Friday, March 11, 2011

Gratitude - A Simple Song!

Style Shout Out to Gratitude - it really is such a Simple Song!

Too often we go through the day not stopping to take that extra minute to say thank you whether it's to our hubby, kids, or the girl who took our Starbucks order.  Let's face it whether you are a denim powerhouse like Hudson Jeans with creative director Ben Taverniti launching a new line, an actress like Jennifer Aniston launching a new perfume, or a Mom like me who is driving to school and to music lessons,we are all extremely busy with the "Busy-ness" of our day.

Then you wake up on a normal Friday and your routine starts...breakfast for the family, lunch made, daughter driven to school, puppy fed, coffee made and it's time to take an hour to check in with my favorite online newspapers and the Today Show. 

This morning the top story was the tsunami that hit Japan.  The concerned looks on the faces of Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira were heart-wrenching as they relayed the news of this tragedy.  The pictures for me were too horrific for words and my heart immediately went out to the victims and their families.

My sister's family will soon be moving there for work.  As I watched the images on the screen I could only say a quick "thank you" that they returned from a house hunting trip this past Tuesday and were not in Japan when nature reared her ugly head.

So as I said my thank you I realized how important it is to stop even on the busiest of days to show appreciation and gratitude.  I know today is not Thursday but I'm saying a few thank you's anyway...

To my family and friends for making this journey a fun and laughter-filled adventure.

To my daughter who inspired this blog site and today's blog as I heard her playing Miley Cyrus' Simple Song and thought about how sometimes we just have to get back to "simple" which took me to gratitude.

To my tech-savvy hubby for creating the blog site and giving me a forum for my voice.

To all of the celebrities who donate their time for worthwhile causes and who no doubt will come together to support the many victims of this tsunami.

And to fate that brought members of my family home safely.

So today as you go about your day, stop and take a minute to use your voice to sing a song of gratitude and say thank you.  One voice, one song.  It's a Simple Song but the message is very strong!

Simple Song     (Click "Simple Song" to listen - not mobile enabled)

My Style Shout Out Tip:  While confidence is the best accessory, add a little gratitude for a truly stylish and winning look!  Attitude really is everything.