Monday, June 13, 2011

Not Kidding Around

Style Shout Out to the Dallas Mavericks for bringing home the NBA title and to Dirk Nowitzki for his well-deserved MVP award.

"Champs" Courtesy of WFAA News & The Dallas Morning News
Last night the Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat in the NBA Championship to bring home the first NBA title in the team's history. This was an especially sweet victory considering the Heat beat the Mavs in 2006.  But this was the year of the Maverick and this team was not kidding around.  Every time they hit the court in the play-offs they came out with determination and team spirit.

Growing up in the North East my family watched a lot of NY Yankees baseball and NY Giants football.   I started following hockey and basketball more closely when my hubby and I moved to Dallas in 1996.  We've seen the Dallas Stars bring home the Stanley Cup and it is so nice to see the Mavs have their turn in the spotlight.  What makes this team special is that they are a true team made up of seasoned veterans like Jason Kidd and Jason Terry with a veteran star-player in Dirk Nowitzki who is as humble and unassuming as he is tall. Nowitzki is living proof that if you are a team player and you work hard you can make good things happen.

Dallas Mavericks - Champions
How can you not root for a team who works so hard and puts ego aside for the sake of the team?  How can you not root for a team whose owner is so outspoken because he is so excited to be the owner? How can you not root for a team whose coach knows the meaning of teamwork and who now is one of only 11 people to have won the championship as both a player and a coach?

I am so happy for the Mavericks and especially for Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry who were part of the 2006 team and for Jason Kidd who is the oldest player to ever win the championship.  I have been a fan of Jason Kidd since his days with the NJ Nets and think he has a fabulous work ethic which makes him a great leader and role model for younger players.  For me this may be one of the greatest NBA championship teams because they are a true team!

My Style Shout Out Tip:  Like I always tell my daughter if you believe in yourself, and if you work hard you can make anything happen!  Thanks Mavs for showing my little one that I was not kidding around when I said it!

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