Monday, February 7, 2011

Sometimes You Have To Just Go With It!

Style Shout Out to Fox for bringing the Red Carpet to the Superbowl.  When my hubby said, "Red Carpet?" I said, "Just Go With It!"

Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston
on the FOX Red Carpet
Now I have to admit that while I love the Red Carpet,  I also love football.  So to have these two things together at one event, for me, was awesome.  I realize that this Red Carpet didn't give us the usual glitz and the glamourous gowns but it did make for some interesting pre-game entertainment.

Maria Menounos and Michael Strahan, while an unlikely pair, did seem to be having a fun time.  Menounos has this down-to-earth charm about her and Strahan is simply of a kind!

Keith Urban was outstanding in the pre-game concert.  But that is what you come to expect from Keith Urban.  He is unwavering in his professionalism and always gives it his all!

Jennifer Aniston & Adam Sandler NFL

It was great to see Michael Douglas, looking healthy, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, looking fabulous in all black!  They are a stylish couple, and she definitely brings glamour everywhere she goes.

My favorite Red Carpet moment was when Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were being interviewed by Menounos and Strahan.  Of course, Aniston looked California cool in her medium blue jeans with her Burberry scarf wrapped just right and Sandler looked like, well Sandler.  Adam Sandler isn't one of those guys who is a slave to fashion.  Whether he is on the Superbowl Red Carpet or Late Night With Jimmy Fallon he seems to be the guy who says just give me my hoodie and just go with it.

I especially enjoyed the end of the interview when Adam Sandler handed the football to Jennifer Aniston.  Michael Strahan went out for the pass but she threw long and he just couldn't get to it in time.  He was a good sport about missing the pass even when Menounos went out for a pass and caught it.

Sometimes you have to just go with it!

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