Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Treasure - You Either Have "IT" Or You Don't

Style Shout Out to The Glee Project and our hometown favorite Cameron Mitchell.

The much anticipated Glee Project aired Sunday night on Oxygen.  My hubby and I watched the two episodes that we had recorded on the DVR to make sure they were okay for our 8 year old to view.  We feel it's important to make sure that the shows she watches are age appropriate which is why she has yet to watch Glee...a fabulous show and a show she can watch when she is a bit older or if her favorite contender wins the competition.

You see our daughter has one very important reason for wanting to watch The Glee Project and that one reason is named Cameron Mitchell.  When Robert Ulrich used the word "IT" to describe the magic that is Cameron he was, as my British hubby would say, "Spot on!"  But I didn't have to hear Robert say it because I already knew it.  My daughter takes keyboard lessons and this is how we first met Cameron.

Cameron has an unassuming star quality. When you talk to him you just know that this guy is going somewhere and I am excited to see where the road leads him and glad that we can watch the journey.  And when you hear one of his songs you know he can write as well as he sings.  Being a songwriter I know a good hook when I hear one and I can't get "Love Can Wait" out of my head.

So today a big style shout out to Cameron Mitchell, a very talented singer and songwriter with a unique style and voice all his own!

Congrats on being one of 12 out of the over 40,000 that auditioned for The Glee Project. My Uncle, who spent much of his career in the entertainment industry at ICM, used to say, "You either have IT or you don't!"  I think I may have inherited his ability to spot "IT" and right now you can't get more "IT" than Cameron!  Tune in to The Glee Project and see for yourself!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  "Be yourself, everyone else is already taken."  This quote by Oscar Wilde is one of my favorites and something I remind my daughter about every day. Cameron Mitchell is living proof that if you stay true to yourself you will find the right path that will lead to success and happiness.

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