enjoy some Gilt-free shopping and purchase some Stila Sun Highlighter so I can have a luminous Summer glow in the middle of Winter.

Thanks Gilt Group for this Tuesday Treasure of Stila!

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