Thursday, July 28, 2011

7 Fabulous Things

Style Shout Out to Thursday and 7 things.

On Tuesday I wrote about jewelry designer Kara Ackerman and so today I thought I would share my 7 favorite things from her amazing collection.  Believe me making this list was the most difficult 7 Things that I have written because she has so many beautiful designs.

1.  Brooke Knot Leather Bracelet.  I recently ordered this bracelet and am checking my mailbox every day in anticipation.  It's just such a fun piece and reminds me of the time I spent in Southern California, guitar in hand, writing songs and singing at the beach.

2.  Everyone could use a Friendship bracelet.  I ordered a few of these in turquoise for my daughter as she wanted one for herself and a few for some very special people.  Of course after I placed the order she said, "Oh, Mommy the multi-colored one would look so awesome with the turquoise."  So I see another order in my very near future. And if the truth be told I'm looking at the Brooke Knot in another color too.

3.  This GemGirls Initial 14kt Charm with in set diamonds is such a classic piece.  I love necklaces that make a statement yet have simplicity.  This necklace fits the bill for me perfectly.  Get it with your own initial or, if you're a Mom, wear the initials of your children.

4.  These Lilly Stackable Bangles are great for summer and beyond and the price will seriously leave you with enough to pick up a few Friendship Bracelets.  Mix and match and have some fun.  

Colbie Caillat 

5.  The Talulah Necklaces, as seen on Colbie Caillat, are so fabulous and versatile. You can wear them together or alone or order one and layer it with pieces you already own.  I think the 36 inch Talulah necklace would look amazing with the Initial Charm Necklace.  Again it goes to my love of all things simple and classic.

Cameron Diaz

6.  The 2 inch 14kt Gold Vermeil hoops, as seen on Cameron Diaz, are a classic that every one should have in their jewelry box.  I live in hoops as I feel they can go from day to evening with ease.

7.   The GemGirls Diamond Initial Charm Bracelet is on my list for it's beautiful design.  As a Mom the thing I really love about this and the Initial Charm Necklace is that you can order either piece with the initial of your daughter.  You can wear it when she is little and then give it to her when she is old enough.  I absolutely love pieces that have sentimental value. Besides making it on to my 7 Things list today, I think this one may also make it onto my birthday wish list!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are not familiar with Kara Ackerman check out her web site before August 15th as she is running a promotion with People Style Watch magazine and you can save 20%.  Also if you are in New York this morning don't forget about Kara Ackerman's sample sale! Happy Shopping!

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