Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sunshine & Stuart...Mr. & Weitzman!

Style Shout Out to Stuart Weitzman and Sunshine...Mr Sunshine That Is!

This morning I woke up to sleet, snow, icy roads and another snow day.  When we moved to this part of the country I never imagined that we would have more days off from school due to “inclement” weather here than we had in New Jersey.  Needless to say, my 8 year old is ecstatic and more brownies will be baked today.  I would like to say from scratch, like Giada DeLaurentiis, but I cannot so I will say, "Thank You Betty Crocker!"

UGG Classic Short Boots
As I grabbed a hoodie from the closet this morning, yes I said hoodie, and my UGG boots, it doesn’t matter where you live you need these boots, I noticed my new Stuart Weitzman boots now sitting alone on the shelf.  It’s like that early episode of Hannah Montana where Miley always gets picked last for teams in gym class. 

Now before you gasp in disbelief, yes I said Hannah Montana.  When you have a daughter that is a fan of all things Disney, you watch together, laugh together and use the episodes as teachable moments.  

Now getting back to the boots, you gasp in disbelief, “Oh no, how did these beautiful Weitzman's become the Miley of the closet?”

Stuart Weitzman Linear Wedge
Well, this is what happens when you live in an area that is characteristically “dry” but somehow becomes uncharacteristically “wet” around the time you bring these suede boots home.  Now I know many would say, “Buy leather, more versatile.”  But these boots in suede are gorgeous and thanks to Stuart Weitzman at North Park Center's sale they were a steal!  My hubby says just wear them, it’s just water.  To which I reply, “Never!”

So as my daughter and I are about to embark on our brownie making the weather girl is predicting sunshine for Saturday and I already know what I am wearing even if that means wearing them to my nephew’s 4th birthday party!

I check the DVR and put on Ellen.  As Matthew Perry comes walking out onto the stage, my daughter says, “Hey Mom, it’s Chandler love Chandler Bing!”  I remind my daughter that his name is actually Matthew Perry and she says, “I know, but Chandler Bing is much funnier to say!”  Who can argue with that?

So as my daughter and I are baking on this very cold, gray and snow-filled day, Ellen and “Chandler Bing” are discussing his new show, Mr. Sunshine,  that airs tonight.

Sometimes you just have a lightbulb may be snowing and cloudy outside, but as my hubby always says, “Never Say Never” (no Justin Bieber pun intended) because tonight I am getting out my Weitzman boots...

Welcome back to TV Chandler Bing!  Hello Sunshine...Mr. Sunshine that is!

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