Friday, July 22, 2011

Sometimes Less Is More

Style Shout Out to Katsuya in Brentwood...

On Thursdays I write about 7 things.  There is no specific planning that goes into the list.  It literally just unfolds as I sit down with my Mac.  Last week as we were winding down our vacation in Los Angeles I thought it very fitting to write about 7 of my favorite things in LA.  In that blog post I mentioned that if I had an 8th and 9th on my favorite things list they would be Katsuya and The Ivy...and that they were stories for another time.

So today is that other time and while it is still 100 degrees and while my vacation memories are still fresh I thought I would take today to give a big Style Shout Out to Katsuya.  This fabulous Japanese restaurant has some of the most amazing sushi and an environment that is both relaxed and sophisticated.  I applaud the designers for creating such an inviting space that is a great example of "less is more."

While we were waiting for dessert, which just happened to be the most delicious chocolate confection, my 8 year old said she needed to visit the ladies room.

As we were walking in to the ladies room the door opened and I nearly ran into none other than Julianne Moore who has been a favorite actress of mine since she starred with Hugh Grant in Nine Months.  She was very low key yet very stylish in classic jeans and a dark top. So what do you say when you almost literally run into Julianne Moore in Katsuya with her daughter, while you are walking with your own daughter? You smile and say, "Hey."

Why?  Because she is having dinner with her family and you don't want to be intrusive. Sometimes less really is more.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are in Brentwood visit Katsuya for a fabulous evening.  I hear the Hollywood location is just as good.  And make a reservation so you're guaranteed a table without the long wait!

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