Friday, June 3, 2011

Feeling Lucky

Style Shout Out to Lucky Magazine for all of their fabulous fashion tips and information.

This morning my hubby and I were discussing our vacation plans. We love going to Los Angeles in the summer because besides the weather being so much better than the weather here, we also have family there which always makes it a fun time.  We love going to the beach, watching the sunset from Gladstone's or Shutters, and shopping at the Grove and on Robertson.  And, no trip to LA is complete without spending some time at the Brentwood Country Mart and the Farmer's Market.

It was so ironic that while we were debating on where to stay The Today Show introduced a segment with Lori Bergamotto who is a Contributing Style Editor at Lucky Magazine.

Lori's segment was about the best way to pack your luggage.  Since I like to pack light, so as not to have to check my luggage, I always enjoy seeing if there is something new that I can incorporate into my packing routine.

In addition to the things I already do such as rolling jeans and tee shirts instead of folding them, and wearing bulkier items like jackets or sweaters instead of packing them,  I picked up a good tip about packing jewelry inside a leather pouch which can double as a clutch. And, instead of winding a belt it is better to run it around the perimeter of the interior of the bag.  Your belt won't take up as much space and the leather won't get creased.  And speaking of creases, when packing delicate fabrics like silk blouses, after you fold the shirt wrap it in tissue paper to avoid wrinkling the garment.
Ann Curry & Lori Bergamotto on Today

Packing light is really about choosing fabrics that travel well, which is why I avoid linen as it wrinkles so easily, and packing versatile pieces that mix and match well.

Thanks Lori Bergamotto for the useful and timely information.

Happy packing!  Happy Summer!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Take some of Lori's tips to simplify your packing and you'll never have to worry about lost luggage.   And don't forget to throw in a scarf or two as they can transform an outfit.

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