Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday Shorts...Saturday Stories

Style Shout Out to Sunday and keeping it short...

Three day weekends are fabulous because you have that extra day to spend time with family and friends. Last night my hubby, daughter and I went out to dinner with my Mom and Dad to Brio which is one of our favorite family Italian restaurants.

Besides great food there were some great stories told.  You see I grew up with three sisters in a house that was filled with laughter.  My Dad has this amazing ability to make any story interesting and humorous and last night the stories were flowing.  As we were driving home my 8 year old looked at me and said, "Poppy tells the best stories.  He makes me laugh so much he should have been a comedian like Jerry Seinfeld."

It made me realize how fortunate we are that we live near family and that my daughter gets to hear so many fabulous and funny stories first-hand.

So this weekend as you are spending time with your family and friends tell some of your own stories and create some memorable moments.

Happy 4th!

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