Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - 2 Things

Style Shout Out to 2 things on Tuesday...

I have to admit I have not quite gotten back into the swing of things since getting back from Los Angeles last Thursday.  Since it is like our 15th or 16th day with temperatures of at least 100 degrees, I am going to use the heat as an excuse and I am going to focus on cooler things.  And when I think cool...I think LA.  And, not just because the city itself has a "cool" vibe, but because the summer temperatures are so much cooler and you can actually enjoy being outside.

So today if you are fortunate enough to be in LA check out these treasures:

1.  Caffe Luxxe at the Brentwood Country Mart.  They have a few other locations but this is my favorite.  It is just so relaxed and a great place to sit outside with a good book, have a few laughs with family and friends, or read the latest issue of InStyle. And, the cappuccino and the biscotti are truly amazing.  Seriously I love how they create artwork in a cup.

2.  Barney's is this burger place in the courtyard of the Brentwood Country Mart, and like Caffee Luxxe, it is a little treasure.  Barney's also has other locations but I am partial to this one.  I love how you order your burger at the window, take a seat at one of the picnic-style tables and wait for the most fabulous burger and fries.  And being LA, they also have a variety of vegetarian burgers which are just as fabulous. The atmosphere is so relaxed and casual which is what I love about the Brentwood Country Mart and the city of LA in general.

My Style Shout Out Tip:  If you are visiting LA this summer make sure to check out all of the treasures at the Brentwood Country Mart including the James Perse store which sells the most amazing and soft tee shirts.

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